VF 079 – Before the Banquet

[Calis-sama, how about loosening up yourself a bit?] (Jake)

It’s the day of the banquet and I’m being told off by Jake when I’m just quietly drinking my cup of tea while we wait for Sasha to finish her prep.

[What loosen up, I’m just the same as usual though?] (Calis)

[You’re actually way too calm that it’s too chilly to look at. It’s like the calm before the storm. You better do something about that before you explode when you caught sight of the madam.] (Jake)

This butler of ours… he really knows me well.

[More importantly, I will leave everything regarding the house to you in our absence. There shouldn’t be any problems, no?] (Calis)

[Of course.] (Jake)

[Then, please ensure Laurel, Mint, and Basel’s security. We’ll try to go home as quickly as we can but if something happens, don’t hesitate to use ‘that’ as necessary.] (Calis)

[I’ll be sure to keep it in mind, but… I don’t think there’s anything for the duke to fear.] (Jake)

Actually, I already made sure to give a discreet sign of warning to those guys who might take advantage of our absence. I also made sure that the security is properly in place. However, one should still be ready even in the worst case.

[Well then, I shall take my leave and return to my duties. However… will it really be okay for the masters to leave without anyone in company? Would you consider taking Miguel at the very least?] (Jake)

[It’s alright. Besides, Miguel has his own job to do in the house.] (Calis)

It’s a banquet, you know. I really want to enjoy this night with just the two of me and Sasha alone. Besides, I want Miguel to do something about his own love life too. Well, as long as he’ll keep it moderate.

[I understand. Then, farewell…]

Jake then finally leaves the room. Now left alone, I can only finish my cup of tea as I actually battle against my inner demons in silence. I mean, how couldn’t I? Sasha’s actually dressing up! How can I not look forward to that!? IMPOSSIBLE!

[But, Calis, don’t forget, you are a rational human being. Keep yourself in check. Be a gentleman. Calm down. Caallmm dooownn.]

Here’s a surprise quiz. What would you expect from a man who abstained from doing ‘that’ for a year and a half? Answer?


The reason being for such abstinence is because I want to be considerate of Sasha’s physical condition. There’s also the fact that my conscience persuades me that I will be able to endure things with skinship alone. Don’t get me wrong, I love skinship. However, there are times when I’m having trouble containing myself anymore. Anyhow, I really don’t want Sasha to feel burdened. So, for almost eighteen months, I’ve been holding myself down.

Still, no matter what happens, as long as Sasha is beside me, I will make sure to keep myself together no matter how hard it becomes. That doesn’t mean I can discount the possibility that my pent up desires suddenly explode and won’t be able to control myself though. That’s why I have to be really careful in preventing my desire to take over.

As I thought about such things, a knock came from the door followed by Sasha’s voice.

[If I may enter, dear.] (Sasha)

[Of course.]

As I look at the opening door, I can’t help but stop my breath as I absorb the figure of beauty’s incantation in human form. Sasha is wearing a blue dress with a pure white necklace made from the ore that I discovered. The contrast of colors between her silver hair and the sharpness of her blue dress makes her silver locks more eye-catching than ever. And together with her light make up, her image became less mature and appears to be more youthful. She looks like a goddess. The goddess of beauty has finally descended. I’m so loss of my own words that’s the only thing I can only say.

[Uhm…. how is it?]

I can see Sasha’s pretty nervous right now but I can only answer her with a grin.

[You look very beautiful. As expected of my beloved Sasha.]


Sasha giggles a – a – and… DAMN SHE SO FINE!!! D-do we really have to attend that banquet? Wouldn’t it be fine if we just go straight to the bed?

The devil inside of me almost pushed me to the depths of hell but thankfully I was able to keep it in check at the last moment and stopped myself. I convinced myself so hard that I’ll do it for sure after the banquet. After such a bitter struggle in my head, I escorted Sasha as we left.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. Insert the doggo with the bonk meme 😛 Bad Calis.
  2. Somehow, I really want them to get some kind of visualization, soon. Sigh.

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  1. You know, having him say ‘use that’ and have Jake know straight away what he means, means there’s likely only one plan. Just once I want one of these novels to someone say ‘if there’s danger, use Plan A. If all else fails, use plan E’. Because that shows more than just one plan was made. If I was a protagonist in a novel, I would make sure I had at least 5 plans for what to do if my family was in danger.

    1. ‘that’ probably is your hypothetical Plan E. Calis has standard security arrangements and Jake surely knows the normal plans and contingencies. ‘Use that’ seems like
      authorization to use a special measure if all else fails

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