CCM 100 – Yo, yoooo! Yooooooooo!!!!

[Oh…] (Arios)

I’m back at the village before I realized.

[Faruas-san… Goddess..] (Arios)

The legendary figures that have just been standing in front of me earlier are now gone.

Though I know it’s inevitable, I still feel a bit regretful.

[—You’ve come, Arios Makuba.] (???)


There’s no need for me to turn to find out who it was.

I don’t know if it’s because my detection abilities have increased or he just has too much presence – but I am quite aware that he’ll soon make his appearance.

[King Organt… Thank you for helping me all this while.] (Arios)

[Fufufufu…] (Organt)

Organt then gives me a flash of his elegant smile.

His figure then starts to fade and that’s something I’ve also been expecting. Perhaps it’s because he didn’t exert too much of his strength that he was able to last longer than the first sword saint.

The second princess of the kingdom, Reimira, is quietly standing beside him. Seems like their ‘family meeting’ is now over. It isn’t something that anyone can ask about though. Matters between royalty must be kept between royalty.

[Hmmm… did the sword saint and the goddess have gone ahead of me?] (Organt)

[Yes. He spent even the last moments training me to the fullest.] (Arios)

[I see… That must be why you appear to be stronger just after the moment my eyes left you, no?] (Organt)

[Yes. I am quite proud of being able to reach a new realm.] (Arios)

Because Faruas-san made my body remember every little bit about the sword of origin, I have a good feeling I’ll be able to master it soon.

[I love your gaze. That’s what a hero’s eyes are supposed to be.] (Organt)

Organt then turns around and speaks to Rei.

[Rei… I want you to keep that matter deep inside your heart. It’s something that nobody else can fulfill but you, my child.] (Organt)

[I will… I’ll do as much as I can, however…] (Rei)

[There’s nothing to be afraid of. If it’s you, and Arios by your side, then I believe you’d be able to save this world even if it suddenly crumbles.] (Organt)


W-wait, why do I get the feeling that they’re talking about ‘that’?… I’m really curious if I’m right but I can’t confirm it right now as it isn’t something that anyone else can know about.

Also… I wonder…

Is it just me…? Rei… is giving the vibes that she’s more mature than before. It’s not just about her femine charms, but somehow… she emits the same kind of elegance and majesty of Organt…

Oh, Rei must have noticed my gaze. Perhaps she’ll tell me more about it. Afterall, she even gave me a wink.

[Arios, Reimira, I want to say something to the two of you.] (Organt)

The King continues to speak as his body starts to get dimmer and dimmer.

[No matter how bad you’ve been treated by your family, to Arios, his father, to Reimira, her brother, do not forget there’s someone else that will continue to believe in you. Us.] (Organt)

After saying so, the King then gives us a hearty smile.

[So do not fret and pursue the path that both of you believe in! Now then, dismiss!] (Organt)

And as if on cue, his astral body completely disappeared.

I seriously think that all of them are really astounding existence.

Organt Dia Arceus.

Faruas Makuba

And the Goddess Dies.

I can’t help but gulp myself just being in their presence. That’s how overbearing they are even when they’re just standing.

[Really, they’re really amazing, aren’t they…] (Rei)

Rei murmurs beside still currently awestruck from the people we’ve just met.

The two of us are now currently sitting on a bench in a park devoid of any people. It’s just nearby Rastal village and the place is usually filled with mothers and their kids. It’s just that the sun has completely fallen down at this time that there’s no one else in here right now beside Rei and me.

Yep, no else but her and me.

[I’ve heard from the founding king about the things that we will have to do. There’s also the castle siege three days from now.] (Rei)

[Yeah… I see…] (Arios)

We aren’t really thinking of raiding the castle head on though.

Though we may have a large force on standby here in Rastal, the enemy we’re up against is an army of a country. The difference in scale is just too big.

The founding king must have taught her the tactics on how we should do this.

There’s also the matter of how it will affect her future…

[Rei, do you…] (Arios)

[Hm.] (Rei)

She already responded before I even asked.

[Even though I may not be able to do anything right now, I want to be the queen and fight for the crown. However… Leifa currently holds the most authority in the castle at the moment. There are others as well in the royal castle that hold the right to succeed the crown but I’m afraid they can’t move as they will just like us….] (Rei)

[I see…] (Arios)

It isn’t that hard to imagine if we’re talking about that crown prince.

He’s the same person he unhesitantly used my father and Dudley to chase Reimira out of the castle after all.

It isn’t a question anymore if another noble would find himself rolling around his palms at any point in time.

[If this goes on… the kingdom will definitely fall on to my brother’s hands… and that… that’s the only thing I shall not let pass.] (Rei)

Rei then holds my hand as she stares into my eyes.

[I want you to help me… I know that it will be dangerous, however…] (Rei)

[Hahaha… you don’t need to say anything more stupid.] (Arios)

[eh…?] (Rei)

[I told you this before. That I’ve dreamt of becoming stronger and stronger… so I can stay by your side all along. That’s why…] (Arios)

I took off from the bench, look back at Reimira, then bend my knee and knelt as I stare at her eyes.

[If it is what you will, then I shall see it through to the end of it, your highness.] (Arios)

[……] (Reimira)

I can see her cheeks flush in pink before she closes her eyes so hard.

[Thanks, Arios. B-b-but there’s one thing I really want to know.] (Rei)

[Hm?] (Arios)

[Are you doing all of this because of your dream? To serve the royal family? Or perhaps…] (Rei)

[R-Rei?] (Arios)

I don’t know what just happened but Rei suddenly rushed at me and now I’m in her embrace.

[I’ve always wanted you to be with me… So, when I become the queen…] (Rei)

[T-t-to be with you…?] (Arios)



Yoooooooo! D-don’t tell me…!?


‘Moreover, don’t you dare waste our bloodline. Don’t neglect those ladies’ affections around you, you hear me?’ 

*End of Flashbacks*

The words of Faruas suddenly appeared in my head.

[R-Rei… Don’t tell me..?] (Arios)

[Un… It’s probably what you’re thinking.] (Rei)

And after those words left her lips, she put them into mine.

—I’ve felt her lips on my cheeks before but it’s an entirely different sensation this time.

[Arios… Tonight…  will you be by my side…? Well, as long as you don’t mind…] (Rei)

Translator’s Notes:

  1. I swear I will discontinue this novel if he chickened out. HAHAHAHA!
  2. 100 chapters and now I finally see some progress! Damn! xd

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