VF 077 – Banquet – It’s Been a While

[These… aren’t we getting more invitations than usual?] (Calis)

I can’t help but raise some doubts seeing the stacks of papers sitting in front of me before Jake’s cold and flat reply came back immediately.

[Of Course we do. How could we not after the duke, Calis-sama himself, excavated and discovered a mineral using his own hands.] (Jake)

[Jake… are you perhaps… mad?] (Calis)

[I do not, sir. However, I do feel a tinge of regret leaving Miguel all alone by your side.] (Jake)

[But he did well, I think.] (Calis)

[Yes, much to my surprise.] (Jake)

I saw Jake take a deep breath after speaking so I took that chance to get back  on topic and pointed once again now to a specific invitation lying on the table.

[So… Why is an invitation bearing the seal of the king also included in this pile of papers?] (Calis)

[The king probably sent it to pacify the other nobles. It’s quite a well known fact that Calis-sama does not frequent banquets so the king must have personally made the move to curb those who really want to form some kind of connection with you, including those who oppose him.] (Jake)

[That might be so, but what I don’t understand is why would he also require a partner.] (Calis)

[*Sighs*… He’s probably thinking of having the madam promote the ore you discovered by having her showcase it in the banquet.] (Jake)

[So she wants my wife to be some kind of spectacle, huh.] (Calis)

I scoff at the idea of the king for such a banquet and Jake, surprisingly, agrees with me.

[I concur on that as well. We can’t have the madam go out with you right now, Calis-sama.] (Jake)

[What’s that supposed to mean?] (Calis)

[I am afraid you’ll use this chance to go to some secluded place and devour the duchess.] (Jake)

Jake… Do you see me as some kind of beast? Not that I can fully deny something like that from happening…

[Anyway, it’s not like we can decline a direct invitation coming from the king… We might as well start preparing.] (Jake)

[That’s true… But to put my wife in such a situation where we have no choice but for her to be looked at by those nobles… Despicable.] (Calis)

[I’m not really sure if the person who cause all this mess has the right to say that but I better excuse myself now Calis-sama as I have to prepare the clothes that you and the madam will be using to the banquet.] (Jake)

[Sure… Oh, wait. I’ll do something myself about Sasha’s outfit so that one’s already okay.] (Calis)

Jake’s eyebrows rose as he clarified the words that came out from my mouth.

[The duke himself will prepare it?] (Jake)

[Yeah. It’s time for that acquaintance to settle her debt anyway. It’ll be completed immediately too once the measurements get taken.] (Calis)

[Understood. Then I’ll only prepare the clothes that will be used by the duke.] (Jake)

[Please.] (Calis)

Jake then leaves the room after saying so.

To be honest, having others gawk at Sasha would probably make me trigger some kind of jealousy. However,  I can only endure it this time. It is the king’s order and I have a duty as a noble to abide by it. It’s fortunate that Sasha’s getting better now. I don’t want her to force herself to attend the banquet if she’s still not feeling well but it seems there will be no issue regarding her health.

But if Sasha herself tells me that she doesn’t want to attend the banquet… then no matter what, I’ll refuse the king himself. Though, it could be a good chance for Sasha to get some fresh air too. I believe it’s been a long time since she last went to a banquet so it might be good for her. As for the kids… I can only trust everyone in the estate that they will give it their all in protecting them.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. I am having trouble sleeping so I might as well release this! xd
  2. This should be the last chapter for the week! To disclaim, I am not that really diligent in releases, and at my best, I could probably release only 3 chapters per week. It’s just that I really want to show my appreciation to you all who support the series since I just got back so this time, we went 5/3. I’ve sent an email and I hope that I was able to show my sincerity. Thank you so much! 🙂

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