Chapter 025 – [Hero’s Party] Emmy: As the Child of the Same Age Filled up our Hole Despite her Inefficiencies and Shines, the Darker and Darker my Shadow Becomes

[Great Heal?]

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I repeated the words Jannet said.

After we defeated the floor boss of the eighth floor, Katie-san raised her voice and said [I’m already fully satisfied seeing Vince-san’s heroics], and so we returned up to the surface.

Me and Jannet returned to the room as Vince formally invited Katie-san.

Katie-san on the other hand gave Vince two answers. The moment Vince asked her, she hugged him and then took his invitation. How should I put this… Are all city girls this open and aggressive? City girls are so amazing~

After that, well, we exchanged our spoils for gold and went out to eat before returning back to the inn. It’s bigger than the place I used to live before.

Vince currently uses the bath provided by the inn so here we are right now in the room with just girls having a late-night meeting.

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[Un. It looks like a higher form of recovery magic.]

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The usually expressionless girl seems happy as she explains it to me.

She might have seen from the back that my recovery magic was not able to work properly when we fought the floor boss.

Uhm, well, I’m sorry for making you worried. But, I think we could always rely on Jannet when there are problems.

Me and Vince aren’t the type who are good on using our heads after all.

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[Ara~ Ara~. Well~]

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Katie-san then started to join the conversation.

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[It’s really such a relief that you learned Great Heal, isn’t it~ I was already thinking that heals are not enough anymore. Oh, from what level did you learn it?]

[Oh, yes… I learned it from level 30.]


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Katie-san covered her lips as she looks like she is thinking of something.

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[…Uhm… Is there any problem with it?]

[Hm? Ara, I’m sorry for being silent all of a sudden. No~ nothing much~.]

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Jannet, who’s beside me, grabs Katie-san’s shoulders after hearing a lukewarm response from Katie-san. I can’t help but get shocked with the usually modest girl’s response.

…It looks a bit awkward due to their little height differences, though.

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[A-ara? What would it be?]

[Please tell me. From what level do Priests learn Great Heal?]

After hearing a lukewarm r<Translated at>

Looks like she would like to ask about the magic she has learned.

In addition, about priests as well which we don’t have.

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…Jannet received the class called [Sage].

A [Sage] is a class standing in between of a [Magi] and the [Holy Maiden] as per what Katie-san had said.

She also said that Jannet is classified as a [Magi Class Sage] based from the level Jannet is learning recovery magic.

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And as she had guess, Jannet indeed can use four attributes of magic with fire attribute as her first in level 1 and is specializing in offensive magic.

Learning new magic requires further higher levels and had become harder as of late but these magics aren’t something so simple.

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And on top of that… Recovery magic will only be available to her at later levels. Later than even ordinary priests.

We all thought it’s alright until we fought the floor boss and it made us realize that we cannot rely on just <Heal>s anymore.

We need to know more about recovery magic.

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Jannet wasn’t even involve in defense nor recovery of the party until a while ago but she immediately thought of identifying the levels needed for the required recovery magic to cover our weakness.

As expected of the brain of the party.

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[..Hmm. There are individual differences when it comes to learning Great Heal but… For [Priest]s it should be around level 18, I think? I think Jannet-san, even for Magi Class Sage’s are on the later side.]

[…Fuun. So that’s how it is… Ah, sorry. Thank you for telling me.]

[Ah, no~ Please feel free to ask me anything if there’s something you didn’t understand! Fufuuf~]

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Katie-san looks please with just a bit of an apology after what Jannet did. Katie-san is really matured, isn’t she?

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Jannet looked a bit gloomy after hearing what Katie-san.

Just as I want to say something to her, the door opened.

Vince entered the room wearing plain clothes.

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[Hey, I’m here.]

[Wait up! Learn to at least knock!]

[Ow?! Oi oi, you’re not like that until now, right? Somewhere around–]

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As Vince was trying to say something, Jannet clapped her hand twice.

Vince and I shut out mouths as we were surprised by the girl’s unusual actions.

I don’t know if you’re just too fired up but aren’t you being too bold today?

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[Let’s end this conversation right here. Katie-san, thank you so much. You can take the bath first.]

[Ara, is that alright?]


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It was decided with Jannet’s immediate reply and so Katie-san went out to go take a bath.

Jannet went out to the door to see Katie-san off until her figure fully disappeared. I can’t help but tilt my head when I saw her unexpected actions and my eyes met Vince’s who is doing the same.

After confirming that Katie-san went for a bath, Jannet entered the room and closes the door as she held out a sigh.

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[…Jannet, what’s wrong? Did something happen?]

[What are you saying? Ofcourse there is.]

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Jannet held both Vince and my hand’s as she made an inconceivable face and pulled us to her as she raised her head.

And she said the following in a loud voice.

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[Russel had been with us until now so there isn’t much situation where you’re just alone with girls but you don’t want Katie-san to know that, do you?]


[Tha-that’s right!]

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Uwaaa. We’re so unbelievably stupid! Me and Vince we’re just to talk about Russell in front of Katie-san!

I don’t want Katie-san to know that everyone from the Hero’s Party drove Russell out.

Even I think it is despicable from the bottom of my heart but… I want to hide this deplorable mistake at least from the owner of those admiring eyes.

Really… I just kept on telling lies after another. I can’t escape it anymore.

Without Jannet, it would be impossible for just me and Vince.

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[Sorry… You really saved me.] (Vince)

[N. I left my guard down for a bit as well. And I want to consult something with everyone here.]

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I immediately nodded my head hearing the head of our party has something to say.

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[Vince, I know you’ve noticed it slightly but <Heal> properly activated. It’s just that the injury from the floor boss’ attacks don’t fully recover without casting it twice.]


[<Great Heal>]

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Jannet used magic all of a sudden.

We aren’t injured so there was just a light that appeared and nothing else happened.

…Oh, I see. She only used it to show Vince that she had learned such magic.

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[I learned a higher recovery magic. Its mana consumption is lower than offensive magics that I learned. If it’s me, I can use it somehow regularly.]

[….Ooooh! Haha! I see! Jannet’s really amazing!]

[Ofcourse. I’m the [Sage] after all.]

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Jannet looked a bit proud as she was able to reverse the problematic situation of the party.

You really look happy being able to use that magic, huh.

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[And this is what I am thinking.]

[Ah, what is it?]

[Instead of hiring a priest, I will act as the recovery mage.]

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Jannet’s suggestion was surprisingly to be the recovery mage of the party.

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[At the current state of our party, we really need to get a recovery mage. You should have known this already, right Vince?]

[…No.. I–]

[You don’t have to speak. I, and everyone else, think that it isn’t really a good time but… Katie-san came over. That person taught me things even I didn’t know. And she is a high-level one for a mage.]

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It’s true that I was a bit scared of Katie-san when she started saying things I don’t understand but… Looking at the balance of our party, it would be of big help if Katie-san focus on offensive magic.

A suspicious beauty who suddenly appeared, but rather than a seductress trying to scam us, she is someone who has good looks, character, abundant knowledge and power… She is so incredible that I can only compare myself to her outside femininity.

Like toughness, muscle strength… I feel like crying just saying it myself.

Even though I’ve always wanted to be as cute as doll-like princess…

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[But… Jannet’s offensive magic is…]

[I’ll do both. Even I understand that it is reckless but I’ll show you that I can do it. I’ll prioritize recovery magic while fighting as I wanted to get experience as well.]

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Jannet clearly said it. It looks like she won’t accept ifs or buts.

I can’t help but feel she looks really intimidating.

We don’t really have a choice about it so we just nod our heads.

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Then, Katie-san came in blowing off all of the tension from earlier.

…And is looking really stunning.

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[I’m done. Ara, did something happen?]

[No. There’s nothing much. I just wanted to make sure to hammer inside Vince’s head to knock fist before entering a room full of girls. Also… Shouldn’t you wear more clothes?] (Jannet)

[Eh? Isn’t this alright? We’re a party after all.]

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Amazing. How should I put it… It looks like something from another dimension. That looked like a bag of cloth filled with heavy melons, doesn’t it?

No… I don’t feel like I can beat that even if I do a headstand…

My goodness, dear self! I have to take care of the defenseless Katie-san around Vince. He doesn’t even bother pretending and just confidently keeps his eyes on her…

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[…Maa, if Katie-san is fine with it then I won’t bother…] (Jannet)

[Fufu… Those emotions are… Next would be…]

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As I was the one being closest to the door, I look back as I heard a small muttering.

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[Ah no, nothing. Please don’t mind it. Why don’t you match your clothes with me after taking a bath, Jannet-san?]

[M-m-me? Uhm, I-, I won’t.]


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Oh, it looks like Katie-san is making advances not just towards me but to Jannet as well. Katie-san laughs which felt like it contains some hidden meaning as she enters the room and went to bed.

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[I’ll sleep ahead.]

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Everyone had gone silent after she said that.

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[…Let’s get some sleep too.]

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Lot of things happened but thanks to Jannet, it looks like we will be able to make things work out.

I honestly think that it would cause too much of a burden to her but she told us firmly that she’ll do it.

We have to lift each other up.

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…But, for something to happen that made us realize that we need a healer after a day Russell left and for Jannet to immediately step up to fill that hole…

Somehow… It feels like everyone is moving on to just forget Russell…Un… It feels so lonely…

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…I can’t get a wink of sleep and had been awake all this time.

I get up from the bed and felt something strange.

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The sleeping figure of Katie-san who should be in the bed isn’t there.

As I walk towards the window, I saw the back of Katie-san’s hair shining as it basks under the moonlight. It looks like I’m looking at the starry skies itself.

She still looks beautiful even under the moon…

I was thinking of calling out to her but… I started to hear some mutterings.

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[…The initiative? It was stolen? Captured? Stolen? When? Today? Not here? Where’s the Holy Maiden, then? There’s no third female childhood friend? Then where? Where’s the Holy Maiden? If it’s not in the village, then here in the city? We have to find her. Find her. Or we will lose the initiative. I am, protect. If we won’t be able to, we will lose it. We will lose the initiative. We’ll lose it. We’ll lose.]

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I almost screamed.

It happened again.

…Is that really Katie-san?

It certainly is Katie-san but… What’s that?

What are you saying that will get taken from you?

No… What are you thinking about, Katie-san?

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My head is filled with thoughts and doubts but I decided to return to my bed without making a noise.

I feel hot. I am afraid to let even a single sound slip.

If she notices me, there’s no telling what might happen.

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All of the party members are from top-tier classes. We have high levels as well.

But even still… I can’t help but get anxious… What should I… What should we do from here on out…?

It would be weird to remove Katie-san from the party considering the current balance, and it would be bad for Jannet as she just made her mind to stand as the recovery mage earlier. Besides, Vince would never accept removing someone so innocent and pretty.

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…I don’t know if I could ask this to them or not.

…I don’t know.

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Jannet provided us the solution on how to solve the biggest challenges the party have in just a day.

It’s really amazing. The cool one isn’t me but Jannet instead.

…I…I was the one who made the situation for Russell to be kicked out, and I was the one who demonstrated to everyone that our recovery magic is not enough as I wasn’t able to raise my shield as well… And of all those times, I just went along with everyone’s thoughts and ideas.

I don’t even know how can I even solve my own problems…

…I don’t know… I don’t know anymore…

Please tell me what should I do…

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…In such time…If it’s Russell… I wonder what would he do…

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