Chapter 026 – This Must be the Relationship of Companions Between A Good Party Feels Like

We are getting a better understanding of the dungeon’s structure as we increase our movement speed.

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[I’ve been thinking for a while but even the walls of the dungeon are bumpy… Not just the height and width but it all bends into a square in intersections, isn’t it?]

[Hmmm. An angle of an intersection is measured at ninety degrees. A quarter of circle. It makes it easier for me to map with it in my head than the floor above, though.]

[You’ve been mapping?]

[Ofcourse. There are seven intersections behind us. When you go left, after five intersections, you’ll be returning to the stairs.]

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So Sybilla is an unreliable person but has an excellent memory and superb understanding of space. Even though she’s such an unreliable person.

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[You aren’t thinking of something rude, no?]

[I’ve been thinking how can someone so unreliable get something nice between her shoulders.]

[Aren’t you supposed to be lying on that part!?]

[I’m trying to praise you to the best of my abilities, though.]

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I’ve been blowing off the next living armor that appeared as we bicker.

The monsters appear one by one but I can feel that I’m defeating them on a steady pace.

The next one is… different. A silver worn out armor carrying a spear has appeared.

And there’s three of them. It feels a bit cramped even though it is a wide area seeing three of them lined up.

But, if that would hinder their movements, that’s actually favorable for me.

Rather, appearing in a dungeon-like place without a ceiling and using a spear can be anything else but a mistake.

And look how well they huddle.

What a perfect prey in front of my magic.

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[<Dark Sphere>]

(<Dark Sphere>)

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I confirmed the magic flew out from my hand and made contact with the enemy.

Once the sphere reached the living armor holding a spear, it got blown off.

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[Hm? It only took one hit.]

[The silvers are weaker than blacks. And the only one that was defeated was the one to received the sphere. The other two armors are heavily damaged and wounded but nonetheless moving.]

[I see.]

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I casted Dark Sphere in my head while talking with Sybilla. This is also a form of training to allow me to be able to think while talking at the same time.

It’s a bit tricky but surprisingly, it still works even if I didn’t cast the chant simultaneously.

Let’s try out what Sybilla said earlier about double casting.

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The magic this time isn’t double casted and fired without chanting so its power is weaker than the one before.

But still, the armor who received the sphere broke down and the remaining one has significantly slowed down. After sending a chantless dark arrow between its eyes, the armor fell apart as it’s parts crumble into several pieces.

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[I see. So this is the range of effect of Dark Sphere. Aside from the black waves, it looks like the impact where the sphere hit the enemy is powerful as well.]

[Yes. But it will never be able to hit an incredibly fast opponent.]

[Got it. Then if there’s one, I’ll be using dark javel–]

[Is what I wanted to say but I’ll take it back.]


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I thought what she said has a point so I was surprised when Sybilla took it back and looked at her. And what I saw is Sybilla frowning from my reaction and is holding her head down.

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[…No, the truth is I expect a lot from the amount of your mana that I can’t help but get a lot of ideas that even I am scared of it.]

[How can you be scared from something you expect…]

[…Well, let me rephrase it again. There will be a time that you’ll face someone faster and you won’t be able to hit even with Dark Arrows. In such case, this]

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Sybilla pushed both of her hands forward and then pull it back repeatedly and alternately.

This…is probably some gesture on shooting off magic. Probably.1

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[You can do this and instead of directly aiming for the enemy, keep on throwing the dark spheres around it and cut off its escape. Fast enemies tend to have low defenses so it is important to get the upper hand through slowing it down by hitting it at least one time. Enemies that have nowhere to escape will have no choice but to accumulate damage over time and will eventually get defeated. People who tend to run are weak when they lost their path of escape.]

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… People who tend to run are weak when they lost their path of escape…

If I’d be the enemy and there’s no chance for me to get through without taking damage then there’s no way for to me to cope up with that.

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[…I see. That’s true. Then let’s practice it for a bit.]

[Then I’ll tell you all of my ideas from now on.]

[By all means.]

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From there, I started to practice shooting magic alternately from both of my hands.

…Tsk. This is a bit hard.

Let’s try shooting dark arrows while we walk. There’re no other adventurers who will enter this dungeon anyway.

In the first place, if you’re a veteran adventurer who’s able to get past the first floor’s black goblins, you’d definitely turn your heels upon seeing the second floor’s reddish surface.

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After doing it for how many more times, I get the feeling that I can definitely make it work.

I kept on saying and extending the sounds of words ‘ah’ and ‘uh’ as we walk alternately.





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[What are you doing!!?]

[How surprising for you to be the one asking that!? You’re the one who suggested this alternate casting so don’t just openly show how funny it is on the side lines!]

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This girl didn’t even bother to hide it until I pointed it out!

Even I know how embarrassing it is to look at!

But even so, because it is Sybilla whom I trust when it comes to dungeon crawling, I was willing to bear it even I know how shameful it is!

Did this girl ever hear of the word or concept of delicacy!?

Oh, my mistake. How could it be possible.

It’s Sybilla we are talking about!

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[E-even if you say that—it was really funny!]



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Sybilla pats her head while muttering [va-violence is supposed to be i-i-illegal…] as she endures the pain and could only say that much…

Even though it is a power up strategy proposed by Sybilla, I might not be able to master it because of her as well. She’s just basically putting the cart before the horse.

…I couldn’t continue my practice with my irritation to Sybilla all over. I can’t help but think that I must have a predecessor Dusk Magi senpai who wasn’t able to reach his full potential due to this girl.

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After minutes or tens of minutes of practice.

It was difficult to cast magic chanting something different with my mouth and my head, but after a few knacks and tricks, I was able to succeed.

I repeatedly say the ‘Dark’ part inside my head and pronounced many other things simultaneously.

For example, I can say javelin and chant ‘dark’ inside my head. Say sphere with my mouth and ‘dark’ inside my head.

Then the next one is saying ‘dark’ and the rest inside my head.

I kept repeating all of these patterns inside my head over and over until I memorize them.

Sybilla looks at me as she tilts her head but suddenly looked stunned as she began to get serious and started to realize what I was doing as she puts her hand on her chin and nods her head.

…It’s a face she makes when she was able to figure out something inside her head from what I’ve been doing all this time.

If she could have kept that serious face, I might have thought of her as well as a really beautiful woman.

But it’s because she couldn’t be like that that’s why she is Sybilla.

It’s because she’s like that that she’s easy to get along with.

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At the very end, I was able to release Dark Spheres successively alternating from both of my hands.

Not bad.

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[No. I think it’s amazing. Even if I was the one who thought of it, could have I done it any better? I think it’s impossible.]

[I felt like I just heard something so irresponsible but… Don’t tell me you’ve said all those things without thinking that I can do it?]

[I didn’t think of it at all. But you started to come up with things on your own that even I thought of memorizing your learning process. You have a pretty useful head.]

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It’s yours who’s the pretty useful head!

Damn it! I’ve been really played at by this cheeky girl!

It’s supposed to help my growth but somehow along the way how come that I felt it was all for Sybilla’s!?

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…I’ve said that but I know that I just put into practice the idea of alternate chanting she said.

And realizing the possibility of that itself is what I can call a monster of frightening knowledge and imagination.

Looking back, I wasn’t able to help my childhood friends as a recovery mage but if Sybilla was there, I think I wouldn’t have to leave. I don’t know how will the uncertainty called Vince would do though.

It’s just that I think she would be able to prove my necessity with just her persuasive ability.

…However, Sybilla wishes the recovery mage to be kicked out though so the situation is a bit awkward but…

Even so, she was the one who gave me the power when I was alone to get through here.

It was unfortunate but it can’t be helped that they have to kick me out as I’m just a mage who needs to hide behind a woman’s back just to survive.

Well, it was Emmy who rushed in front of me but… She must have been afraid of me getting hurt.

But I don’t intend to be someone to rely on my companions forever.

I think a true companion would probably be someone who is willing to make up for things you lack, just like Sybilla.

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For now, I’d just focus on getting myself stronger with great efficiency.

And I don’t mean to get stronger just with dark magic.

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[….N? What? What are you staring at?… Ah, you’ve really fallen for me already, no?]

[It’s about me remembering the moment I was laughed at and wasn’t able to stop myself from letting out a chop.]

[I’m sorry. I almost felt dying earlier so please stop.]

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I face Sybilla while letting out a sigh as she panicked with a face looking a bit blue.

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[I can’t believe you’d raise your hand against a gir—eh, ah. Yes.]

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When I heard Sybilla’s sudden reply at the back of my head, I shifted my face in an angle where she can’t see it and curl a smile.

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[Don’t hesitate to tell me if you think of an idea to get stronger once again. We won’t know if it will work or not but let’s try them all.]

[…! I understand! I’ve already got an idea how strong the floor boss would be. Even I will feel bad just looking at the sides so I am thinking of ideas how can we win this one steadily!]

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Since it’s you who is thinking about it, then it will definitely be the best outcome.

I’ll be relying on you, partner.

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After that, I defeated a group of silver armors and another lone black armor.

I haven’t been able count them anymore.

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— [Dusk’s Magi] Level 8 —

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[N? I just levelled up. I haven’t learned anything new, though.]

[It’s normal for level 8. But there’s something big coming in level 10 so let’s work harder.]

[I see… Even though it’s so hard to raise it.]

[But thanks to all of that, we were able to confirm that you are properly getting experience. Raising the [Dusk’s Magi]’s level is indeed slow but, since living armors are slow monsters by nature, they might just be providing lower experience compared to others in the lower levels.]

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Now that she mentions it, it’s surprising but I feel less tension here compared to the previous floor where there are goblins carrying poisoned weapons jumping all over the place.

It’s because I don’t think taking down the armors considering their strengths and size of their weapons is that much of a challenge…

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As I was brooding over how long will it take for me to level up, Sybilla looks really happy.

When I asked her about it, she answered me as if it’s obvious.

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[As I have said, leveling is a fight against efficiency…. But at the end, there’s something else that is important. What do you think it is?]

[Something important when it comes to leveling… Speed?]

[Wrong. What’s important is knowing when to ‘Retreat’. People tend to think ‘just a little more. I’ll make it with just a little more’ or something like that then rushes things even though they are already tired and can just barely make it. And someone like that will eventually poke his head on places with more monsters, lose his escape route, and eventually lose his life.]

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Why does it feel like it somehow resembles my current situation?

There’s probably a previous Dusk’s Magi who died exactly the way what Sybilla said…

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[…Really… Being not able to see almost anything else… To not have any idea how to retreat… So regretful…]


[…I miss the capital… Playing poker in the casino… Ouch!]

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Do you really have to ruin everything at the end!? Seriously!?

I really can’t believe you!

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[I thought I heard something serious but turned out to be something really stupid. Let’s go!]

[Wa-wait! I won’t fool around anymore so please heal me! It looks like I had a serious bump and it really hurts!]

[Haaaaa. I don’t know what to do with you anymore. Can’t help it. <Extra Heal Link>.]

[Uwaa. Even my fatigue was gone. I’m really thankful they chased out the Saint with all of my heart…]

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Being thankful about it at this point doesn’t really mean anything though.

But I’ll remember the thing about retreats.

It’s because more than anything else, I feel it is something that would be really necessary in our current pace.

Besides, we might be getting close on fighting the floor boss.

The Fire Dragon aside, this will be the first time I will be challenging a floor boss with just myself.

I don’t feel I’ll lose but I’d rather not let down my guard.

For my mana… Looks like I still have lots of it. I still can’t feel I’m close to the point of exhaustion but I wonder how much will it take for it to be emptied.

Keeping such thoughts in the corner of my mind, I dismantle the next living armor that had come.

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