Chapter 024 – The Goddess of Fortune Appears to Those Who have the Power to Take Hold of Fortune

I don’t have to think too much about compatibilities with regard to dark magic. As long as I keep on firing off high level magic the enemy will eventually fall down.

After defeating my sixth Living Armor, I suddenly thought of a question then turned to Sybilla.

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[I was expecting more from the lower levels but isn’t leveling up in here is slower compared to black goblins?]

[N. There’re probably two reasons I guess.]

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So she doesn’t really need time to think about this kind of stuff huh.

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[The first one would be if a level 13 priest who can use <Cure> sacrificed all of their powers to become a [Dusk’s Magi], they would be limited only up to level 2. But in your case, you didn’t even sacrifice even a single magic and just used 4 levels. With just that, its magic powers were enough for you to use <Dark Javelin>. That would be because the power of the Saint’s 4 levels is already a lot.]

[I see… Different classes require different numbers of monsters to kill. Now that you mention it, the last time I leveled up is when I defeated the fire dragon.]

[But it’s pretty average compared to the other monsters of the bottom levels. I don’t ever want to deal with something like that again, though.]

[Tell me about it…]

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During that time, I became a Dusk’s Magi and was able to use dark magic which probably brought rush to my adrenaline but to be honest the pain I got every time I receive attacks is isn’t that bearable.

But I am in a situation back then to do almost anything just to avoid death.

I’d rather endure the severest pain than die from that fight.

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…When I think about it, what Sybilla said is probably correct.

But If I’d be given a chance to have such battles three or four more times and get a beating like that every single time, even if it would make it faster to level up, I’d rather decline.

I can see myself collapsing from mental fatigue before leveling up.

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If possible, I’d like to win with some room to spare if I end up challenging something like a dragon again.

As a mage who converted once more to a mage, I understand that I can’t really expect for my defense and durability to get any different but…

Sybilla continues what she is talking about.

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[Then, the other reason would be… Well, it’s one of the challenges when it comes to getting the experience needed to level up. In other words, ‘Efficiency isn’t always the key’.]

[Efficiency is not always the key?]


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I picked up the large mace from the living armor I earlier defeated and after confirming that it isn’t something I can use, I then strain my ears to Sybilla once again.

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[For example, a purple goblin gives like 1 point of experience and for a black goblin… around 300, I guess?]


[Weak people hunt the purple and the strong hunt the blacks.]

[Well, ofcourse.]

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If you can attack from a distance, the strong yet small bodies and poisoned weapons won’t really matter that much though.

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[Then, will Russell hunt black goblins if he wants to be stronger by tomorrow?]

[Isn’t that obvious?]

[Then another question. If there are two dungeons where one contains a four-digit number of purple goblins and the other has no other monsters but three black goblins. If you really want to get stronger by tomorrow no matter what, which dungeon will you choose?]

[…Ah, I think I got it.]

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I was wondering why she is asking in such a way but it all finally fell into place after her last question. If you want to raise your levels faster then it should be obvious that you should hunt high-experience monsters faster. Because that is the most efficient.

But… Efficiency isn’t just enough.

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[Efficiency is indeed important. But, it’s wrong to think that efficiency is always the key. That’s why a person who is working efficiently everyday can be overtaken by someone who works on the safe side for a long time. Ofcourse, the opposite happens as well.]

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That would be a more accurate explanation.

Sure, it would be more efficient hunting monsters with high experience.

But efficiency isn’t the only key.

If I have to compare Living Armors with Black Goblins, they tend to appear frequently but they only come one at a time. The numbers of fights are definitely higher but the number of monsters is certainly lower.

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[I appreciate the lesson.]

[Fufun, oh you’d better be. Sybilla-chan is really amazing, isn’t she? You’ve fallen for me from the bottom of your heart, no?]

[Won’t that desire remain unfulfilled if you keep on saying it?]

[I was just trying to confirm it though…]

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What I want to know from the bottom of my heart is how can you be so confident saying all of those stuff though…

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[Ma, that was really easy to understand. Didn’t you think of being a teacher? It would suit you.]

[But all of the students would only be from the Dusk Series so all my lectures would probably incline towards adventurers, isn’t it.~]

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Oh. I have senpais who I don’t know about that Sybilla taught before me, isn’t she?  

Really, so that’s why she was able to explain things in the simplest manner.

I thought that she is really smart but she probably explained all of this stuff to others beforehand.

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…N? Wait.

I am really curious about something she said about now.

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[Hey, Sybilla. What is Dusk’s series?]

[Nn? Does Russell want to know more about the Dusk’s Oath? Do you want to know? I wonder if you really want to~~]

[Ah, I just realized I am not interested. I’m good.]

[You see ther—eh? Ah, aree…? Eh!?]

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I don’t really mind it at first but when I saw her face full of haughtiness, I can’t help it but get irritated. So irritated that my hand thoughtlessly moved and chopped her head.

Well, I was kidding with the half of the things I said and –

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[Then what’s the other half supposed to be, then!?]

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Oh well, I’ll just keep my mouth shut.

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[it really is impossible not to encounter any monster if we just remain still, isn’t it?]


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We’d have to deal with the newly appeared monster first.

It sure is a topic I want to talk about and it’s something I am the one who should listen so I better keep it in mind.

Sybilla confirmed the figure of the armor walking toward us and immediately went behind me.

It’s monster subjugation once again.

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After hearing about experience and efficiency, I thought of the magic I wasn’t able to use until this moment.

I won’t know it if I won’t try it.

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[I have to use this magic too, don’t I. Dark Sphere.]

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I have to use the magic normally and avoid double casting to get an idea of its basic powers.

A skull-sized sphere of mana that glows red and black flies toward the armor with a great sword. It is fast but not as fast as the javelin.

The moment it hit the armor, the sphere exploded and produced waves of dark mana.

It looked like it really packs a punch.

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[Not bad. Let’s keep it coming.]

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I then double-casted Dark Sphere and it became larger and faster.

Dark Sphere is a magic I learned at level 7. It’s a magic I learned at the same level so I can barely cast it without chanting. Just being able to use it makes me happy though.

…But it looks like double casting it isn’t worth that much, huh…

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–Or so I thought until the sphere reached the armor.

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When it hit the great sword the armor used to block the sphere, it then exploded and black waves far bigger than the original one spread out.

The living armor was not able to defend itself and dropped its great sword. I continuously shot dark javelin against the armor until the red in its eyes fade out. Subjugation completed.

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[I used double chanting with the second one but… I wonder why the change isn’t that much until the point of impact.]

[…For spheres, one’s thinking should be focus on what it’s ‘volume’.]

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N? What?

Is that another type of class?

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[It’s about vertical and horizontal measurements, taking a cloth for example, whose length is double would have its width quadruple.]


[If we’re talking about a box, it will be eight times bigger. And if you put an identical box with it and have it solidified, then it’s height and width will be doubled. You should understand, right?]

[Now that you said it, I think I can get it.]

[So about the magic you casted earlier, it would be around… Well, about 20 or 30% increase on it’s width? The volume of a sphere is hard to understand but it’s contents should be doubled. That’s why the doubling effect didn’t materialize immediately after it hit. So if it’s the width of the sphere that had doubled, then it’s power will be eight times stronger.]

[I see…]

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She explained it clearly and in an easy to understand manner that even I was able to get it and build up ideas in my head.

…Where the heck is the person who will only be capable of teaching adventurers. Isn’t she basically on par with the teachers from the capital?

As I was contemplating on Sybilla’s teaching abilities, she shouted something.

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[This isn’t really the time about this! Did you reach level 8 DuskMag!? You didn’t chant when you’ve thrown the sphere, right!?]

[It’s 7. It looks like chantless magic somehow worked… I was hoping for its strength to be the same when I double casted Dark Javelin against the Fire Dragon, though.]

[‘Isn’t he amazing reaching 5 levels already at this moment’ or so I was thinking but! 7! You’ve learned Jav at level 3, right!?]

[Oh, that’s right.]

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I can see how impatient Sybilla is as she conveniently abbreviates words like DuskMag and Jav.

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[Speaking of magic and levels, it was really nice to be able to use Enchant Darkness at level 2. For such a strong magic to be learned at a low level, huh.]

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Even I double casted it when I fought the fire dragon, it really isn’t normal for level 2 magic to be able to cut off a dragon.

When I said that, Sybilla let out a big sigh as if she didn’t know how can I not know something like this and said

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[Haaaaa. An, abnormality, isn’t it… Let me reconfirm this with you, but as a [Dusk Magi], who is basically like a mage, its more normal for them not to be able to use a sword, no? That’s why it’s a low-level magic. It could only be good for a deserted mage plotting an assassination with a knife or something behind him, right?]

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Oh, that’s it. It’s been compatible to me by chance since I can use a sword.

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[What isn’t normal is not the dark magic’s power or order of learning it but the very saint who should have been a pure benevolent existence similar to the Holy Maiden! How can the saint be as good as knight in swordsmanship!? Do you get me!?]

[Well, I can’t say anything about that…]

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I can’t help but get convinced by her explanation.

How was I supposed to know earlier that I would get this class even if I was swinging a sword ever since I was a child?

I don’t really hate it that much now but I still can’t understand what is the Sun’s Goddess thinking when she bestowed this to me.

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You won’t be able to get a hold even a strand of the Goddess of Fortune’s hair if you’d miss your chance even once.

But more than that, if you won’t even start to do anything, you won’t even get a glance.

Maybe I won’t be able to know the Goddess of Fortune who is standing now in front of me.

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For me at least, the [Dusk Magi] bestowed to me by Sybilla, is the greatest fortune.

I can even feel how this class really suits me.

The magic and attribute, as well as it’s tremendous mana consumption.

I can’t help but think it was all meant for me.

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[But, if you can use Dark Sphere, it would be better if we can go faster and start to target monsters in group, right?]

[In group? You think this magic can do that much?]

[The explosion of the Dark Sphere can affect an area. Considering how big it is, even if it’s just as strong as Dark Arrow it should still be alright.]

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That’s amazing. It may only give scratches but since it was able to hurt a fire dragon with that power it isn’t that bad. Not mention it spreads on a wide area.

Even if a large number of enemies appeared, if I’d just cast Dark Sphere continuously, then I can beat them all down at the same time.

After saying all of that, Sybilla let out a laugh that seems like about to give up.

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[Really… That magic should have been inefficient as it consumes several more mana than dark javelin but that isn’t something that matters to you, isn’t it… Efficiency and numbers. We will proceed on making the best out of both of it!]

[Roget that!]

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Experience’s efficiency and numbers, the power of the new magic, and how to effectively use it.

She really taught me everything from start to finish.

For the rest, I can just let the Goddess of Fortune guide me. It isn’t that bad.

I’ll keep on working with my level and continue this journey in this reddish land with Sybilla.

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