Chapter 009 – When One Unexpectedly Doesn’t Understand the Extent of it’s own Abilities

I immediately got used to the feeling of dungeon crawling since I’m not a beginner in the first place.

But no matter how used Sybilla is on doing things alone I can’t leave her to be the vanguard.

I pull my newly bought sword from its sheath and stood in line next to Sybilla.

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[I’ll go front.]

[Ara, is it alright for a recovery mage to be in front?]

[…Why not when it’s possible for an offensive mage?]

[Hm – It’s common sense for recovery mages to be on the safest spot though… Well, you’ve already bought a sword too. If you’re going out front why don’t we just line up together and watch out for each other? The dungeon is wide anyway.]

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I nod on her proposal and walk next to her.

We watch our surroundings as we went further on the slightly downward slope of the dungeon.

The walls of the dungeon are emitting lights made out of magic which strangely eliminated all the dark places.

It’s really different from your typical cave.

We are on high alert for paths from the side. The two of us are not your typical rearguards who’ll be careless from attacks from the back.

Around the time that we walk that much.

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[Looks like there really are monsters as expected.] (Sibylla)

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Sybilla used her sword and pierce a slightly visible shadow deep into the dungeon.

There’s a goblin over there.

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[Oh, at least it follows the basics of the dungeon for starters. Well, then!]

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Sybilla held her left hand in front and release a fire ball.

…Did she just cast magic without chanting?

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The goblin made a small squeal before taking the fireball on its face and stop moving.

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[…What was that just now…?]

[You haven’t seen chantless magic before? Well, it won’t work unless you really concentrate. Also, using a magic you just recently learned and on your same level is out of the question. It’s a little trick known to only a few knowledgeable people though~]

[I didn’t even know that it can work like that…]

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The party was too strong back then that we haven’t encountered a situation requiring magic with immediate casting.

We had Jannet always do the opening strike with her powerful [Sage] magic and large mana pool.

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[Fufufufu, that’s offensive magic. You jealous?]

[…Well, yeah.]

[Oh… Do you want power?]

[What’s up with that all of a sudden.]

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Sybilla went to face me with a bit seriousness on her face.

What’s up with ‘do you want power’. This woman is really bad news with these weird cult invitations.

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[Do you want power that can overwhelm monsters?]

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What? You still going with this?

Don’t come closer with your queer questions you shameless mage.

I prepare my left hand to chop her head any moment right now as I cringe.

Just a little closer and let me see that pretty head. I won’t be satisfied unless it leaves at least a bump—.

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[Do you want the strength to extract your revenge and settle your grudges?]

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I wasn’t able to react for an instant.


I’m not thinking of it right now but… I can’t say that I never had the thought of it at all.

Before I notice it, Sybilla’s now really close and in front of me.

Asking something like if I want power…


That’s something I really want to have.

The despair I have knowing that I am actually useless.

While I see my bestfriend who I grew up with had that destructive powers.

An overwhelming destructive power.

A power to attack and destroy…

If I have that kind of ability…

A power enough for me not to lose to the hero, Vince.

Sybilla, if you…

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[Do you want it? Want it? Oh… I wanted to eat that squid earlier…]



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I raised my hand up to the sky and chopped Sybilla’s head along with the heavy weight of my feelings.

Now I feel refresh.

What’s up with this girl’s stupid lines earlier.

I feel so dumb taking her seriously after being reminded of that trauma. Ahhh so stupid.

Yareyare. I should stop taking this girl seriously.

But still… Chantless magic, huh.

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[If it’s like that then maybe I can…]

[It still hurts… Well, even you should be able to do it with <Heal> atleast, right? I don’t have any idea about [Saint] class but you should know it at least from level 3.]

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Sybilla cut the Goblin’s purple ears as she replied to me.

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[The recovery magic I learned from level 1 huh… I think I can do it.]

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Sybilla suddenly stop as she holds the goblin’s ears with one hand and look at me.

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[Heal? From level 1?]

[Isn’t it normal for a [Priest]? Otherwise they won’t be able to do their jobs at all though.]

[I learned the fireball I used earlier when I was level 2 though. For someone to get the abilities of their classes at level 1 is something I haven’t heard of…]

[Oh, is that so?]

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I didn’t have someone to compare with so I obviously don’t know that.

For the purposes of magic, maybe Jannet at best?

…Or not. That [Sage] had been bombarding magic left and right even when we are still level 1.

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[I see…. So that’s how it is for saints. Anyway, let’s move on.]

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Sybilla put the goblin ear in her bag and started to move forward again.

I still have something I am curious about but I’ll just follow Sybilla for now.

However, just as we started to move, another monster appeared in front of us.

Its body is color black and a bit hard to see but its weapon on its hand is emitting a little light so we were able to have an idea of its location.

When we got a closer look, it seems to be another Goblin.

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[Isn’t it black? I suddenly feel that this dungeon is really dangerous.]

[Is it strong?]

[It’s stronger than the normal ones. You should get yourself together too.]

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Sybilla put her sword into position and extended her left hand forward.

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[<Fire Arrow>]

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The size and power of the Fire Arrow she released towards the Goblin is not comparable to the chantless magic she used earlier.

I thought that it will end with just that but I was surprised that the black Goblin managed to dodge and then went straight to Sybilla at high speed.

The small dagger in the black goblin’s hand glows.

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I made a quick stab from the side to the black goblin aiming for Sybilla.

The sword pierced its throat ending its life in an instant with just one hit.

It looks like that my arm that I used to hold a sword all those times haven’t rusted yet. With this fight, I think I’m starting to get familiar with my new sword too.

It’s not the right time for me to be immerse in these feelings though.

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[Tsk… Now I’ve done it.]

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Sybilla looks on to her wound hatefully.

Blood flows from her white legs.

She looks so bitter right now and is not comparable to that carefree face she had earlier. The wound looks deep too.

I have to use recovery magic fast.

…That’s it. If I can use chantless magic then I can recover while in battle which should make things better.


Hmmm. Like this?

As I recall how I feel using recovery magic in my head, the wound from her thighs disappeared immediately.

Sybilla strokes her legs lightly and looked at me with her eyes wide in surprise.

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[You used it just now, right? I thought I was cut really deep… For it to disappear in an instant. As expected of the [Saint]-sama. I offer my humble thanks to you.]


[But… With this, it’s impossible for us to explore the dungeon anymore right.]

[N? Why? It appears to me that you’re not hurt anymore though.]

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Sybilla kicks the dagger of the goblin.

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[This black goblin’s dagger has poison, you know? I think I’ll start to lose my strength later on… Seriously… I prepared for poison too but how could I know that a black would appear… Even if the wound is healed, at this rate…]

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Poison… I see. It must have been the same thing that attacked Brenda’s mother.

Her story about driving a monster away from the dungeon and feeling sluggish and had to lie down the bed for a long while after that.

The monster was really driven away or it somehow managed to escape. That mother might be strong too now that I think about it.

I see. If that’s the case, then-


I used the poison recovery magic as well without chanting.

I wonder how will this work.

After I use my magic, Sybilla tilts her head to the side as if she noticed something and started to move her hands and feet to check her body.

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[….huh?….Huuuuh?. Russell, you, just now… to me….]

[I told you, right? That the mother from beans field was poisoned and I helped her with <Cure>. I thought that it was the same poison and just use chantless magic to you and it looks like it worked.]

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After I said that, Sybilla looked at me with a stupefied look with her eyes and mouth wide open which I’ve never seen her do before.

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[…Chantless…Cure? At level 5?]

[Yep. Why?]

[By the way, when did you learn it?]

[When I was around level 2.]

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Sybilla took a pause after hearing what I said and started to think seriously for a moment before giving out a deep sigh.

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[Anyway, thank you. I’m really glad I’m working with you.] (Sybilla)

[Is that so? Well, there are times I felt you helped me too so its fine.]

[You’ve fallen for me already, No?]

[I’ll chop you.]

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This girl will eventually get ahead of her self again so I walk and go slightly far ahead.

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[…You…did this?…]

Sybilla is saying something behind me but I don’t want to do anymore with this girl’s nonsense so I’ll just ignore her and have her keep talking to herself.

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