Chapter 010 – A Chick Can Only See the Outside World After It Broke Through its own Shell

The dungeon crawl has been…. At least I wanted to say… Doing good.

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[There are two blacks I can see up next] (Sybilla)

[Got it. I’ll go for the right one]


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The strength of the enemies isn’t simple.

This dungeon is mainly consisted of black goblins with the exception of the purple one we first encountered.

It’s not that we can’t keep things under control but according to Sybilla, with the dungeon’s upper level full of the strong black goblins, then it is almost guaranteed that this dungeon has high degree of danger and difficulty.

I dodge an attack from a black goblin holding a club who sidestepped and jumped over me and countered with a slash.

Even if it has different color and strength, there’s still the height difference that’s why the goblins tend to jump to hit my head.

There’s no way for it to change its trajectory midair that’s why I aim at those moments. It doesn’t matter how strong they are since their movements are just repetitive.

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I look at Sybilla after defeating the monster.

She started to fight cautiously after being hit by the poisoned dagger. She blocks the attacks using her shield fasten on her forearm and keeps the enemies in check with her sword and fireballs to hit them.

Due to the strength of the black goblin, she keeps her shield up at all times until the enemy stops from moving.

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[Tsk… These damn midgets’ strength is the real sh*t, aren’t they?] (Sybilla)

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Girls shouldn’t use words like ‘sh*t’ and stuff. Though I know that even if I say that, she will not listen anyway. It felt more natural for her to talk that way in the first place.

(<Heal>, Then another <Heal>)

I can see Sybilla looks a bit injured from a distance and decided to cast heal on her and to myself as well to relieve myself from the bit of fatigue.

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[Hey, just now-] (Sybilla)

[The next ones are coming!]

[Seriously!? Argh… They really are. Tsss. Got it!]

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It seems like she has something to say but we have to prioritize dealing with the monster that appeared first.

It’s the dagger goblins once again. There are three of them so I decided to make the first move to avoid being surrounded.


It did not have any chance to avoid my attack and it landed perfectly resulting to an instant kill. Maybe they’re weak against surprise attacks?

The hefty sum I used to buy this sword seems worth it. Really nice.

I look at the remaining one on the side after I successfully took two goblins out of the picture.

It must have seen something in my surprise attack as it now started to be cautious.

The black goblin swings its dagger with poison dripping from its edge on my direction. Ah, I should have thought of buying a shield too like Sybilla.

No meaning in any wishful thinking right now, though.

As I made a leap forward to thrust my sword, the black goblin threw its dagger on my face. So you’ve decided to take me down with you, huh?

 A voice resounded in my head at the same time I pierced the black goblin’s throat.

— [Saint] Level 6 <Wind Barrier> —

It’s the never changing startling level up notification. I focus on my surroundings to avoid being distracted of the sudden voice.

I used my left hand to stop the knife and as a result it got stabbed. At the same time, I felt a bit tired like I haven’t slept for a few days.

I see. This must be that poison that will get worse as time goes on.

Sybilla looks over my side after she finished hers.

It seems like daggers were thrown at her too and it somehow got past her shield resulting to the wound on her wrist.

She looks at my stabbed left hand as she presses down the wound on her wrist with a surprised face.

What’s up with that dumb face …I can get injured too.

I used <Cure> twice without chanting.

The sluggish feeling from earlier is now gone.

It’s really more convenient than casting magic that I was used to.

Sybilla raised her eyebrows as she look at my hand then immediately turn on her own wrist.

She tilts her head as she repeatedly opens and closes her fist.

Is there something weird?

Well, there’s something more important for me to check than that.

[Wind Barrier]

It’s trying the new level 6 [Saint] magic.

There’s a faintly visible colorless layer that appeared around me.

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Sybilla points her finger at me with her mouth wide open as she looks at me.

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[You… Isn’t that wind barrier?]

[You know of it?]

[It’s a magic to prevent bows and arrows. It repels some magic too. It will be hard for weak monsters to bypass it as well. And if you’re a party member, it should work like this…]

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Sybilla used the tip of her finger covered by leather gloves to touch the layer and after confirming that there’s no resistance, she puts her whole hand in and out of the layer.

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[See? I can move in and out freely.]

[Yep. This will make things easier for us dealing with the monsters here. We won’t have any troubles with the thrown daggers this time.]

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If I had this magic back then perhaps maybe I… Nope. I don’t think I would still be able to do much in that party.

I felt thankful with this situation though. With this, we have now the means to deal with the thrown daggers and lower the possibilities of attacks from behind.

Sybilla looks at me with her arms in front of her chest and eyes half opened as I felt satisfied with my new magic.

What the heck is up with that annoyed face.

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[You… If you have a magic like that, maybe it would have been nice if you’d use it much earlier, no?]

[Nope~ I just learned it after reaching level 6. These black goblins sure give out lots of experience.]

[Just learned, huh… Oh, you said earlier that you’re indeed level 5.]

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Sybilla groans and put her hand on her head and seems to count something from her fingers.

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[…No, nevermind. I was trying to ask a while ago. Have you learned the magic <Clean>?]

[Nope. I don’t know that.]

[The magic called <Refresh>, then?]

[I have no idea about that too.]

[<Stamina Charge>]

[…Never heard of it.]

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What the heck? Perhaps those are part of basic magic skill set?

Don’t tell me this girl is trying to point out the things I lack as a [Saint]?

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[…Then…You… What about <Extra Heal>?]

[Oh, I learned that when I was level 4. <Extra Heal>.]

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I use the magic on the black goblins Sybilla burnt and defeated to show it to her.

It won’t be able to bring the dead back to life but the wounds would all disappear.

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[Uwaaaa! You you you! I didn’t ask for you to do it or not! What a waste! Didn’t you learn how to save and properly utilize your mana!?]

[Don’t be so loud for every little stuff in the dungeon. It’s just recovery magic. It consumes minimal amount of mana so isn’t it alright to use it how many times I want?]

[Then how many more times you can cast it!?]

[I can’t provide an exact number. This is just an estimate but I’ll be fine using it a hundred more times or so. I don’t know if I can more than that.]

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Upon my reply, Sibylla took a step back and appeared as if she saw something unbelievably scary.

I think you should work on how your thoughts show immediately on your face.

It looks like I somehow stepped too into a land mine.

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[You’re so good with the sword. You can even cast chantless magic for several times. You make things easier and better than expected but… Why is that… Someone like you is alone?]

[…I was useless so I got kicked out.]

[You’re lying, aren’t you?]

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I walked out without talking after hearing what Sybilla said in reply.

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I stopped my tracks and answered Sybilla without turning back.

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[On the royal road of that protagonist guy, someone like me who can only be useful if someone got hurt, is unnecessary. It’s just that.]

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I didn’t talk anymore and walk silently.

It felt suffocating and no one voiced out anything afterwards.

That’s right. No matter what happens, no matter where I go, I can’t be anything but a recovery mage.

And today is where I took my first step to get out of that stigma.

The hand that carries this sword still holds the memories of the child who once longed to be a hero.

I think I can finally now let go of the thoughts that’s chaining me down. To finally break through my shell and accept why I can’t be the hero. It’s the ability I have but the hero cannot. The ability to fight all by myself.

I finally figure out who I really am.

I look at Sybilla who suddenly walk beside me.

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[What now?] (Sybilla)

[Nothing. Is it alright if we go a bit more?]

[It’s fine. I was just surprised earlier and now understand that I don’t have to be worried about you losing mana.]

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It feels like we were partners that had been together for a long time with our strange exchanges.

Though I just recently knew this weird girl from yesterday.

It just felt like my time had been still all this while.

To me who have always thought that I can’t be any more than but a supporting role…

I don’t really have any reason or evidence but… I have a feeling that I can dispose of that idea if I am with this girl.

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