Chapter 008 – There are Lot of Things for me to Understand for Sure Since I’m Alone

[It’s a good day to explore, isn’t it!] (Sybilla)

[That doesn’t really matter inside the dungeon though.] (Russell)

[It does when you go home down and tired. Don’t you get it?]

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We went to the southern area of the village to head to the dungeon.

I’m moving my feet thinking of buying an armor after I bought a weapon but Sybilla stopped me.

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[Are you thinking of buying that stuff? You won’t probably need it though.]

[Why? I think it would be easier to move if I have it.]

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I am currently wearing a white robe with golden embroidery as part of its design.

The party bought this together back then when I was bestowed a [Saint] class.

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[I think your robe looks light and durable. It probably has magic resistance too so I think it’s better than buying some cheap light armor]

[You think so?]

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It’s true that this robe is certainly expensive. But I can’t just imagine myself holding a sword wearing this.

When I told her that she laughs at me with ridicule.

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[What’s wrong with a robed person holding a sword?]

[You dress lightly yourself though]

[I don’t have a robe so I can’t. If the robe is better than the others, then use it. If your staff is stronger than a sword, then throw that sword and use your staff to trash them and sneak some kicks. And if a magic item is stronger than the magic I can cast then I won’t cast mine you know.]


At first, I thought she’s just fooling around but when I heard her reason, I think I can now understand.

It seems like I am still being held back of the mindset I used to have.

Our classes have nothing to do whether I use a staff or a sword, neither a robe or an armor.

Ofcourse a [Swordsman] wielding a sword is nice as it complements his class, but the deciding factor should always be choosing the things that yield the best result.

This girl’s flexible thinking outside the box impresses me once again.

I won’t say it though because she’ll immediately get carried away.

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[Hm? What? You must be thinking how cool am I right now, no? Fallen for me ye—- Hey! That hurts!]

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I chopped the girl’s head without hesitation and walked quickly leaving her behind.

See? I haven’t even said anything and this girl goes like this.

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[Hey! You should always treat girls with care!]

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Still, that shamelessness of yours is still what you do best.

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We look at the mountains under the clear sky with our hands on our heads to block the sunlight.

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[That stupid bat must have come from there, right? Look, I can even see it from here.]

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I can see some of the trees on the mountain looked to be greatly shaved away from the direction Sybilla is pointing to.

And in that shaved area, there was a big hole that we can clearly see from here.

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[A dungeon really appeared huh…]

[You’ve grown up here, right? Didn’t this happen before?]

[I don’t know. The village has always been peaceful and quiet since the day I was born.]

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That might be one of the reasons why the village might not be able to cope up with the sudden appearance of a dungeon.

No one from the city would go out of their way to an unknown dungeon too since it just appeared.

Dungeons should be investigated beforehand to assess its danger levels.

Obviously, exploring dungeons that haven’t been assessed yet comes with big risks.

It’s just natural to don’t feel good facing an unknown.

Aside from the dangers accompanied by exploring the dungeon, there’s also the issue that it’s a ‘high chance penniless dungeon’.

In short, there were dungeon expeditions where people spend for their food, camping, and crawling without getting anything in return.

That’s why everyone isn’t really willing to go on an unexplored dungeon unless they have some leeway.

There are lots of dungeons anyway.

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When new dungeons appear, the nearby large guilds issue missions for initial assessment and exploration of the dungeon in exchange of rewards.

In that way, they can obtain information what’s inside the dungeon.

Well, there’s a lone guild here in the village managed by a man who seems like he always has lots of free time though.

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[We don’t have any information aside from the mother that’s managing the bean fields was poisoned. We have to figure the rest out ourselves.]

[Yep. My hands are itching already.]

[You aren’t scared even one bit?]

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I can’t find those words to be anything but reckless.

Who can take it easy exploring an unknown dungeon?

Even though her level isn’t bad, but trying to explore an unknown dungeon in level 8 with carefree attitude can’t be anything but naive.

I’m surprised with Sybilla’s response though.

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[What’re you saying. I’m scared.]


[Ofcourse I’m scared. You should’ve known that as a matter of fact. No matter how easy a dungeon is, when its your time to die, you die. I don’t even understand traps that I don’t know. Not to mention it’s an unexplored dungeon. Its more than just scary, isn’t it?]

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She also said in addition, having a healer today makes her at ease as she takes out her shield hidden behind her jacket and entered the dungeon.

I’ve been with a strong party all this time now that I think about it.

The party’s vanguards are strong with excellent classes and are arguably one of the best in the world that no attack can reach me unless there are large number of enemies.

 However, Sybilla has always been a solo mage.

I should have known earlier when I saw her carrying a melee weapon despite mages are meant to be rear guards. She made it all the way here only by herself.

There should have been many people asking her to go together considering her beauty alone. She must have turned down lots of them.

Sybilla’s been doing everything on her own.

That might be the reason she has a different sense of danger. In a sense, she’s more experience and the senior in this party.

Then I suddenly notice that I’ve just been left alone.

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This cheeky girl who always gets carried away.

A suspicious person with an unknown background.

But there’s something I understood after talking to her in this short amount of time.

She’s probably not a bad person.

She has wisdom, knowledge, and experience.

That’s why I have to give her credit when it’s due.

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[…I’ll be relying on you from now on, Sybilla-senpai.]

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I whisper behind Sybilla as I started to chase her back.

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