Bands Recommendation lists (Simply Busy!)

Hi, friends.

Sorry that I was not able to translate anything for the past month.

Well,  it’s the holiday season and it took a lot of me to prepare for it and all.

In absence of the lyrics, I will give you some of the bands that I am listening to and planning to translate soon! Well, aside from Mrs. Green Apple, Shishamo and Hump Back.

  1. Zutto Mayonaka Ii No Ni (Zutomayo) – They have an amazing lead, bass, and powerful vocals! You can watch their Youtube live here:                                                            Below are my favorite songs from them (I will definitely translate them):
  2. Genie High – They are amazing that all of the band members can sing. And they are quite funny on their music videos! Especially Kukki and Gakki. Oh well. You might find them weird first since there is no translation of their songs in their music videos but give them a try!
  3. Yorushika – Well, aside from Mrs. Green Apple, if I need emotional understanding from songs, Yorushika is one of my options too. They already have translations on their videos so no need to translate it here. Let’s support them! They have too many songs to list so I’ll just list my favorite songs from them:
    • Say it
    • Ame to Cappuccino (Rain and Cappuccino)
    • That’s why I gave up on music
    • Hitchcock

That’s it for the mean time! My blog is for translating and helping to promote the bands that I like so well, as much as I want you guys to listen to them on legal channels, I cannot enforce you. lol. But having people to like the songs you like yourself even it is on a different language feels great so let’s keep it up. Also, as I am not motivated to compete in the translation industry by translating songs of anime OSTs (translators are already flooding there since internet started so we can just conveniently read them) so I focus on the gems that being hidden by the language barriers of Japannnnnnnnnnn. Thank you all for visiting my blog!

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