Saint of Black Kite

Saint of Black Kite~ The Banished Healer Masters Dark Magic with Abundant Magical Power Regular release on 1 Chapter per Weekend (Pandemic) Synopsis Official Character Introduction (12/05/2020) Volume 1: Chapter 001 Chapter 002 Chapter 003 Chapter 004 Chapter 005 Chapter 006 Chapter 007 Chapter 008 Chapter 009 Chapter 010 Chapter 011 Chapter 012 Chapter 013 … Continue reading Saint of Black Kite

Mrs. Green Apple – 青と夏 (Ao to Natsu) [Blues and Summer]

Please support the original music video here Table of Contents Other Mrs. Green Apple songs: Mrs. Green Apple – Attitude Mrs. Green Apple – Aufheben Mrs. Green Apple – Cheers Mrs. Green Apple – Lovin’ Mrs. Green Apple - Love me, Love you Mrs. Green Apple - Romanticism Mrs. Green Apple – Spring Depression (Shunshu) … Continue reading Mrs. Green Apple – 青と夏 (Ao to Natsu) [Blues and Summer]


Songs’ Table of Contents

Hi, readers 🙂 Please use this post to look for the songs you would like to sing about. Ctrl + F and click. Peace y'all 🙂 [こんにちはみんなさん。 このウェブサイトは歌の探すをちょっとめんどなので、このポストを作った。 こちらに好きな歌を探してください。Ctrl + F。悪いの日本語をすみません. Ciao! 🙂 ] Genie High [ジェニーハイ] – Lazy Tune (Guutara Bushi) [グータラ節] Genie High [ジェニーハイ] – Shaminami [シャミナミ] Hump Back – Today we are … Continue reading Songs’ Table of Contents