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The Saint of Black Kite (Previously translated as black eagle – they are both birds that share the kanji in case anyone is confuse) has been officially released as a book and you can refer to below link to find them!:

The site includes the official story and character introduction.

The characters image and descriptions are in order from left to right and up to bottom.

Posting their photos here is kind of risky but… Here it goes:


A young man who has the class of the [Saint] and is the one responsible for the recovery of the hero’s party but got banished. He went back to his hometown where he met Sybilla who offered for the two of them to make a party and takes hold of her helping hand.


An enigmatic beautiful girl who explores dungeons alone. She met the [Saint] Russell and asked him to form a party. A person who is strangely knowledgeable of the place of mysteries called the dungeon.


One of Russell’s childhood friend and his fellow member in the hero’s party. She is responsible for protecting everyone in the party as the one who is bestowed of the class of [Holy Knight].


One of Russell’s childhood friend and his fellow member in the hero’s party. An elite of offensive magic and a genius who can also use recovery magic [Heal] who’s bestowed of the class [Sage].


The person who is responsible for Russell to get banished from the hero’s party. His combat abilities are strong but it can’t hold a candle against his sexual urge. He brought Katie into the party as replacement after he removed Russell.


A bewitching beauty that appeared after Russell is removed in the hero’s party. She is knowledgeable on classes and adventurers and is quite sociable, however, no one can clearly see through her true intentions.

If I can’t post immediately after within 7-14 days after seeing this post, I probably got penalized once again. lol. If so, I’ll delete the image 7 days after. Banzai, everyone:

From left to right, Katie, Sybilla, Russell, Jannet, Vince, and Emmy.

All credits to Overlap and everyone working on the official release of Saint of Black Kite.

Visit the website as there are bonus images there not included in here!

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  1. YES!!! I can finally see what Emmy looks like! She does look princess-like! I’m very satisfied at last to quench my curiosity. Also nice to see the others I guess. I don’t really care about Katie and Vince especially I guess but I suppose it’s nice to see Jannet. Also here’s a tip to other readers who want to see some more illustrations. For those who also missed the Emmy and Janet beach scene, in the link provided above, scroll down and you can actually see some sample images which is exactly that illustration and another of very slightly revealing? night gown(is it technically called that?) Sybilla.

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