VF SS 8 – The Far Away Summit

‘His movements already exceeded the human realm, huh. As expected from an isekai… Or I would like to say but it feels like he’s already exceeded even the limits of this world.’

Serena can only watch helplessly and think of such things as she looks at Calis.

Speed that can’t be followed by the naked eye, silencing his enemies with just a chop of his hand without anyone noticing, and even creating a crater just by using his fist.

‘I thought those things only happen in manga…’ (Srn)

However, there’s someone who holds a different feeling contrary to the bewildered princess.


It’s Seryu.

He watches the person who’s been acting like his father earlier.

‘He’s faster and stronger compared to the last time he fought the knight commander!’ (Sry)

Seryu believes that he’s able to grasp some level of Calis’ strength after training directly under him for quite a while already but it seems he’s wrong. Upon seeing the visage and powers of his teacher, Seryu realized that he still has a long way to go and can’t contain himself as he trembles.

After the ruckus had ended, Laurel, amongst all, immediately reacted.

She runs toward her beloved father before anyone else could notice.

[Will you be fine just staying here?] (Srn)

Serena asks as she follows Laurel with her gaze.

It’s because when she looked at Seryu, she noticed that his eyes are shining like jewels as he looks at that person.

‘Perhaps my presence is holding him back.’ (Srn)

[Nee-san, I feel really fortunate I was able to meet Duke Fall.] (Sry)

[I see.] (Srn)

Seryu, Serena’s little brother that she’s known ever since he was born, is starting to change because of Calis.

Serena can’t help but smile in defeat upon realizing that her little brother might become someone she can’t recognize anymore in the future.

[Your goal seems to be getting farther and farther away.] (Srn)

[Yeah. But I’ll still want to grow up like him, the Duke, one day. A person with a kind and warm heart despite having overwhelming strength. That Duke Fall.] (Sry)

Seryu is still on cloud nine after witnessing the unbelievable strength of the person who’s just been caressing his hair and taking care of them earlier.

‘It will be a hard and long climb but, one day, I’d definitely reach him’ (Sry)

It was at that moment that Seryu’s admiration turned into a promise to himself with determined resolution.

[I see. I wish you luck, then. So, how much of those movements were you able to perceive?] (Srn)

Seryu feels a bit embarrassed telling his sister his current level right now after hearing her cheer for him but he still tried to express himself.

[Uhm… I was able to follow a little bit of the foe’s movements from the start but… I didn’t see anything at all in his final attempt.] (Sry)

[*bzzt!*…Right…] (Srn)

Serena, to be honest, was quite shocked upon hearing her brother’s response.

In her eyes, Seryu’s growth is beyond expectations after his answer.

‘Is that guy planning on making my little brother become another monster?’ (Srn)

However, she knows that such questions could only prove fruitless as that man will eventually downplay things and thus she decided not to ponder any further.

‘As long as Seryu’s fine and healthy, then it doesn’t matter even if he becomes different from the otome game.’ (Srn)

[Still…] (Srn)

[Is something the matter, Nee-san?] (Sry)

[No, nevermind.] (Srn)

If Seryu followed Serena’s gaze, he’ll notice that her eyes are clearly glued towards the young girl with the pink hair coming out from the large bag.

‘I didn’t imagine I’d be able to meet her this way, but… Do you feel that the capture targets alone aren’t enough?’ (Srn)

Based on what Serena could see, she is one hundred percent sure that Calis had not even the slightest hint about the girl’s identity.

‘I wonder how he will react when I tell him about it. Fufufufufu~’

‘Now I don’t have any idea what could ever happen… Oh well, I’d just watch things from the side together with my loving Macbeth. Fufufufu~~’

With such thoughts in her mind, Serena gave her brother a little push in the back to have him approach the person he admires.

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