VF 131 – Just Your Usual Uncle with Lovely Children and Wife

[…How unexpected… It seems like the rumors around you ain’t even enough to give you justice, sword demon.]

One of his hands is now as good as useless and now all of his subordinates are practically annihilated.

Even so, the leader kept his calm as pulls out a dagger while trying not to let me escape from his vision.

[Seems like you’re still up for a fight.] (Calis)

[I’d like to run myself but I know that I won’t be able to run that far if you’d actually thought of hunting me down *sighs…*.] (Leader)

I can feel his regrets all the way here just from his sigh.

[Damn it… What a misstep. If it’s just letting the kingdom know we’re here… perhaps we could still laugh it off, but…] (L)

[Unfortunately, such things can now only happen in your dreams.] (C)

It’s just by chance that I’m in Castletown when all of this transpired.

Otherwise, the girl in my arms would probably have been abducted already without anyone putting up a fight.

I’m not really sure what they are plotting but… It’s safe to assume that the Principality is planning to take down the kingdom by abducting this girl, right?

[Probably… It’s just really miserable how could I not even inform my king of your monstrosity…] (L)

The man’s lips curl in a pitiful smile but the glint in his eyes still has its fire.

…Perhaps he’s already resolved himself.

[Can I ask you something for one last time?] (L)

[Sure.] (C)

[What–] (L)


It all happened faster than a blink of an eye.

The man poured all of his strength in his movement as he threw himself and the dagger at me.

The dagger is impeccable and of high quality, his timing and position aren’t lagging behind too as he dedicate the last of his energy to kill me —

It would be impossible to dodge it this time. But–

[The hell are you….?] (L)

After he accelerated and circled around me to push the dagger towards my vitals from behind… His movements stopped and the dagger didn’t reach my back.

Just like earlier, I put his attack to a stop by grabbing his hand.

As I said, it was impossible to dodge his attack.

Then I just don’t have to dodge. It’s as simple as that.

[Just your usual uncle with lovely children and wife.] (C)

To settle this for once and for all, I pull him back, and throw a punch at him straight down to the ground.

Hm… I wonder what he feels hearing my reply?

I’m not sure if I’d be able to completely neutralize a knight commander class with the strength I usually use so I increase it by a notch this time.


Yep. The man lost his conscious as planned.

…But I might have gotten a little overboard… because under the man, a crater was actually formed.

I don’t think he’s dead, but his refreshing and wild face from earlier is now unrecognizable. Good thing he’s a bit sturdy. Otherwise, I might have shown Laurel and the kids something gore and gruesome so unexpectedly.

Nonetheless, I didn’t expect that we’ll be ending this outing with such a happening… I can only see dark days ahead for getting myself directly involved against an international conspiracy… First and foremost, I need to learn why they are abducting this girl and how they will use her for their plans.

Seriously… For something like this to happen when I’m just trying to enjoy a day with Laurel low key… So irritating..!

Ah, damn it! You scumbags!

…Well, of course I kept my rants just in my head.

I ask the nearby citizens to call for guards and once they arrived, they tied the hoodlums up and incapacitated them.

I used enough strength so that those people won’t wake up for quite a while but you could never be more careful so the guards search their bodies for any hidden weapons and other dangerous stuff they could utilize.

Now then, I guess I’ll first reassure and comfort the girl who’s making her way towards me. I have to change my mood back now to papa Calis too. So, Laurel, dear, Come here and let daddy keep you in safety.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. Hi! It’s been a long time since I put a note in the series (or what I feel like) as these chapters are already scheduled in advance. And I was logged off in WordPress because for quite a while along with my struggle with the plugins and notices so I wasn’t able to edit the chapters and put my remarks on them ahead of time. Not to mention, Christmas is a busy season too so I wasn’t able to get back in the blog until nooooow 🙁
  2. Anyway, first of all, I would like to greet everyone who’s celebrating Christmas today — Merry Christmas! *Plays My Chemical Romance and All Time Low Christmas Song in the Background*
  3. I think I am getting a bit too informal in Calis POV here but I’m telling you he’s a chill and comfy dude inside even in Japanese standards! I’m just not too sure if I’m actually setting him up to pretty laid back tho xD hopefully I am not doing that too much!
  4. The chapters since the introduction of the trip to the Castletown are not particularly in the old version! If I am not mistaken, in the Syosetsu version, there is no such plot — I think the author is now on to something about moving on to the story so I can’t really wait! Lest, there are a lot of chapters ahead! :3

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