VF 129 – A Little Ruckus

[–Let go of me! Please!]

I was considering ending our excursion now that we’ve finished picking up souvenirs but then, we heard a scream.

It’s from a little girl with pinkish hair and… about the same age as Laurel.

A bag…? Are those men trying to take that little girl with them using that large bag?

No one’s even trying to stop them. It must be because of their large builds and intimidating appearance.

[Father…] (Laurel)

I didn’t expect the kids to be able to notice what’s actually happening considering the crowd that’s in front of them. They must have seen glimpses of the abduction that’s about to happen.

[*Clench*] (Laurel)

I pat Laurel’s head and reassured her with a smile as she held my hand tighter before I looked towards Seryu-sama.

[I shall leave my daughter in your hands for a moment, Seryu-sama. I’d have to ask you to watch over her but rest assured it would only be for a short amount of time.] (Calis)

[U-understood!] (Seryu)

My duty, first and foremost, is to protect Seryu-sama. However, I have no other choice but to rely on him for now as he’s the strongest person next to me once I step out. As such, I’ll leave their security to him.

Now then, as an adult — or rather, as the Duke of Fall territory, and more importantly, as a father to Laurel, Mint, and Basil, and husband of Sasha, I shall personally see and resolve this matter.

[What the – back off you bast – aghh!]

I silenced the man who put the girl into the large bag and took that large bag away into my arms.

It only took a moment for the rest of the ruffians to process what happened and begin to redirect their attention and attacks at me.


Not that there would be any difference. Like their companion, I’ll shut them down right here, right now, within seconds.

But… It seems that it wouldn’t be that easy. There are some of them that’s quite level headed and won’t start blindly attacking me.

After I trash a considerable number of the thugs down on the streets, I look at the man who seemed to be the leader who is also staring quite deeply at me.

[From the looks of it, are you perhaps not on your duty today, knight-sama? I suggest you refrain from doing your job on your days off. We’d eventually take that girl, regardless.] (Leader)

[I am afraid I can’t just comply with that. Not unless you got a good reason to take this girl in such a daring manner.] (C)

[I see… Well, that puts me in a tough spot.] (L)

It looks like there’s more to this than just your usual abduction.


[*Chop* *Kick* *Stomp*]

The two ruffians who’ve been lurking around behind me finally decided to make their move as I was in the middle of my thoughts just for them to get immediately neutralized.

Seeing their attempted ambush foiled right on their noses, I can feel the other side’s starting to get tense.

To be fair, the attack came from my blind spot and the two hoodlums didn’t make a sound so the leader’s confidence could be said to be founded somehow. However, they should realize by now that they might be fighting against a bad match up.

[The guards will probably arrive any minute by now. I wonder if you really have the luxury of the time to stay any longer?] (C)

[Surely you jest. I didn’t expect for a terrifying monster to wander around the castle town today of all times but that won’t stop us from doing our jobs.] (L)

…It seems like these guys are more resolved to complete this abduction than I thought…

Now then, what to do…

[*Drops* *Stabs*]

[*Sidestep* *Chop*]

This guy must have jumped from a roof. Did they think that since I can cover myself from all sides, they could attempt on striking directly from above?

Not that I care. Anyway… hm….

Yeah, well, let’s just tidy things up quickly.

I’m really trying to minimize violence as I try to neutralize these men because Laurel’s watching but… Since it seems it will take more time if I keep this up, let’s switch hands. If they don’t want to be easily neutralized, then let’s offer them a short cut.

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