VF 128 – A Souvenir and Courage

[Oh, I shouldn’t forget buying souvenirs for Macbeth and Mother as well.]

We continued looking around and were able to check a lot of different stuff when Serena-sama suddenly spoke of the souvenirs.

So all of that shopping she’s done earlier is just for herself? I mean, she just remembered getting something for her mother and fiancé.

[Father] (Laurel)

[Of course.] (Calis)

I can understand what Laurel wants to say even without her putting everything into words.

I’ve been planning to buy souvenirs for Sasha and others as well in the first place. But now that Serena-sama mentioned it before me, it would look like I just remembered it as well and it leaves a bad aftertaste. Sigh…

[Seryu will buy something for mother and the others as well, right?] (Serena)

[Un… If I could then I would…] (Seryu)

Why is Seryu agonizing over something like this?

Oh, is it because he doesn’t know much about souvenirs since he doesn’t go out too often?

Is he bothered by things such as how would family react to his souvenirs..? Will his father who’s been slumped with work and barely has the time for them accept his gift?

[Uh… hm… Father…] (Sry)

[What is it?] (C)

[Uhm… will father take it…?] (Sry)

I look at Seryu-sama’s eyes filled with fear and hesitation whether his father, the king, would accept a souvenir for him.

I think I am starting to learn more about this child as he speaks more about himself today. With such thoughts in mind, I hope I can reassure him somehow.

[*Smiles* *Nods* Ofcourse, Father will take it.] (C)

[Uhm… won’t it just be a bother…?] (Sry)

[There’s no father in this world that would be unhappy receiving a present from their children, you know? Well… I, for one, at least.] (C)

The king doesn’t have any particular reason to decline a souvenir from his son and I highly doubt he’ll reject whatever Seryu might give to him.

Still, let’s provide some advice to the young child just so he can raise his chances.

[However, I think it would be better if you try giving your gift when there isn’t anyone else around. Some people easily gets pretty embarrassed after all.] (C)

I still can’t get used to the feeling of talking to a prince like my own kid even after spending almost a whole day with him…

It’s just for today, though. So hang in there, self! As I was trying to revive the fire in my tired spirits, Seryu-sama finally made a decision.

[I understand… I’ll do my best!] (Sry)

[Un, do well.] (C)

Seryu-sama then started to look for souvenirs for the king and queen. Seems to me he’s having a hard time though. Must be because it is his first time. That being the case, the princess, who noticed the same, steps in to help him pick the gifts. Considering how much she knows their parents, there shouldn’t be any problems with Seryu’s choice of gift.

You can do it, Seryu!

Ah, really, as strange as it seems, it’s really heartwarming to see kids doing their best that you end up cheering for them!

On the other hand, I am also choosing souvenirs together with Laurel for our family.

I’m in a bind though.

I mean, there’s just too many things I’d like to offer to Sasha!

Oh? Won’t these toys do well for Mint and Basil as well?

[Father… *Tugs*] (L)

[Hm? Oh, come, dear.] (C)

As I was in the middle of contemplation, Laurel called out to me seemingly asking to be carried once again.

Laurel’s acting pretty spoiled today even though we’re outside of our home. Not that I mind but is she deliberately acting like this because of Seryu-sama and Serena-sama?

Oh dear, you really want to hog your father all on your own? What a childish pretty little daughter. It just makes you cuter even more!

She’s really like her mother in that they’re both sweet and adorable!

[Father, please hold me tighter…] (L)

[What a spoiled little girl.] (C)

[Is it bad?] (L)

[Of course not. Let Father spoil you more.] (C)

I mean, how can I decline when she looks at me with such cute upturned eyes? It was so super effective I wasn’t able to stop myself from smiling!

I’d really want to tell the world right now how my daughter is the cutest of all but… No. I can’t. I am the cool and calm Calis-san so I just kept my gentle smile.

As they said, cuteness is justice, isn’t it? I strongly agree.

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