VF 127 – The Beloved Daughter’s Cuteness

[How is it, Father?]

Laurel’s currently in simple clothes asking me what I think of her outfit.

I don’t think there’s anything else that could match her girl next door outfit but I have to admit that all clothes look better once my cute daughter wears it!

Not like I’d show how happy I actually am with her cuteness. Yes, Calis, do not forget, you’re the cool type of person.

[*Smile* Un, you look good with them, dear. Our Laurel just looks pretty even with simple clothing.] (Calis)

[*Giggles* Hehehe!] (Laurel)

The simpler the clothes, the more it emphasizes one’s inherent beauty. And after I told Laurel how cute she is, her bashful smile just made her look cuter!

[How about me, Father?] (Serena)

Ugh… just as I was in the moment of appreciating the cuteness of my daughter, the princess came over.

I can’t really say that I can’t be bothered with her right now, do I? She’s still a princess. I’ll just say whatever comes to mind.

[It suits you but… I guess you’d look better with a dress than simple clothing.] (C)

[Fufufu, thank you so much.] (Srn)

…Ugh…! This father-daughter setting with me and this princess really feels uncomfortable! I got this feeling as well that the princess would trouble me more and more if I showed how much I am actually bothered!

[How about you Seryu? Any thoughts after looking at Laurel?] (Srn)

[Oh, she looks pretty good.] (Sry)

How normal, Seryu-sama. I like it.

It might have been his honest impression but it felt like there isn’t any much affection from it. How should I say this… as a parent, I think that’s a good thing but considering he’s a candidate for my daughter’s engagement… Does he really not find my daughter attractive? Are you serious, boy? Anyway, let’s just think about the former!

Serena-sama appears to think of the same conclusion as me. She looks so disappointed, though… Just what is with her being so eager to push her brother towards a friend of hers?

[Now then, I’ll buy all good and nice these clothes for now. Ofcourse, including Seryu’s and Serena.] (C)

I pat Laurel’s head trying to get more positive vibes from her cuteness as I pay the bill.

As much as it bothers me to treat this country’s crown prince and princess casually like they’re my own children and pay for them, there’s no helping it since we’re acting out as parent and children here.

[Okay, thank you so much, Father.] (Srn)

[T-thank you…] (Sry)

It didn’t bother Serena-sama one bit but at least Seryu-sama, despite getting embarrassed, was able to get along and allowed me pay for both of them.

To note, I am not someone who spends money casually. But if it’s for my wife and daughter, I’d happily spend all my money.
But the two of them aren’t really that materialistic in the first place so I need some pretense like this to see if there’s something they’d like to get.

Laurel might have dressed as a girl next door today but who knows if we’d be needing to disguise ourselves again in the future? Yeah, so let’s buy something for that when that day comes too!

[Father.] (L)

After I paid for all the clothes I ordered and ask for the store to deliver it on a later date, Laurel softly called out to me.

[It’s nice to go back here again with Mother and everyone but… I’d like to go here next time with just me and you…] (L)

[Oh… Of Course, sure, dear.] (C)

Goodness… Laurel behaves pretty prim and mature especially when she started to take the lessons for being a queen. But after hearing such childish request from her, I can’t help but immediately give in to the cuteness of my daughter.

Really… Laurel’s getting more and more of her mother’s charms each and every year.

Not like it would change anything. She’ll always remain my cute little baby.

Today’s a really good day. It was great that we came out to play.

  1. Calis… D-did you just lowkey dissed Serena? Good thing she doesn’t have mind reading ability.
  2. I believe that ‘Beauty is in the yes of the beholder.’ As you all aware, Calis is heavily biased to his family. So I hope none of us will question our own beauty regardless of what this Oji-san says!
  3. Love yourselves! Keep that self care! But don’t forget to work for it, okay?
  4. This should be the last chapter for VF for this week. See you all next weekend! Oh, advance chapters are in Patreon, if anyone else is interested. Ciao!

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