SBK 079 Part 1 – Looking Back on How the City was Before

It appears that Sybilla already knows something about the enemy we will be facing based from what she’s saying.

[An Orc?] (Emmy)

[Yeah. That greenish monster that looks like a mix between a humongous man and a pig is called an orc.] (Sybilla)

Now that’s nice. Being able to know something about your enemies before the actual skirmish always provides great benefits.

[Though such monsters are stronger compared to goblins, they’re still relatively weak. I think Emmy-chan would agree with me on this.] (S)

[*Nods*] (Emmy)

Oh, then I shouldn’t have any problems with those monsters either.

[I’d want to deal with those monsters within the day but what do you think, Sybilla?] (Russell)

[That’s fine. However, I’d like to avoid leaving Frecchi alone as much as possible.] (S)

Right… The chances of the monster attacks aside, there’s also the Society of Red Salvation within the city’s vicinity.

I can’t imagine those folks not making a move once they discover they don’t have to worry about us three. 

[Oh, I’ll stay then if that’s the case.] (E)

[Oh…] (S)

It appears Sybilla was caught off guard by Emmy’s decision.

[Are you sure about that, Emmy-chan? Wouldn’t it be a great opportunity for you and Russell to work together?] (S)

[Yup. I also feel there’s quite a lot of uncertainty right now in this city. For Russell not to worry and allow him to maximize his abilities, I think Sybilla-chan would be a better fit to work beside him.] (E)

[…You’re really sure about this?] (S)

[Of course. Besides, I think the job of protecting Fredrica-san suits me the best.] (E)

[…..] (S)

Sybilla closes her eyes for a moment.

It seems there’s something she had decided internally within herself as she nods her head and raises the back of her hand towards Emmy.

Emmy looks confused for a second before chuckling and bumping with Sybilla’s hand using her own.

[Count on me then! I’d make sure to leave no stones unturned and resolve these mysteries once for all! I want to get back immediately and play with the kids after all!] (S)

[*Chuckles* I’ll leave it to you!] (E)

Looking at the girls, it makes me realize that Emmy has grown tremendously from before.

She’s been obsessed with the thought of protecting me but not anymore.

I guess this one is due to Sybilla’s influence too.

That being the case, there’s no need to worry about Fredrica, the orphanage, and the city.

[Yosh. Let’s go, Russell!] (S)

[Roger.] (R)

Emmy returns back inside the orphanage as we make our way to the guild.

We walk under the cloudy skies of the devoid city of Madela.

I understand that people are cooped up in their houses to avoid the disease, but since it’s my first time coming here, I can’t help but imagine how this city actually was before the pandemic hit.

[You’ve been here before, Sybilla, right? How was the city back then?] (R)

[*sighs…*] (S)

Sybilla then taps the soles of her boots near the lamp on the street.

[There’s a grandpa who used to tell children’s stories around here. It’s been a long time though so he might have already passed away.] (S)

[….] (R)

[He used to say that cherry blossoms aren’t about how few you’re about to see but how much more you can cherish while laughing… He treats all children fairly, including the kids from the orphanage. His wife then buys sweets and gives them to the children after his storytelling. Everyone’s wearing beautiful and happy smiles back then…] (S)

Sybilla then looks around the street.

Perhaps what lies on the places she’s looking at were the children laughing, mothers doing their shopping, and adults exchanging pleasantries. But now… even a kid’s whisper couldn’t be heard.

It’s like the city’s been deserted and became a ghost town itself. It’s hard to believe that this is the same place that Sybilla was describing.

[Sybilla… Let’s do our best and return the city to how lovely it was before. There must be someone who will carry the old man’s will considering how many children used to love his stories. Perhaps if we solve all this city’s problems, even Benny and the kids would be able to experience those joyful moments as well.] (R)

I shifted my gaze then from Sybilla back to the way.

[Let’s go. We have to hurry.] (R)

[…Fufufu, how cheeky. Well, you aren’t wrong. Sure. Let’s clean this mess quickly.] (S)

I look at Sybila’s profile as we walk together…

Seriously… that gloomy atmosphere doesn’t fit you at all. Especially when it’s because of your worries about the kids.

So let’s settle everything swiftly. So you can return to the orphanage not as a mage, dusk, nor of one of divinity. I want to see you have fun with the kids with you just being yourself.

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