SBK 078 (Part 2)- Madela’s Circumstances

[First of all, as you’ve seen, there aren’t any people around the city. It’s not that they’ve just suddenly vanished. It’s just that everyone’s trying to avoid going outside of their houses.] (Ashley)

That’s what I thought as well when I noticed there are still people inside the houses despite the streets being desolate.
It seems that even though there aren’t any citizens outside, most, if not all, of the house and buildings are still occupied.
And I don’t think it’s because the majority of the people in this place are elders who prefer staying at home. I’ve also heard children’s voices while we walked around earlier.

Even the children are cooped up inside instead of playing outside.

[There’s actually a bit of a pandemic going around. Though its symptoms only consist of mild colds, it spreads too easily so everyone’s trying to avoid going outside of their homes.] (A)

Colds, huh. If that’s the case, then there’s no wonder everyone is staying inside.

The situation reminds me of the legend about the holy maiden healing a whole village which she incurred repercussions for days, but… I don’t think I should be that concerned if I’d heal everyone in this place myself.

Let’s check with Sybilla later.

Besides, she said the symptoms are just mild so it will eventually heal by itself.

[There’s also the monsters to be worried about. These monsters didn’t come from the dungeon but just appear somewhere around the city.] (A)

I might find it surprising after I listen to Ashley, but, well…

[Actually, our carriage was actually attacked by those monster along our way to Madela] (Fredrica)

[Goodness! Are you hurt….? Err, I can see you safe and sound already though so I guess everything went well. I guess they’ve taken care of it?] (A)

[That’s actually what happened. If Sybilla-chan didn’t think of escorting me along the way, that humanoid pig might have actually killed me already.] (F)

*Frowns* (A)

[Oh… I’m glad everything’s okay…] (A)

[…Hm? Is that monster really that dangerous?] (F)


*Looks to the other way* (A)

[Uhm… I heard that monster… err, tears women’s clothes and had lecherous tendencies… So, I think it’s extremely dangerous, especially for you, Fredrica-san… People were able to help a girl who’d almost been stripped by that monster so, thankfully, there aren’t any victims as of now…] (A)

Uwa… A lecherous monster that tears women out of their clothes…? Talk about disgusting…

And it seems among everyone around here, it’s Fredrica who’ll be the most vulnerable against it.

Next time I see that pig, I’ll show it no mercy.

Emy seems like she’s on the same page as me as her face clearly shows her distaste but Sybilla on the other hand… seems oddly apathetic about it.

…I wonder what this girl is thinking?

[You see, that’s the reason why most of the people who shop or go on an errand these days are mostly men. We’d love to do the same but I’m the only one who can shop around in this orphanage. But if there’s another girl with me, then I’d feel safe as long as we’re inside the fence. There are also people covered in robes going in and out of the city. They’re pretty sketchy as well so they’re another reason why it’s quite difficult to go around these days.] (A)

People in robes, huh… They’re probably from the red salvation.

Rumors have been spreading that they’re gathering around this area and we’ve already confirmed these rumors with our own eyes.

I can now understand what’s happening after listening to Ashley.

And right now, I think the biggest reason why this city’s almost paralyzed is because of their fear of the unknown…

A holy maiden might be able to cure plagues and diseases, but even she can’t easily lift people from fear and anxiety, especially against things they cannot understand at all.

Perhaps Sybilla has formed her own conclusions as well after what Ashley said as she looks completely absorbed with her thoughts.

I may have understood what’s happening but I can’t really come up with the solution. So… I’d leave that part to you, partner. (TL: Partner = Sybilla)

That being the case, I can now drink my tea that’s gotten cold as I look at the window.

I wonder if there’s something I can do for this city as I watch the dark clouds hovering around it’s skies.

With the meeting done, Ashley led us to a room we could use for ourselves.

It seems like there are things that she and Fredrica need to get sorted.

Considering that the issues that are currently plaguing the city might be related to the church, I’d rather not do things at my own discretion. Emmy isn’t that proactive herself so I don’t there’s much to worry about her.

In times like this, yeah, we should leave it to her.

[So, what should we do, Sybilla?] (R)

[Hm… I’d still like to gather more information but… yeah, I’ve thought of what we should do for now until tomorrow.] (Sybilla)

*chitter chatter*

After listening to Sybilla’s suggested direction, I take a look at Emmy before nodding my head in confirmation.

All good. Let’s do what Sybilla had thought.

[Okay, so for now let’s head to Madela’s adventurers’ guild. There should be quests in there to subjugate those humanoid pigs. We’ll gather every tidbit of information we can get there before going out and exterminate those perverted pigs until the last of them.] (Sybilla)

Translator’s Notes:

  1. I believe the repercussion on the holy maiden pertains to her losing consciousness for some days due to mana depletion after casting a large AOE (area of effect) recovery spell. As to why it isn’t much of a concern to Russell, he has so large of a mana pool.
  2. Should I be proud of Russell this time as he now actually thinks by himself? Errr, he still leaves the solutions to Sybilla though. I hope someday you’d actually get your confidence back and do something yourself, buddy!
  3. I remember the pandemic days reading this chapter. The early days were specially horrible. Trying to help people with the known methods while being unaware of what could help them against the unknown virus was really scary. You thought they’re just having fevers until the virus bared it’s fangs which lead to different complications… Sigh… enough of that talk. I’m glad we’re now over it. I’m glad we are all well and still reading.
  4. People have different sources of fears and anxiety and to be honest, if you’re being attacked by these demons, sleeping ain’t that easy. Your mind would be filled with thoughts you’d want to escape from through sleep. It’s hard especially when you’re alone. But don’t give up. Last resort, tire yourself out doing something menial and clerical so you don’t have to think and let your brain shut down. I hope this could help someone though.
  5. Sorry for many thoughts. I’ve actually experienced the pandemic while starting SBK translation so they’re pretty closely related to me for the past couple of years. xD

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