VF 121 – Inherent Qualities

[I – I’ve kept you waiting, Duke Fall. Please take good care of me today.] (Seryu)

I’m currently with Laurel waiting on our assigned meeting spot when Prince Seryu arrives wearing plain clothes that would blend well with the populace of the castle town. Seems like he has a good understanding of today’s task.

Still, even though he has good inherent qualities, the fact that he could blend properly in the populace shows that my daughter’s looks are superior to him. Laurel’s cute and charming regardless what she wears, you know! But, I will keep my victorious smirk behind my poker face.

[We will be under your care as well. Still, considering your training’s progress, I hardly believe you need an escort in the first place. However, for security purposes, I would appreciate it if you’d take caution and be careful not to stray away from me.] (Calis)

Objectively speaking, the prince has genius level talents.

And with the training that he’d undergone for the past few months, he is now strong enough to toy with any common bandit and alike.

Still, the prince is still a child and being the crown prince at that, I’d still have to remind him to be careful even if just a little.

[Understood. Please take care of me as well for today, lady Laurel.] (Sry)

[I would be asking the same, Seryu-sama.] (Laurel)

Goodness. I know this might sound biased but seeing how refined Laurel’s mannerism and elegance is makes me so proud of how a sophisticated young lady she had become!

Are these signs of favoritism? I don’t know. But seeing her growth reminds me as well that the time I have to hand her over to someone is getting close. *Sighh*

[Now then… as for our disguise… would it be okay for you Seryu-sama to pretend to be my child…? You’ll be Laurel’s little brother as well.] (C)

[G-gladly! It would be an honor!] (Sry)

…an honor?

This setup had already been decided around the time when I heard that I’d be going out with Seryu-sama to the castle town.

It was suggested by Serena-sama herself, so I’d get it if he isn’t surprised but why does this kid look so happy?

Laurel’s kind of displeased about the setup when she first heard it, but… Looking at her right now with a pretty little smile on her lips, perhaps she isn’t anymore bothered about it?

But as I was in the middle of thinking…

[Then, I’ll be under your care as well, Duke Fall.] (Serena)

…To be honest, I want to believe that Serena-sama, who’s been the source of all this trip and setup, would have changed her mind and not attend this outing so I tried to forget her existence. In fact, I’d rather not acknowledge it.

Still… My task for today is to guard Seryu-sama, with him alone as the individual I have to prioritize regardless of who’s with him right now… Still, I’ll just lay low and make sure that Laurel is safe and properly secured… and… Serena-sama as well, yeah.

[Please leave it to me. Afterall, based on today’s setup… you’re my daughter as well being the older sister of Laurel, is it…] (Calis)

*Hugs Laurel* (Serena)

[Correct. Afterall, I’ve been wanting to have a little sister like Laurel, you know? And even if we’re just acting, I want Seryu to remain as my sibling.] (Srn)

*Smirk* (Srn)

To be honest, I don’t want to bother myself with whatever’s running inside this girl’s head. However… she’s still a friend of Laurel so I can’t really just ditch her no matter what’s the case.

[Well, let’s go.] (C)

Translator’s Notes:

  1. We will now resume the translation of VF! Long time no see, Calis! :3
  2. As October has already arrived, the issue of VF will now be once a week (or perhaps twice, depending on my free time)
  3. It’s the last quarter of the year! I hope we’d still be able to get at least small wins and make this year count!

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