SBK 77 (Part 2) – The Two Hardworking Sisters of the Orphanage

During my previous party with Vince, Janet, and Emmy, everyone knew how to use basic recovery spells which didn’t give me the chance to use my abilities… I guess that’s also why we were not able to confirm to what extent my recovery spells are able to heal.

…I probably wouldn’t have found out the worth of my own abilities if I insisted on staying at our previous party.

And due to lots of sorts of things, I’ve now regrouped with Emmy.

Vince and Janet seemed like they’re thinking of looking for people to replace us but I wonder how things are going for them right now?.

Also… Why is Ashley-san behaving like that? Here I am with my thoughts wandering for a bit but Ashley-san suddenly caresses her cheeks, grooms her hair, and repeatedly pats her own dress….




And why would she run back inside after all that?

[What just happened…? Ouch! What was that for, Sybilla?!] (Russell)

[What just happened, he says… you really are quite the… *sigh*.] (Sybilla)

What the hell. If you’re going to say something, just say it!

[Kyaaaaaaaaaaa!!!] (Ashley)

W-what the… Why did Ashley-san just scream? It felt like it reverberated all throughout the building. Oh, she’s back.

[F-F-Fredrica-san! I’m quite lacking sleep these days and I know that my face looks haggard due to it with my clothes dirty and unkempt — but how come they’ve just suddenly vanished!? I was just really getting upset when I looked at myself in front of the mirror but what – I look as young as I was before I served the orphanage! W-w- what the — you’re the same too, Fredrica-san! Have you always been this pretty!?] (A)

[R-right? It hit me right when I saw you transformed Ashley, but this should be because of Russel-chan’s – oh, the Saint-sama’s handiwork!] (Fredrica)

Seems like they’ve noticed the healthy blushes that just appeared on their faces.

Not that they look pretty different from before, but… well, I guess it was admirable how they noticed such changes from the get go.

But then – Ashley went straight towards me, held my hand, and knelt right before me.

[Saint-sama! No, My god, Russel-sama! I shall be your servant from this day, your sister Ashley at your service! Please take me as your servant and I shall do whatever you please!] (A)

[Hey now, your knees will get dirty. And where did you get that idea from? As I’ve said, I’m more than happy with us treating each other casually. Besides, you’re Fredrica’s colleague. I’d use my magic whenever you’re tired so feel free to tell me.] (R)

[Thank you so much…! I shall serve you, Russell-sama, with all I have!] (A)

[There’s no need for that, really…] (R)

This sister’s quite the wittiful girl, though in a different sense from Sybilla and Emmy…

Well, I guess it’s better than being gloomy.

[Oh, the meeting room, right! I shall prepare tea for us and tidy the room first!]

Ashley vanishes once again and Benny took this opportunity to join the other kinds inside the orphanage.

I guess I can now ask the remaining three what’s bothering me…

[Errr – she sure seems lively but… Isn’t she overreacting? She almost deified me.] (R)

*Gasps* (Sybilla)
*Gasps* (Fredrica)
*Gasps* (Emmy)

W-why do the three of them make it seem like I said something stupid?

[W-what’s the matter with you three, seriously…] (R)

[Russell, I will only say this once, but —] (S)

Seems like Sybilla will be representing the thoughts of the three girls in front of me.

[You shouldn’t take lightly how women maintain their youth and beauty. It takes a lot of effort and failing to do so can be really frustrating. A small wrinkle around our eye is enough to devastate us, similar to how depressed you were once.]

…Are you serious?

Is that the reason why Fredrica and Ashley immediately noticed their immediate recovery?
Hm? Does that mean…?

[*Giggles* Fufufu, my stress from Seiris’ orphanage was gone, and it felt like my fatigue from the trip had disappeared as well, ahhh~, I’ve never felt so young and fresh again! It’s like the prettiest I’ve been for a long while!] (F)

[Really? But Fredrica, you’ve been really pretty even before. I didn’t notice any big changes after I used my magic, you know.] (R)

[ W – w – what are you saying… u-uhm, thanks!] (F)

Well, not that I really get it, but as long as Fredrica’s happy then let it be…


[ah! …. What now?] (R)

[Nothing much. It just feels like I have to do it.] (S)

I want to voice out some kind of protest against this undue form of violence but Emmy… why’s she seriously nodding her head from what Sybilla said?… Now it feels like I’ve been the one who’s wrong here…

So unfair…

[You can come now!] (A)

Fredrica’s expression instantly turned serious after the go signal from Ashley.

As expected of an executive. She can surely change gears as needed.

Well then, let’s now hear more about this city’s problems.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. This chapter is sponsored by A.S. Thank you so much!
  2. Apologies as this one took a couple of days to finish. Hmmm, there was a passage here in this chapter that was quite depressing and it bothered me. I’ve tried to lighten things up because, errr, I guess you could say it’s a translator’s touch? As I know, Russell at this point should have been sarcastic and dense, not edgy. Hihi. So I am trying to portray that image.
  3. I know how tough and difficult it is to maintain strict diet and skincare, but come on now, how is the feeling of being abandoned by your childhood friends comparable to getting a small wrinkle! T.T I’m with Russell here, sorry not sorry!

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