SBK 076 (Part 1) – Trying to Preach the Word Right in Front of a Goddess Can Only Be Trouble

The Society of Red Salvation.

They’re a group of strange people covered in red robes.

Janett, who’d been the most informed and knowledgeable among all my childhood friends, said something like this about them– 

‘One careless mistake and you’ll end up converting towards their cult’, or something like that.

I wonder how will Sybilla will handle this–

[Of course I do believe in the Goddess~!] (Sybilla)

This girl’s getting ready to assert dominance from the get go, huh.

But that old man…

‘Once they smiled at you… a smile so enigmatic one couldn’t determine what they really want to do, is the time when they’ll pull out their hidden card from their robes.’

And that hidden card – the raison d’être of people falling from their schemes, is to how they justify and twist the Words of the Goddess.

Just as he’s about to pull out something from his robe –

[Not to mention! The Word’s chapter 7, verse 15 is really profound, don’t you think~?] (S)

The old man then stops.

Sybilla then spreads her hands like a performer from a tavern as she raises her voice before starting to dance.

[Especially when Manierum-sama said ‘Let there not be people above others, as well as no people shall be beneath the other’ as the humans divide themselves who should be above and under of which the Sun Goddess rebukes with a dazzling smile was a really wonderful passage, isn’t it!?] (S)

[O – o … y-yes…] (Old Man)

[What’s more! In Chapter 15! Whenever I read the passage about ‘Those who gained their authority through unfaithful means shall fall.’, I can’t help but feel satisfied and awed! People like us should really keep those words to heart, don’t you agree? I’ve been reading that verse each and almost every day! Chapters 16, and 19 verse 15, aren’t that bad either, but it’s gotta be 15 who’s the best among all of them, right~~~?] (S)

Oh… It feels like I’ve been worrying for nothing.

I guess I should have expected for things to become this way.

Sybilla, being a genuine ‘Goddess’ of dusk, has superb memory and intellectual ability.

The Society of Red Salvation? As if they’d be able to twist and abuse the words of the Goddess to their advantage when they’re actually against a Goddess.

Not that like anyone could tell just by looking at that girl.

Oh~ He returns his hand back inside his pockets once again as he pours out more cold sweat.

That must have really been the book of the ‘Word of the Goddess’ that was he’s trying to pull out before Sybilla started.

[You see, for people like us who particularly came from the orphanage, having a Goddess that won’t judge us because of money is a figure that deserves our reverence!] (S)

[O-oh, so you people are from an orphanage…] (OM)

[Yeah! I am proud to say that I am an orphan who despises all who’ve gained authority all because of money! We’re actually traveling with a church’s administrator inside the carriage as her escorts too!] (S)


All of the robed people suddenly reacted from Sybilla’s words. And they’re now starting to wear a white robe to cover the red robes from before.

Well, at the end, the Society of Red Salvation should be, in fact, a faction of the Sun Goddess religion. No wonder they immediately changed their outfits.

With the Sun Goddess’ religion at the center, different factions and axises were created due to differences in understanding of her words and how they should be interpreted.

And now that they’ve heard that someone from the administrator side of the central church is actually inside of that carriage, they’re bound to panic as expected.

If we’re actually against hostile forces, I believe we should have kept Fredrica’s identity hidden. But since we’re here to work for an orphanage, her identity will eventually be revealed in due time so that might be useless.

Sybilla’s probably thinking along those lines that’s why she revealed her identity and also… to threaten them these people that we, combatants, are here to protect Fredrica if they ever do try something fishy against her.

[But, please don’t get us wrong. Since we grew up in an orphanage, we know that money is indeed important. However, it’s more important for people to maintain their integrity and authority than money! If someone told me that they’d offer me salvation in exchange of money or some bullsh*t like that, then I—] (S)

Sybilla then suddenly stops her speech and frivolous movement before approaching the old man.

And after getting close enough that they could hear each other even in whispers –

[I — shall burn them myself and bury them to the ground.] (S)

*shivers* (OM)

Perhaps Sybilla’s warning came too effective as the old man trembled as he takes a step back.

[…Well, seeing how you guys actually look from the clergy, it might have been too  presumptuous of me to talk about the Word when I’m just a humble mage myself, isn’t it?~] (S)

[Ha… haha… hahahaha…] (OM)

Oho, seems like the old man’s already lost it as he can only laugh at our girl.

Not sure if Sybilla’s done with them already though.

[I don’t really have much idea about you guys but are you perhaps from some sort of society? Then let us both take care of ourselves and thank the Goddess for her grace. Afterall, all of us are equal in her eyes and worthy to be saved! Really, you should pray and thank her for she’s the reason you guys got just saved.]

Sybilla calls the group Society of Red Salvation as RedSoc just for the sake of convenience. Seems like she knows a lot of things about the group.

The person herself denies it though. Not like we’ll actually believe her after seeing her ‘perform’.

Those guys must have been confused as well whether we’d bare our fangs to them or not after what happened. 

As Sybilla had previously said, people aren’t like monsters who are simple minded. Likewise, we can be ambiguous and confuse others ourselves.

If not for our mission to head to the orphanage, Sybilla would have showered these guys with more and more lies like her being an orphan and dig deeper about the true intention of their society.

We partially revealed some truths in it such as Fredrica’s identity being one of the representatives of the central church and the fact that she’s inside the carriage. It’s kind of a bait as well though. If those guys dared to doubt and question Fredrica’s identity then that would make them an easy target to become the whole church’s enemy.

Still, the fact remains that we haven’t found out yet what those people were trying to do here.

They got their butts handed to them though. Hahahah

Seriously, it’s kinda refreshing seeing a Sybilla toy around someone else after the abuse we suffered from that demon king.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. This chapter ( and the follow part 2, as well as chapters 77 parts 1 and 2) is sponsored by A.S. Thank you so much!
  2. The Word of The Goddess is something like their ‘Bible’, ‘Quran’, or books of similar significance. I’m only putting this here to allow us to be able to relate more to what novel is trying to say.
  3. If you are reading this from VF, uhm, it is sudden but I’d take a break from the series for a week as the whole month of Sep. was dedicated to it. The release of VF would be on October 2nd week. For October 1st week, there will still be releases for both MK and SBK. Thank you everyone for the support!
  4. Also, this is the first time that the name of the Sun’s Goddess was actually mentioned. Hmmm.

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