VF SS8 – A Date with A Third Wheel

[…What did you just say, nee-san?]

Seryu asks his sister once again as he wasn’t able to believe what she just said.

[For the second time, Duke Fall and Laurel will be going for a trip to the castle town with you. I’ve already arranged everything so just go with them and have fun.] (Serena)

[S-sure… I do appreciate it, but isn’t Duke Fall… busy? We’ve already pushed into accepting me as his disciple and yet…] (Seryu)

For Seryu, having the opportunity to enjoy a trip with the person he admires and the girl who he is curious about, which happens to be his fiancé candidate, is something he is sincerely happy and grateful for. However, he can’t help but be reluctant because he feels like he is already receiving too much from the duke.

As far as he knows, the duke is the person that his father, the king, entrusts the most and is being assigned on tasks that can’t be given just to anyone. He also has his clerical job for the ducal territory in addition to putting in check several members of nobility.

And that same person who he shamelessly asked to directly teach him would take the time to go around and play in the castle town with him… No matter how much he thinks about it, he’s clearly giving the duke a lot of burden.

Meanwhile, his sister, who knows what’s running in his mind, explained further.

[Seryu, it will be fine. Don’t think of Duke Fall as your typical man who’d go down with just this much. Besides, as the crown prince, it’s also part of your duty to learn more about the populace. So just go learn and have fun.] (Serena)

[Nee-san… *smiles*] (Seryu)

Seryu’s deep touch of his sister’s kindness.

At the same time, he can’t help but agree with his sister regarding Duke Fall being somehow inhumane. He had experienced it first hand, after all.

[*grins* Though you have a guard as your third wheel, it won’t change the fact that this trip would also be a ‘DATE’. You better show Laurel your cool sides, okay?] (Serena)

[Date?] (Seryu)

[Oh, you don’t know. Date is an event where lovers go out on a trip to deepen their relationship.] (Serena)

[I see. You’re quite informed, sister.] (Seryu)

Serena, forgetting that this world doesn’t use such words yet, immediately realizes that she’s slipped up and decides to change the subject.

[Anyway, trust me on this. Being on good terms with your future father in law will be of great help.] (Serena)

[Father in law…] (Seryu)

Seryu, for some reason, felt strange thinking of Duke Fall as his father in law.

The Duke was the person who helped Seryu when he felt he lost his way. For someone like him who’d almost given up on the things he once admired, having the Duke, the person he respects the most, as his father in law is like a dream come true. Seryu is confident that being able to ask his guidance in the future would allow him to work harder and be better.

[…Seems like it’ll be a pipe dream for something romantic to actually happen… The other side’s a father-con, while my side only feels a tiny little crush at best… What’s more, he’s too occupied with fanboying… *sigh* Goodness.]

Serena can only sigh at the sight of his brother being motivated, for reasons she doesn’t want to acknowledge.

Unaware of his sister’s gaze, Seryu excitedly waited for the day to come and… eventually lost sleep the night before the actual day of the trip. Not that it dampened the boy’s spirits.

So it seems that spring is still far away towards the young prince.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. Spring is used as a personification for romantic developments or some kind of exciting and thrilling experience one may experience in his youth, in JP context. I am thinking of closest description or meme but nothing comes to mind. I can only think of Bokura Wa Minna Kawaisou when everyone in the complex saw the male and female MC flirting xD idk if I remember it right. Maybe I need to rewatch it. And maybe re read it. Hihi! or Oregairu! Ah, I haven’t been able to play the VN still T.T
  2. Being young sure sounds nice. But getting adult money is the best :3 Bwahahahaha

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