VF 119 – The day of the Trip

[Father! *Smiles* Good morning!]

The day where we will be going around the castle town has finally arrived.

It seems like my daughter’s quite excited about it seeing how cheerful she is first thing in the morning.

Goodness, now I’m getting excited myself!

[Good morning, dear. Were you able to sleep well?] (Calis)

[I did! But it is true that I wasn’t able to sleep that easily as I was quite looking forward to going out with you, father…] (Laurel)

*Smiles* (C)

It seems Laurel’s getting conscious of the servants as she speaks a little bit more stiff and mature. Nonetheless, I was able to receive her warmth between her words and wasn’t able to help but smile.

[I see. Let’s have our breakfast first. Then after we meet up with Seryu-sama, let’s check out a lot of places in the castle town.] (C)

[Okay!] (L)

Good girl.

[Dear, Laurel, Good morning.] (Sasha)

[Good morning, Mother!] (L)

It seems Sasha’s in a pretty good condition today as she’s already in the dining room when we arrived. Thank goodness.

Year after year, why is my wife getting more and more pretty? And Laurel who’s inherited most of her genes from her mother is growing more charming too. 

Ah, I can’t wait for Mint and Basil to grow. They’d probably look quite the lookers as well!

[Good morning, Sasha. You should have called me if you’re already awake.] (C)

[Dear, I know you have a lot on your plate. Besides, I can’t really have you all for myself now, do I?] (S)

Ohoho, Mrs. Fall, your eyes betray your words though. I can see you’re feeling a bit bitter that you can’t have me alone. Goodness. You’re making your husband too happy!

[Laurel, be sure to listen well to your father, okay?] (S)

[Yes! However, you have to go with us next time, Mother. Please?] (L)

[Of course. I promise.] (S)

….Goodness. This mother and daughter. How precious!

The image of Sasha showing her maternal prowess and Laurel being considerate of her mother is just too beautiful!

E-ehem. This ain’t good.
I’d really really want to pamper them right this instant, but… Since me and Laurel will be going on a trip, I guess I’d have to prioritize Sasha for now…or maybe yeah, let’s hold it in for later.

[Dear, let’s sleep together later… so, be patient for now. Sorry.] (C)

[…Dear, that’s just so unfair…] (S)

Let’s remove even the tiniest bit of bitterness of Sasha by setting an appointment later! 
Because even though we’re using the prince’s education as a pretext for this trip, the fact still remains that it’s an important outing for my daughter. I can’t let myself get distracted and neglect Laurel. Yep, putting a balance between being a parent and a husband. That’s the key to a happy life.

Still… These fears are haunting me… would I really be able to control myself later? Just how far will Sasha’s smile incite the wolf out of me? I have a feeling that, tonight, my mental barriers will be pushed to its very limit.

[The food’s looking quite appetizing today as well, Father.] (L)

[Here’s yours, dear.] (S)

But for now, let’s cherish the morning with my daughter’s angelic smile and my wife’s divine blessing.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. It ain’t just about ‘Happy Wife, Happy Life’, it seems. :3
  2. I watched too many anime that I forgot the one where the children were abandoned by their parents because they love each other too much and can’t spare affection to the kids! There were a lot of fictitious characters whom tested my patience and they’re certainly one of them!

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