VF 112 – The Head Gardener and the Haughty Boy

[How’s the new kid doing, Zen?]

I am currently visiting the garden which is mainly managed by the head gardener, Zen. Seems like he isn’t fascinated by my question though as his face crumples.

[Greetings, Calis-sama. The only thing I can say ‘bout that kid is that he sure got guts but he got a little bit of a filthy mouth.] (Zen)

[Thank goodness. I’d be really lost if he called it quits that early.] (Calis)

[Damn old foggers…] (Orange)


That’s the sound coming from Zen’s knuckles as it lands on Orange’s temple.

[I’ve already told you to do something about that vulgar manner of talking, didn’t I, ya dope?]  (Zen)

[We won’t have this conversation if things are just that simple.] (Orange)

[Goodness sake… You’re a tough nut to crack huh.] (Zen)

*Smirk* (Calis)

Heh. That’s what you get for getting me an old fogger.

[Let’s get back to the topic. Zen, do you think this kid would be up to the task once you retired?] (Calis)

[…There should be no problems.] (Zen)

[What the? You’re retiring already, old man!?] (Orange)

[Yeah. Didn’t I tell yah?] (Zen)

Zen averts his gaze from the kid’s glare though as if a bit ashamed.

[Yeah, it ain’t gonna happen either today or tomorrow. At the very least, I ain’t gonna leave until you become someone proper.] (Zen)

[Wouldn’t it be nice to retire and enjoy the days with your grandkids and wife? To be honest, I’d be envious of such a life.] (Calis)

[I believe Calis-sama doesn’t need anything else as long as you have the duchess and the young lady.] (Zen)

[That’s true.] (Calis)

In fact, for me, happiness is almost synonymous with those two. Even if there comes a day that I have to hand Laurel over to someone else, I shall do so for her to reach her happiness. Still ain’t sure if it’s Prince Seryu though. Considering the new flag he triggered the day prior. I don’t even have an idea how Laurel will react once she takes notice of it. She’s pretty observant after all. Chances are that Mefi could be the prince’s concubine but that doesn’t really sit well with me. Not at all. It’s not that I am against harem but I’d hate the thought of my daughter being someone’s one of many options. In the worst case scenario, I’d just have to swallow it if that’s what it takes for Laurel to be happy.

If, by some chance, talks with Laurel’s engagement with Seryu has to finally stop for Seryu wants to be engaged instead with Mefi, that would significantly alter Seryu’s fate (route). Laurel isn’t actually interested in Seryu-sama as far as I can see and Seryu’s admiration towards Laurel isn’t that deep yet so there definitely exists such a possibility. The future is already uncertain at this point and I could only prepare myself.

[Now then, best of luck and may you become someone proper, Orange-kun.] (Calis)

[Stop with the ‘kun’… Ol-… please…] (Orange)

[Oh, wow. That’s a good start.] (Calis)

As expected, Zen’s disciplinary fist works out well as a remedy. There really are kids that would be easier to teach with their bodies rather than speak. And Orange seems to fit into that category.

Now that I’m done checking up on Orange, let’s go deeper into the garden and grab a few flowers myself. Flowers are really needed when you are about to meet with your soul mate. I’m about to see Sasha after all.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. Hi, Hi. I saw some people having problems with spanking their kids for the sake of discipline. It’s kind of mind boggling though. Cos I’m quite confident talk no jutsu ain’t going to work on the little me. If my mother didn’t punish me to kneel with salts on my knees, I’d probably become a pretty little thief. (I stole some stuff in a little store when I was around 7 or 6?)
  2. Not that I am promoting physical punishments, but there should be a balance to it. Too little would be useless, and too much would be violence. Not that I have a kid. I just know how troublesome raising one considering I’ve seen my cousins struggling. 😡

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5 thoughts on “VF 112 – The Head Gardener and the Haughty Boy

  1. Research does show that corporal punishment causes negative mental and emotional outcomes for over 75% of children. While it is true it can be effective on some children, the majority gain no benefit from it.

  2. I’m confident that Im a piece of sh** if my mom didn’t beat the shi** out of me… People about research this research that can suck a** i grow up in a slums so i agree to TL’s note because i saw it with my own eyes no corporal punishment make the child arrogant who talks back to parents (aughh here we go again moms talking whats she gonna do anyway aug 😒) and those who beat their child rebel and join some gang to run away from home, they become a scum in society while those who are disciplined correctly while givin an explanation why they are punished become proper kids… People just afraid to be hated by their kids and end up raising a piece of sh**!
    “The rice won’t be perfectly cooked if you put to much or less water on it”
    -My mom (asian)

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