VF 111 – The Real and the Double

[She certainly does look like Laurel, dear.]

Sasha looks really surprised upon seeing Nanami after I introduce her as one of our new maids. Perhaps hearing her own mother even acknowledge their similarities, Laurel wasn’t able to just watch things unfold.

[Am I not that good enough for you, father?] (Laurel)

[Of course not. How could that be.] (Calis)

What I’m about to say though might sound despicable. It could even cause a misunderstanding that might ruin just a new established relationship but I already resolved myself that I should believe in the people in this room that they’ll be able to understand what’s in my head.

[I didn’t really mean to hire someone who looks like you, Laurel. It just happened. And in case of unforeseen possibilities, she can work as well as your double.] (C)

[What is a double?] (L)

[To put it simply, she will be attending on some occasions on your behalf. Though it is naturally best for you to attend every event and ceremony where your presence is needed, we need to account for the possibility that a day may come where you can’t actually participate yourself. On that day, she will be attending such events in your stead.] (C)

To be honest, I can’t think of anything else awaiting a double but a miserable fate. Needless to say, I am not a fan of such tragic sights so I’ll do my best to avoid that. And her being a double is just for the sake of convenience. Sasha and Laurel had no idea about the infiltration and assassination that just happened so I need a pretext.

[At the end of the day, you will always be my most charming daughter. I’m only doing this because of how much I cherish you, my Laurel.] (C)

[Father… Thank you!] (L)

Oh, contrary to my beaming daughter, it seems like her mother’s mood is getting a little lonelier and bitter. Oh Sasha, dear, of course you’re special too.

[And you, my dear, will always remain to be the most beautiful the world has ever given to me. Even if someone else steals your face, I’d never mistake them for you. Never.] (C)

It would only annoy me if someone else tried to look like Sasha though. I mean, I’d definitely be able to tell it right away. It’s just a face. I’ve loved Sasha down to her very soul so there’s no way I won’t recognize her. I’m even confident I’d be able to look for her once we arrive in heaven. 

[*Blushes* *Beams* I – I won’t mistake anyone else for you as well, dear!] (S)

[Father, me too! I won’t make such a mistake!] (L)

[Is that so. Sasha, Laurel, your words make me feel grateful. Thank you.] (C)

Will there be anyone else in this world who looks just like me? I wonder. I can’t think of just some random old man but a doppelganger perhaps? Depending on the situation, I might have to kill that one with my own hands. The world doesn’t need anyone else to charm Sasha. If a doppelganger even tries, even his death won’t be enough as a price.

I sneak a glance at Nanami as I’m having such a conversation with my daughter and wife and notice how wryly she smiles. She’s still young but I think she’ll be able to soon adapt. I didn’t mean to but she really is perfect to work as a double. Not sure if that fiancé Prince would be able to see through her though. In the first place, the young Seryu-sama has actually triggered a new flag on his own. Perhaps I’d have to treat him differently depending on his choice.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. I didn’t expect for Nanami to get involve close directly to Calis’ family! Oh gosh this father, seems like he’ll dote even to a look a like of her own daughter! That would be funny though!
  2. I – I’m just afraid there will be drama and tension between Laurel and Nanami. Hopefully not! T.T I love Laurel, but I’m not a fan of bullying! Don’t let this be a trigger for her to be a villainess, please! T.T

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