VF 113 – The Twins want to Cuddle


Mint crawls onto me just as I enter their room. She then stands on her own as she extends her hands to ask for me to pick her up. Goodness, my daughter, how can you be so adorable? I smile as I put her in my embrace with a smile.

[Yosh yosh, is my baby being a good girl?] (Calis)

[Ye] (Mint)

[How cute. *tickles* My baby Mint’s really such a good girl.] (C)

[*giggles* ahehihihihihaha] (M)

Our Mint’s now more expressive than before and is capable of understanding simple conversations. While on the other hand, there’s Yuri playing building blocks together with Basil.

[Yuriiii- finish.] (Basil)

[…You’ve done well, Basil-sama.] (Yuri)

[Hehehe] (Basil)

I can’t help but smile at the sight of my son happily enjoying himself before checking on Mint’s exclusive maid who’s standing beside me as well, Reina.

[What’s Mint doing today?] (Calis)

[The little lady’s playing with building blocks as well while moving actively around the room while you’re still working, Calis-sama.] (Reina)

[That’s fine. But do those two play like that everyday?] (Calis)

[*Smiles awkwardly* hehe, I think we can’t do anything about it at this point since Basil-sama’s already so attached to Yuri himself. Though I can say that Mint-sama’s close to me, it is apparent that the Duke is the little lady’s most favorite.] (R)

[Daughters tend to be closer to their fathers the most in their childhood days, after all.] (C)

Though both Laurel and Mint are a couple of sweet little angels while they’re still children, there will come a day where they’ll reach their rebellious phase and just the thought of it is giving me the heartache. Still, as long as they’re healthy, then that’s enough for me even if they become disobedient. 

[Papa, carry.] (Basil)

[Oh dear, here we go.] (Calis)

Now I have Mint with one arm, and Basil in the other. It ain’t that easy though despite them being babies. But I’ll endure. I’ll work hard. It’s the request of my cute little children after all.

[Papa, papa] (Mint)

[*Smiles* Yes, Mint, dear?] (Calis)

[*grins*, Hihihihi *giggles*] (Mint)

[Ehehe *giggles*] (Basil)

Oh God.

My heart.

The angelic smiles of these children will give me a heart attack.

My goodness.

Certainly. Babies really are blessings that came from the heavens. Now I can’t help but look forward to our fourth child coming. That being the case, I should go to Sasha now and take care of her. I’ll be checking Laurel as well after just like with the twins. Though I’ve been doting on the children, maybe to the point of being annoying, I just want them to never forget the love they receive from their parents. Nonetheless, I’ll also make sure to discipline them and give them a warning, or perhaps a scolding, if they commit any misdeeds. Laurel grew up to be an obedient and tough girl due to the solitude, negligence, and experiences she had in the past. But for these two, I hope they grew up playful, adventurous, and happy.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. I don’t think it is wrong to be playful, adventurous, and happy even if you’re already in your twenties. Ahahahaha! Discover the inner child in you, my comrade! <3 Hahaha!
  2. After reading this chapter, I just had a thought. Won’t a duke’s house be large? With a lot of rooms? If you need to move around them, isn’t it a bit too inconvenient? Being a noble sure requires you to look the part but somehow, it feels kinda impractical. Or this is just me being tired already after going up and down from the kitchen to my room to get a snack, juice, bread, and filling. T.T
  3. Work on your knees, youngling! Don’t skip leg day! T.T
  4. As a side note, the next project I am doing is now uploaded in the home page! 🙂

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