VF 88 – The Way to Raise the Second Prince

[Well then… how should we do this?] (Calis)

Now that the matter between the Prince’s training is as good as sealed, I need to come up with measures to properly handle it. I may have given him a warning but he is still a prince. In the case of Miguel, I’ve only been teaching him from time to time and I only intend to teach him as much as he wants until his foundations are perfectly laid down. However, as for the prince… It really troubles me on how much or to what extent I should train him. He’s probably already done with the basics, so…

[Perhaps until he can land a clean hit against me?] (C)

[No, wait, even I have to say that would be impossible.] (Jake)

[Jake, did you just read my mind? You understood that?} (Calis)

I turn towards Jake who’s working on a separate task and stare at him as he responds to me without even sparing me a single glance.

[Well, I’ve had pretty much an idea of what it’s about. It’s regarding Seryu-sama’s swordsmanship training, isn’t it?] (J)

[And so I’ve been thinking… It wouldn’t be so bad to train him to become someone who’ll eventually surpass me, no? (C)

[Why would you raise the hurdle far higher. Do you realize how absurd it is for a monster like you to be surpassed?] (J)

[What monster, how rude. Miguel, how about you?] (C)

Miguel has grown accustomed enough to his job that he’s now capable of working with papers inside my office. Though I can see him trying to smile awkwardly when I throw the question right at him.

[I think the prince really admires the duke’s prowess. Your grace is really strong after all.] (M)

[You think so? Don’t think I’d let you divert the subject though.] (C)

[Err… The Duke is suppose to teach the Prince swordsmanship, right? Then, considering how much he admires Calis-sama, he’ll probably be satisfied if he can reach the same pedestal.]

[Hmmm… You talk like you actually know him, but is that really the case?] (C)

And contrary to my expectation, Miguel actually nodded as he answered. 

[I was able to talk with him the last time he visited the estate. He’s been very kind and polite to everyone even though we’re servants.] (M)

[Oho… so what did you boys talk about?] (C)

[Well, he mainly talked about how commendable you are and so on.] (M)

Me? Why? Now it’s starting to feel that I manipulated the prince’s routes towards my own will and convenience (which wasn’t), but… It’ll be better for the future of my daughter, no? Well, then, whatever.

[He also said that the time when the duke fought the knight commander was the moment he found you the most amazing.] (M)

[I don’t remember doing anything special that day but… was that the reason why?] (C)

Back then, I was forced by the occasion so I complied with the match, but who’d thought it would lead to such an unforeseeable variable? If that’s the reason why he insisted on me to be his teacher, then perhaps I made a really bad move…

[As someone who’s directly learning from the duke, I can strongly sympathize with the prince’s desire and admiration for you.] (M)

[I don’t think I can agree with that but… Miguel, your current goal for now should be Jake, no?] (C)

[Yes. Though that doesn’t mean I can’t admire your grace… Well, for now, I want to quickly catch up to Jake-san in my own way at my own pace.] (M)

[You have to work hard then. By the way, yeah, that butler over there, he’s quite adept in swordsmanship himself. So don’t shy away and ask him for reference.] (C)

[Ohhh. That’s the first time I’ve heard of that.] (M)

I almost forgot about it too, you know. But there’s no way that this butler can’t stand his ground in a battle. It’s only the limits brought by age that he started to weaken.

[Anyhow, both of you, please move those hands faster and finish this workload.] (J)

[Sure, sure.] (C)

With everything said and done, I’d just leave the prince’s training to lady luck. Still, I do pray that hopefully, nothing else will come my way that’s troublesome.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. Here’s another chapterrrrrrr!!! ahhhhhhh, Guys, guys, I know I am releasing a good amount of chapters this week, but don’t expect it to be always the same! I don’t know when I’d stop again! I might leave y’all hertbroken! xd
  2. Nonetheless, I am planning on focusing on this series until we reach the latest chapter, and probably some short stories which made me laugh or smile as I surf the cultured seas of Japanese web.
  3. I think Miguel is the disciple indeed! Which it makes more surprising how did the princess discovered it! Hmmmm. Next notes are just my rambling and thoughts though so you can skip it!
  4. If ever the wheel of time decides to go back
    Towards the day when I first shed my tears
    I hope it won’t take along my pain, and may it lost its way

    And if the world has to change
    Back when I didn’t know a thing
    I hope it would take along my memories, and may it never fade

    This is a bit random but I am re-watching One Piece (this time, legally xd) back from its first episode and I’ve fallen in love once again to its first ED (Maki Otsuki – Memories). The above lines are my translations of the last two chorus of the sooonngg. IDK, don’t ask. I just want to translate it. Well, the lyrics hit different this time now that I am no more a kid. Huhu cries.
  5. Do you guys know ‘The World God Only Knows’? Well, it’s been long ago but the studio that animates it went bankrupt. Since then, I’ve been trying to support the industry in legal ways (buying books, streaming on legal sites, etc). Sometimes, we never really know what we had ’til we lose them T.T

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