VF 89 – The Training Begins

[Just to be clear…, You’re saying that you prefer doing your training not in the palace, but here in my family’s mansion?] (Calis)

I was preparing to visit the castle when the prince arrived at our estate to tell me that he’d like to hold his training in this place. Considering the king, he must have allowed it to increase the probability of our children to meet but… This innocent child must have no clue about the subtleties of this arrangement made by his father as he gives me an affirmation to my question.

[Indeed. If it’s the duke himself that would teach me, I believe it would be better if I come to you instead. But… am I being a bother perhaps?]

[No, of course not. It’s just that…]

‘I don’t find your presence convenient  here either’, or so I would say if not for the fact that I’m mature enough to know what courtesy and decorum is about. Calis, do not forget, be patient, and be the gentleman that you are. Okay.

That’s how Seryu-sama’s swordsmanship training started. However, watching him swing his sword in this short while, I came to realize. He must have received top notched education to achieve such a level of mastery at such a young age. As expected, this child’s talent will definitely shine brighter if he finds another instructor instead. 

On top of him being talented, I can see that his foundations were laid down pretty well as he tries to steadily improve himself. As long as he’s properly trained, he’ll definitely surpass me, and even the knight commander himself. Seriously, I have to make sure that the path this child would take would not intercept Laurel’s.

Let’s have him stop swinging for now. I called him over and it seems like he still has a lot of strength as he’s only built up only a little amount of sweat after hundreds of swings. Not bad.

[Would you like to exchange pointers with me, Seryu-sama?] (C)

[Pardon? Me, against you, Duke Fall?] (Seryu)

[You heard correctly. I believe it would be faster for you to learn through experience and action rather than words at this point. After all, you’ve already learned everything about the kingdom’s swordsmanship, yes?]

I’ve already noticed just by watching his motions earlier this morning but there’s no harm confirming it to the person himself, of which he did.

[For starters, I completely studied all of it.] (S)

[Then, all that’s left is just to put it into practice, no? Let’s go.] (C)

[B-but… I’m not that there myself… I’m afraid I won’t be able to hit even the Duke’s hem.] (S)

[And that is okay. You might not be able to reach me right now, but there’s no telling if you won’t be able to in the future.] (C)

I raise my wooden sword after saying so and I can’t help but smile wryly as the startled prince starts to panic.

[Seryu-sama, I shall not make any kind of offensive attempt. What I want you to do is to calmly judge the situation and use the kingdom’s swordsmanship accordingly.]

[Calmly judge the situation, is it…]

[Now then… Start!]

I didn’t wait any further and forcibly started the simulation. I can see that the Prince is still hesitating. Knowing how accustomed he is to using a wooden sword already, he shouldn’t have problems physically. Then the issue lies internally. Perhaps his feelings. If so…

I lower my wooden sword and observe Seryu-sama’s movements. After confirming his effective range, I move closer and enter his domain without delay. He swings down his wooden sword towards my head, but I just casually catch it with my hand instead.

[Anyone won’t even get a scratch if you swing your sword as softly as that, you know? I know how kind you are and so — what I want you to remember is that you are holding a sword in your hands not to hurt someone, but to protect what you find important.]

The prince closes his eyes as he takes a moment to absorb the words that I’ve just said and… by the time he opens it, I can see that he’s finally resolved himself.

We resumed the training and though there’s a higher amount of force behind his swings, I just effortlessly deflect them. I am letting him realize through my movements that an attack of this level isn’t even worth mentioning. I don’t know if he’s noticed it but he is smiling. And as the exchanges go on, as soon as I make sense of what’s actually happening – that the prince is actually enjoying the challenge of giving everything he has against an opponent that’s far higher than him – I’ve thought to myself, ‘this child has the makings of a king’.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. Did I translate this chapter okay? IDK ahhh my head achesssssss. I lost quite a few games earlier in the office as we celebrated some birthdahys and I had to take shots of tequila as penaltyyyy ahhhh my heaaddddddddddddddd. Good thing I already completed the half of this chapter during my lucnh breaaak t.t
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