VF 87 – The Prince’s Discipleship

[Please! I’d like to ask for you to teach me your swordsmanship!]

I can’t stop my cheeks from inevitably twitching after hearing what the second prince, Seryu-sama, said while lowering his head.

[Oh no, no no, Seryu-sama. Why ask me when you can choose an actual teacher, whoever they may be.] (Calis)

[But it’s you, Duke Fall, who I want to learn from!] (S)

[Can I ask why would you say that?] (C)

[I actually saw the fight you had with the knight commander last time – no, even before that, I already know that if there’s a person I want to learn from, it would be you! So please! I’ll do whatever you want me to!] (S)

Now this is troubling… I didn’t expect for the prince to come straight at me like this… When I turn my gaze to the person accompanying him, the princess Serena, for help –

[*chuckles* ara, do you not find it enough for the prince himself to bow his head?] (Serena)

[Of course, not. Just as I’ve told him, there are actual instructors that’ll probably be better than me so…] (C)

[Is that so? Didn’t you already take someone as a disciple before? What’s the harm in adding one more?] (Srn)

She knew…? But how…? This girl… she’s really terrifying. Resisting the urge to sigh in resignation, I turn towards the prince.

[Seryu-sama, if you really want to learn swordsmanship under my tutelage, then you better keep in mind that you will just be another disciple of mine, no more, no less. Do you understand?] (C)

[Yes! I swear I will persist no matter how painful it will be!] (Sry)

It’s good that he’s motivated but… yeah, it just feels troublesome. To be honest, it just seems to be another tiresome job that I’d really want to avoid if I’d be allowed to. Well, if it’s the current Seryu-sama, then I don’t think he’ll use my teachings to abuse his power or authority. And it’s not like that the heroine will take advantage of his combat powers either… Still, we’re talking about ME actually strengthening the guy who’s supposed to be hostile to my daughter, the otome game’s villain, in the future, you know.

Nonetheless, maybe this would allow the prince and my daughter to get closer and avoid that miserable fate…hm? Is it just me? It feels like no matter what choice I make, I’m at the losing end of this deal as a father though? Just what do I get from accepting this troublesome job?

[Also, father entrusted me a letter for you but… will you take it?] (Srn)

[Please, no need.] (C)

Seeing how assertive and aggressive the king is, it feels like I’m slowly but surely losing my right to veto this matter… Haaaa. Whatever. Perhaps I could take advantage of the situation and minimize the risks of unforeseen events having more encounters with the prince himself. Besides, if I can teach him more skillfully especially with regard to his heart and feelings, then maybe he would be able to surpass the man I initially expect him to be. Right, there’s no helping it then.

[Please raise your head, Seryu-sama.] (C)

All this while, the prince was still bowing his head. Realizing that, I can’t help but smile awkwardly.

[I will put you into a strict discipline until the day you become a real gentleman. Is that clear?} (C)

[Y – YES sirr!!!] (Sry)

I guess I’d have to work on my schedule again, huh… Considering how packed it is, should I just cut my sleep time? I can’t help it as I didn’t expect to actually have the prince looking for me and ask me to become my disciple. It’s not like I’m in a position to refuse anyway. That damned king must have been plotting this right from the beginning.

Still, seeing how he lowered his own head despite being a prince, and how happy he was upon my acceptance, I have to say, this uncle doesn’t particularly dislike such a sincere and pure child.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. Hi, Guys! I’d appreciate your help if you can assist in providing recollections about the prince and the first disciple for people who forgot him (including me lol). It is vague, but I think he was the child who Calis helped by giving an advice in the castle when he visited prior to the fight with the knight commander.
  2. EDIT: IT WASNT EXPLICITLY MENTIONED IN THE RAWS WHO IS THE FIRST DISPLE AT THIS POINT. XD Imight be wrong to the suggestion I had! Hahahaha my bad!
  3. I am renaming the characters from previous translations. I’m not sure how they were named before but for my translation, I will consistently use the following:

    –The second Prince will be named Seryu (セリュ)
    –Princess as Serena. (セレナ)

    This is because the first 3 characters of their names are patterned and the same セレ = Sere for the princess and セリ = Seri for the prince. The ‘r’ characters in Japanese can be read as ‘l’, however, to stick with the pattern, we’ll use the sound ‘r’.
  4. Currently, the raws are being released, in average, once a week. We will eventually catch up with it sooner or later if I keep releasing at this pace. But oh, well, I see no harm. Haha!

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  1. If I remember correctly, the first one was the son of a count? One of the capture characters that had a stupid (extremely arrogant) teacher that abused (beating) him. Calis ended up taking him under his wing after kicking the ass of the teacher from the household. Can’t remember his name though hahahaha

    Also I just loved how Seryu name became sorry (sry) xD

    1. Oh, that kid was cut and not existing anymore in the Kakuyomu version which we now follow. Xd

      Srry, I got tired putting their names. Hahahahaha

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