VF 90 – Pampering the Young Lady

[You did great, Father.]

Laurel approaches me with a towel as we take a break from Seryu-sama’s first day of training. To be honest, I hardly even broke a sweat avoiding the prince’s wooden sword. That may be, there’s no chance I’d let the sweet gesture of my daughter be ignored.

[Thank you, Laurel. Were you watching?] (Calis)

[I did. I’ve been watching you all this while Father and you were really splendid.] (Laurel)

Seeing how Serena-sama and Seryu-sama chose to take a break on a spot nearby ours, Laurel must have gotten conscious and tried hard to speak formally instead. I pat Laurel’s head in consideration of her cute effort.

[Well, it was enough to be called a warm up. More importantly, it seems my daughter is sounding more and more like a lady lately, huh.] (C)

[Really?] (L)

[I do love how cute you speak normally, but the way you speak right now is also downright charming.] (C)

[*giggles* Hehehe..!] (L)

Those words are enough for this pure child in front of me to be so happy and realizing that, I can’t help but smile too as I continue to stroke her head. Thinking it might annoy her if I continue further, I resolved myself to lift my hand but – 

[…Father. Pet me more… Don’t stop, please…]

Laurel’s eyes appeared to be sad and lonely as she tried to grab my hand in protest.

Oh my dear child. Who am I to resist such a plea as you make that heart wrenching gaze? Then what would happen if you’ve fallen to a completely useless guy that would just hurt you? This father is getting more worried about you, my daughter dear. Still, you really are a child of your mother. I almost flinched when I saw how irresistible you were just like her. That being the case, I acquiesce to my daughter and continue in pampering her. Though, this time, she’s holding on to my clothes and it seems like she doesn’t want to let go of it either.

[Are you alright, dear?] (C)

[…Yes, father… I just wanted to see you.] (L)

[I see. I’m glad. Thank you, Laurel.] (C)

I was thinking that maybe something had happened to her but I don’t think there should be anything unusual going on at the mansion. Oh, now that I remember, it seemed like she said something to Seryu-sama before she came over but… it shouldn’t be a big deal, right? What are the chances that it was actually a flag? No, because if that’s the case, then Laurel wouldn’t ask for me to pamper her. Then was it because of Serena-sama instead?

That could be the case, however… I feel like that isn’t the right answer. Perhaps Laurel’s feeling jealous? Did she feel like I’ve now decided to put more attention on Seryu-sama and will start neglecting her? Or am I just getting a little too self conscious?

But if that’s the case, then is it really okay for me to show her my affection in this scenario? What if this is a flag between her and Seryu-sama instead? I’m feeling a little bit complicated at the moment. Let’s just ask Laurel directly.

[Laurel, what do you think of the Prince?] (C)

[Seryu-sama, is it?] (L)

[Yeah.] (C)

[Uhm… He’s nice.] (L)

Oh, looks like it’s safe. When people describe someone as nice, it’s because they don’t have any more comments nor interest about them. That should be the case here as well. So was I just overthinking things? No, I won’t let my guard down. I’ve been speaking with Laurel all this time but that didn’t mean that I failed to recognize Seryu-sama’s gaze. He’s been stealing glances at Laurel for quite some time already – and.. I feel some kind of affection already in it. It’s still little but there’s no telling when and where, it would blossom. I have to be wary of this disciple of mine far earlier than I could have guessed it huh.

But with the training already in place, the chances of them meeting have already increased… and if, by some chance, Laurel herself actually falls in love with him… then I shall support her with everything I have to prevent things to head towards a ‘bad end’. Because more than the otome game and anything, I want Laurel to be happy, find a person that’ll love her wholeheartedly, build a family, and spend the rest of her life blissfully. With such thoughts in mind, I have to directly intervene.

Thoughts and plans are running in my head as I continue to pamper Laurel.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. This translation is brought to you by menthol candies, scented candles, ointments, and paracetamol who relieved Simply from the nausea and headache.
  2. Ohohoho, will we be seeing another otome plot defying again like how he saved Sasha from death? As I said, the author decided to change things compared to Narou in the future chapters. If you don’t read an MTL from Kakuyomu, then, we’re on the same boat. I don’t have any idea either! xD
  3. I need to fix the ‘Table of Contents’ link below… Maybe tomorrow? For now, don’t use that link. If you need to navigate to the chapters, please use the menu on top instead. Thanks!
  4. If your crush thought of you as a ‘nice person’, then now you know. Friendly advise, just Love yourself more. Haha!
  5. This note is just my personal impression to the chapter. Read at your own discretion — as someone who’ve been involved in therapies, I met parents who were looking for professionals to help them address the behavior of their children. Raising one is really a hard job, especially when you don’t know where you went wrong and the child didn’t grow as what they had intended. I don’t know if it’s just Asian parents who have this mindset though (like they should and shouldn’t be doing this and that already at that age and so so). I just mentioned this because I appreciate how observant Calis was to Laurel. Those subtleties are one of the indicators psychologists observe as well in behavioral therapies. Considering how busy the world is, I can’t blame the parents for such things to happen. What I can say is that I appreciate them for admitting that they had shortcomings and is stepping up to help the development of their children. People shouldn’t be ashamed if they made a mistake. What’s wrong is if they didn’t make themselves accountable and took no effort to fix it.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter~
    Yeah, I’m not a professional or anything, but as a person who have somehow grown, I also know how difficult this may be. There is so many variants to take into account, sometimes the trouble isn’t even from the parents itself, wherever its the parents job to try to perceive it. If anyone tried to really understand someone’s thoughts will definitely get how hard is to do it.
    Welp, not that it means that’s impossible or anything, a good communication is the key of happines.

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