VF SS6 – The Rumors about Duke Fall

When you hear the words ‘Duke Fall’, the first thing that will come to mind is the representative of the highest house among aristocrats, the person who’s the noblest of them all. The patriarch of this generation, however, is on another level even amongst all those who we’re called Duke Fall. His name is so overwhelming that even the prime minister is wary of him. He is a genius in swordsmanship dubbed as the ‘Sword Demon’ during his days while he was serving in the military which garnered him numerous accolades and accomplishments.

If the times were right, then there’s no doubt that he might even get called to be the hero of this era. However, despite his influence and might, no one mentioned such a fact. He has the looks, power and authority, however, he had no contact with women aside from his fiancée which raised speculations and gossips about its peculiarity until eventually, he got married to the said fiancée and created his own family. 

Time passed and it wasn’t until later that a child was born from the duke’s house. Prior to this, a lot of invitations were sent to the house from various ladies and families in an attempt to reach the current duke. However, not one of them received a response. That was until the king invited him of which he had no choice but to attend. All of this would be fine except the fact that he attended the event by his lonesome. Words said that he faulted his job as the cause that’s why he chose to retire. And as a result, speculations believe that chances are high that the house the current duke had built is not as flowery as imagined by some.

But then, rumors immediately spread of how the current duke started to change. The rumors began like this:

‘Duke Fall’s been a doting husband and father’

The rumor received a lot of takes from various nobles and influences, but as if to ratify the rumor, the atmosphere around the house of the duke took a drastic turn for a change. Some people of influence even investigated and found out that a lot of the previous personnel of the house were replaced and the family started to get more involved with their territory. What’s more, it seemed that the people who were replaced were not just kicked out from the estate. It seems they’ve been offered other jobs, pension, and allowances. There’s some dark rumors about him as well but it seems he wasn’t involved in anything against the laws and the support of the citizens of his territory had been so strong it wasn’t enough to blemish his reputation.

According to a certain noble, on the day the second Princess Serena celebrated her birthday, it was observed that the duke was looking at his daughter with warmth and affection. It was immediately followed by the news that the duke’s family grew once more as the couple welcomed their newborns. Another rumor immediately followed that the duke’s house started to get in contact with other houses after being so reclusive for so long. However, all of these remained rumors and taken as a hoax, until a certain night in a certain banquet.

All the nobles who attended the king’s banquet recently in celebration of the discovery of the new ore that was discovered in the duke’s territory and witnessed the loving duke and duchess had this thought in their minds.

‘In no circumstance the house of Duke Fall shall be touched… Otherwise, our family might as well be gone…’

Duke Fall. A minefield in a lot of different ways. No one in that evening ever thought of laying their hands on the man who’s been exchanging warm pleasantries toward the king of this land. Perhaps the person himself won’t know, but this was the moment where the man who’s been mysteriously speculated revealed himself to be an affectionate, protective, and doting man.

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