VF 082 – A Ring and Our Anniversary


I asked for a moment to excuse ourselves in the banquet and went outside as Sasha appears to be exhausted and it seems like I was right about it.

[Are you alright? Do you feel sick or unwell?] (Calis)

[No, I am feeling well. It’s just that maybe I haven’t been to a banquet for quite a while and it easily tires me out now. Are you feeling well yourself, my dear?] (Sasha)

[Well, it’s been pretty draining, but it seems like I won’t get tired. After all, I have you by my side.] (Calis)

[*giggles* Fufufu. I can’t remember how long it has been since we went out together to attend such an event but I want you to know that I feel so happy right now. Still, I’d prefer having more time being alone with you, but…] (Sasha)

[How can I not possibly oblige to such a loving request from my wife? Still, we have our children to think about so just give me some time and I’ll do my best in that regard.] (Calis)

[Ofcourse. That’s what I thought you’d say.] (Sasha)

I can only laugh at myself with my wife’s sudden jab of which she did the same. Our eyes wander to the moonlight that’s been bathing us all this time and let the silence linger around. Though I’ve been reincarnated to a world that’s entirely different from where I was before, the moon at least remained the same. Though that alone can be said fortunate, having someone you love watch it by your side is such a wonderful experience that I don’t have the words to properly describe.

[Sasha.] (Calis)

[Hm?] (Sasha)

[Having you as my wife, and having children that are as beautiful as you are, fills me with so much happiness and joy that I haven’t felt before in this life. I feel so fortunate receiving such blessings and I want to express these feelings to you and show how thankful am I.]

Leaving the moon’s majestic charm, I turn to Sasha and let my gaze succumb to her eyes.

[So Sasha, can you close your eyes and let me hold your hand?]

Sasha seems puzzled about my sudden request but thankfully, she complied. I gently held her soft and white delicate left hand before pulling out from my chest a dazzling white ring that’s made with the same ore that I just found and putting it to her finger.

[You can open your eyes now.]

[Dear, what did you —]

Sasha, upon seeing the ring on her finger, can’t help but show her surprise.

[Dear… T-this is…?] (Sasha)

[An anniversary gift. I’m sorry for not being able to give you one since the day you became my wife.] (Calis)

Well, it’s not like Calis actually thought of his wedding with Sasha worth celebrating before but this time, there’s no way I’d let such detail slip out of my mind. I was actually having trouble finding the right opportunity to give it to her but it’s a good thing I was able to find some time for this banquet and a moment such as this arrived.

[Though to be honest, I’ve been wanting to celebrate it earlier than now but, well, I actually feel quite embarrassed. Oh also, it’s not like I’m giving this to you to replace the wedding ring that I lost but… I also got myself one that’ll be its match.]

The previous Calis didn’t think much when he lost the ring but… I think that losing the ring and feeling apathetic about it is in itself a problem so I want to fix it. Also, I personally believe that having a matching pair of rings would help in nurturing the feeling of belonging Sasha and I have as husband and wife.

[I won’t force you if you don’t like it but… Will you please accept it for me?]

Then, finding myself still trapped in her beautiful eyes just realizing she’s been awfully quiet all this while, Sasha started to cry.

[…Is this real..? For my husband himself to give me a ring… I don’t know… Dear… For such bliss… it just feels like a dream…] (Sasha)

[If we’re indeed dreaming, then when we get back to reality, I’d be happy to offer you another ring.] (Calis)

[Dear… There’s something I want to ask but, would it be fine?] (Sasha)

[Just say the word, my dear.] (Calis)

[Would you allow me to put the ring for you by myself? You have it with you, yes?] (Sasha)

[Ofcourse.] (Calis)

I took the other ring from my breast pocket and gave it to Sasha. Since it’s a matching one, there’s a little gimmick where a beautiful white petal will form if Sasha’s ring and mine are combined. Considering Sasha’s personality, she’ll probably notice it herself so there’s no need for me to worry about having her put the ring in my hand. 

[Well then, you’d have to close your eyes too, dear.] (Sasha)

I closed my eyes as she held my left hand and felt the gentle sensation of the ring slipping into my finger followed by a sweet girl’s laughter.

[Thank you, my dear. I shall wear this ring everyday.] (Sasha)

[And I shall do the same. Sasha… my beloved wife… please continue to be by my side.] (Calis)

[I will…] (Sasha)

And so on the royal castle’s balcony beneath the mystifying light of the moon above, I let myself yield in with my desire and move closer to Sasha and have her lips overlap with mine.  

Being able to enjoy such moments with my wife, then perhaps I could say that this banquet is an enjoyable one. That’s what I think.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Sorry guys, this chapter just swoosh me over but my hopeless romantic side won’t let this easily passed so I translated this with some (probably a lot) of personal touch. If you read the original and felt anything out of place, please speak. I shall fix it. I might have forgotten something being carried away by the moment. looooooool To be honest, I have to say that Japanese texts in webnovels tend to be straightforward. So I’m trying to be a bit linguistic in English cause transliterating it feels so dead. T.T If something got lost in translation, I’m sorryyy!!
  2. But seriously, I don’t know about the castle, but I hope we all get to experience something romantic as this! Gosh!
  3. More chapters coming!

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