VF 083 – Preparing the Groundwork

The day after the banquet.

I can’t help but grin even in the middle of working whenever I look at my left hand to see the ring and relishing once again from the last night’s happy memories.

But then, Jake, who’s with me right at this moment, feigns a cough to get my attention.

[Calis-sama, please wipe out that grin at least while you’re working.] (Jake)

[Regardless of the expression I wore, I am still working so it shouldn’t be a problem, no?] (Calis)

[Let me clarify but I am speaking in relation to the servants of this house. Not me withstanding, you have this regal and gallant image in this household and I suggest for you to be careful with that grin lest you’ll easily break it.] (J)

That… is that really important…? Well… I don’t know about being regal and gallant or what not, but as long as Sasha, Laurel, Mint and Basil think handsomely of me then I don’t see if there’s any need for that.

[More importantly, how’s the task I entrusted you with?] (C)

[I’ve received an update earlier. It seems that it would take more time than expected but it should be fine.] (J)

[I see… then that just leaves me whether I can complete my own part or not.] (C)

Seems like there’s still a lot of things to be done. Yosh, let’s do this —

*knock, knock*

[Calis-sama, the young lady is—] (J)

[Please let her in.] (C)

[Understood.] (J)

Jake seems flabbergasted as I cut him off before he finishes speaking but I just can’t help it knowing that my daughter came to visit. I gently smile at my daughter who’s now in front of me wondering for the reason for this visit.

[Is something the matter?] (Calis)

[Uhm…  Dear Father…] (Laurel)

Perhaps because of Jake’s presence, Laurel is trying to speak more maturely and formally which makes her look cuter in my eyes. I waited for her with a smile as she contemplates what she wants to say and after a few moments, I finally heard what’s in her mind.

[I… I want to do something as well for mother’s birthday… will that be alright?] (L)

[Ofcourse, it’ll be alright.] (C)

Upon hearing my instant response, Laurel’s expression immediately blooms with a precious smile. My daughter… how cute!! 

Suppressing my fatherly instinct to give my daughter a cuddle, I ask-

[Have you thought of anything you would like to do? A present, perhaps?] (C)

[Uhm… That… I am actually quite troubled about it that I would like to ask for Father’s help.] (L)

[I see… So that’s why you’re here.] (C)

I stood up from my seat before looking at Jake.

[Let’s end things for now. Let’s do the rest next time so might as well prioritize the other things you need to get done.] (C)

[Understood.] (J)

He might have agreed but he expressively gave me a deep sigh. I’m sorry, Jake-san for delaying the job that we have right now, but seeing you’ve readily agreed, you trust me, yes? Thank you.

Jake then leaves and I move close to Laurel and prepare her some tea. Perhaps a little anxious about what happened, she then asks.

[Dear Father, did you really finish your work?]

I can’t help but smile at the little girl who’s still unaware of how the adults silently communicate and gave her a reply —

[Of course. Laurel, don’t worry about it.]

As a father, who wouldn’t be happy seeing their child being proactive on doing something for their mother? I can’t really explain it but I feel so happy about it. This child, just like her mother, had endured quite a lot before I became Calis so seeing her grow like this really makes my heart flutter.

[Then let’s think of a present… is there anything you want to give to your mother?]

[Uhm… Father…]

[What is it?]

[Just like father… I want to know how to make sweets like Father does… will that be alright?]

Now that’s really something unexpected. But if that’s what my daughter wanted, then as a parent, I shall see it granted. Besides, wouldn’t it be more fun with your child beside you in the kitchen?

From this day onwards, me and Laurel will make sweets together whenever we have time and I can say it right now that those moments will definitely be more enjoyable and warm.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. Ah, well, please accept the next chapters as my sign of apology from the last 2 weeks!!!!!! T.T
  2. Me: Reads — Ah, wouldn’t it be nice to have aa cute daughter?
    Also me: Not that I can afford it tho. T.T
  3. Also, off topic, but if you guys have any recommendations on how can you focus on a goal, I’d appreciate it T.T my acid so high, the doctor said go to my lovely foods to go bye, but the sodas in my fridge are things I just cant let fly. T.T

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