CCM 101 – Oh, More, You Say?

One night Inside a certain cabin in the village of Rastal.

I enjoy the warm breeze of the evening coming from the window as I lay down with both of my hands behind my head’s back.


And lying next to me, my childhood friend, who is the princess of this kingdom, Reimira.

She brushes her golden hair to the side as she calls my name wearing nothing else but a thin towel.

[You see, there’s something else that the founding king told me earlier.]

[Aside from the future?]


Rei then grabs my hand and pulls it to her chest as she tightly grasps it.

[He said that back when he and the founding sword saint are not just your ordinary best friends. During the days where they’re deployed to battle, their combination as comrades would sweep the field and no enemy can stand against them.]

[When they fought together, huh…]

I see.

I’d expect nothing less when it comes to Faruas but I didn’t expect for the founding king as well to be a refined combatant. The founding king must have been great with the sword too, though not as good as Faruas, I think.

There are legends of the founding king being beside Faruas in some of his battles I believe.

[I guess that’s understandable… Those two probably had a certain bond where they could read each other’s thoughts without a word… A bond that wouldn’t be possible if they aren’t really close.] (Arios)

[Un. I think so too, that’s why—]

I pinch Rei’s cheeks before she could speak further.

[Mou… That hurts.]

[Well, it’s payback for everything until now.]

[For what? I don’t remember doing anything deserving a payback.]

Rei then moves my hand from her cheek and continues what she’s about to say.

[So, I am thinking that we could do that too. I want to fight by your side and be the strongest pair that there could ever be.]

[The strongest pair, huh…]

Well, there are moments where she helped me as I remember.

Back when we fought the vanitas roar, despite her uneven breathing and being inexperienced, I was able to rely on her for support.

But if it’ll be a direct confrontation, I’d say it’s still difficult for her.

Still, she’s someone who’s able to do the right thing at the right time, especially when it’s crucial.

[The founding king also said the same… that I’d be able to unleash stronger powers if I fight right by your side…]

[A strong power, huh…]

I ——


<Confirming…. Granted.>

Activating Cheat Code

The Inheritance of the Founding King’s Powers has started.


Inheritance completed. 


By the time I completely read that unexpected message, an incomprehensible glow started to emerge from mine and Rei’s bodies.

[Ehhhh….!?] (Rei)

[W-what the!?] (A)

We can’t help but widen our eyes being dumbfounded.

Still, there’s nothing remarkable that actually happened.

Well, if there’s anything that has changed, I guess it’s my body temperature. 

It became warmer.

That’s all.

No new abilities, upgrades or anything. Nothing else at all.

[Rei, are you okay? Did you notice anything weird in your body?]

[Uhm… I don’t know… however…]

Rei then looks at both of her hands with a pinkish blush on her face.

[I suddenly feel this bliss, like somehow, it feels like I was able to achieve something remarkable…]

[Something remarkable, you say…]

Yeah, I don’t really understand at all.

Still, since it isn’t something dangerous, there’s nothing for me to worry about.

But then.


Rei grabs me once again in her embrace.

[Yo, just earlier, didn’t you just —-]

[Shut it.  I want to do it more.]


Is this girl for real? Goodness.

It was past midnight then before I was finally able to get some sleep.

Around that same time.

The A rank adventurer Kaya Rutis went to visit her friend’s house, Reimira.

[Maeri-san…? Uhm, are Arios and Rei not around?]

[My apologies, but… they aren’t inside.]

Maeri’s face looks sullen as she shakes her head.

[They said they have something important to attend, so… they went and stayed at an inn by themselves.]

[In an inn…? I see…]

Kaya mutters absentmindedly as she felt broken by the things she imagined.

[It seems like Rei got ahead of me, huh… gosh…]

[Oh my, is Kaya-san also interested in…him.?]

[Hm? Ah, yes. I think he’s quite a fine man to begin with.]

[Fufufu. That’s true. Arios-sama’s probably the finest man around here.]

Maeri then wipes her hand with a handkerchief, and upon realizing it was the one given to her by her master, she wasn’t able to help but smile angelically despite her melancholy.

[But no matter what happens, I will always be Arios-sama’s maid. From here… and forevermore… I’ll be beside him. Always.]


Kaya wasn’t able to help but feel sympathy seeing Maeri’s appearance before shaking her head.

[Un. That was no good. I should do better instead until I catch up to Arios myself! Oh, Maeri-san, if you don’t mind, would you like to have some tea with me?]

[Ara, I don’t see why not. I was just thinking it would be nice if I had someone to talk with.]

[Ah, me too!!]

Em, who was just earnestly listening quietly without the knowledge of the two women, did not miss this chance and joined the lively chatter.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. Hiiiiiii!!!! It’s been a while since I last updated this project’s chapter. But oh boy, I didn’t expect the princess to be a wild girl, eh.
  2. And, since we’re having this kind of exposure, remember fellas, use protection if you ain’t ready yet for children!

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