VF 076 – The Lucky Star (Ore of Luck)

I can’t help but helplessly laugh by myself upon seeing the premedieval set up of the mines once we arrived. Seeing everything being done by hands makes me realize once again manual labors’ inefficiency. We can just only grit our teeth due to our lack of human resources that have the appropriate skills in mining. This is still the situation that we are in despite me doing my best to reach out to my friends and acquaintances, even to those who were outside the kingdom, asking for them to teach me the know how of properly doing mining. I guess no matter what our relationship is, trade secrets and knowledge are things one can’t easily give out to others.

As a reincarnator, I would really like to utilize my knowledge using modern technology. I really do. Except that I hold no other interest back then but desserts and sweets so I don’t remember reading anything even about a single ore.

[The only noble who’ll travel this far into the mines to inspect it would probably only you, Calis-sama.] (Miguel)

[You think so?] (Calis)

Miguel says so as he walks behind me.

[I’ve heard before that most nobles aren’t really that interested in their own territories. The majority of aristocrats mainly seek power, wealth, and vanity, or so I learned.] (Miguel)

[That’s a bit too judgmental, I have to say…] (Calis)

[That’s what Father-san said back in the church. Calis-sama is the only noble who’ll go to such extent for his terrirtory and subjects, he said.] (Miguel)

[So it’s him, huh…] (Calis)

For some reason, I can picture the sickly priest in my head warmly smiling but… Perhaps he holds some deep hate to nobles in general?

A few moments later, I met the mine supervisor and told him that me and Miguel would try mining with our own hands. But…

[Calis-sama… what sort of ore is that in your hand?] (Miguel)

[I don’t have any idea either…] (Calis)

A rather surprising turn of events already unfolded just after I swung my pickaxe. I subtly look at the mine supervisor in hopes he might have any idea about it but he just shook his head in return. I was thinking that perhaps I am the only one who doesn’t have any idea about this white ore as it shines brightly in my hands. I looked up at what ores are there in the market before making this trip and I’m sure there’s nothing like this ore from what I’ve read and learned.

So that means…

[Calis-sama… perhaps you discovered a new kind of ore?] (Miguel)

[You think so too, huh…] (Calis)

[T-that’s nice and all but… this will be a big deal fer sure…] (Mining Supervisor)

I know, right? There’s also the processing of the ore itself, but just looking at it, I believe using this ore into an accessory will fetch a fairly high price. Still, the fact that I was the one who discovered it will cause a ruckus. I just accidently found it nearby, that I’m sure. But what am I suppose to think when I, someone who has no experience in mining, was able to discover a new mineral right immediately after I arrived when there’s already mine supervisors here who should have known this place like the back of his hand.

I’m even tempted right now to call other mining supervisors wondering if they’re just being negligent in their jobs that they were not able to discover this ore after all this time. What a mess. STOP! No, I shouldn’t be like that. I should take this chance as an opportunity and think positive about it.

[I’d like for this ore to be processed right this instant but… can I leave it to you?] (Calis)

[Y-yes! Immediately! (Mine Supervisor)

[Also, call all the people inside who can work in this area for me. I’d like to get an estimate of how much of this ore we can extract.] (Calis)

[Understood!] (Mine Supervisor)

I overlook the movements inside the mine after giving my instructions. After observing for a while, I can ascertain that there’s a significant amount of that white ore that we can extract in this area alone so it only boils down to the processing. But then, the mine supervisor returns and shows me the processed ore. Seeing it myself, I can’t help but gasp in awe.

The ore that was covered in rocks and dust earlier now shines so translucently beautiful and pure. It reminds me of the pearl necklaces that I saw in my previous life. If it’s this ore, then…

[Process all the ores that you’ll be able to extract today and send it to this store.] (Calis)

[Calis-sama? Can I ask what you are planning to do?] (Miguel)

[What else, a present, of course.] (Calis)

The store should come up with the design. Then I should set up a distribution system while I’m on it. It’ll make things more busy but I’d keep these things first to myself. Then, once it’s revealed, let’s call this ore that gave me such satisfaction as the Lucky Star (Ore of Luck).

Translator’s Notes:

  1. Hi, everyone! How are you all doing!? It’s the weekend! Yey! I am in a translation spree! x) All thanks to the supporters who’ve been there even when I was taking time to myself. I dedicate this chapter to you! Thank you so much!
  2. I still have another chapter on the works now so there’ll be another one for this week!
  3. The literal translation of the ore in the WN is ‘Ore of Luck’. So, a lucky stone? A lucky ore? No, if it’s something to be used for your beloved wife whose birthday is to be grand, I’ll translate it then as Lucky Star! xd My geekiness is getting out of control my goodness. xd
  4. Dear Calis-san, thank you for not being toxic as a boss. But to be honest, you have a really good point about those supervisors xd

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  1. I hope you don’t mind if I suggest some edits. I really enjoy your translation, and I just hope my suggestions are helpful. I’ve always enjoyed translations more when the flow of the sentence is taken into account rather than the translation being word for word, even if it means the translator adds or removes a few words or has to reshape a sentence a bit.
    The end of the first paragraph: ‘things one can’t really easy give out to others’ needs an edit. Seems like it should be ‘easily’ instead.
    Also ‘Majority of the aristocrats’ would probably flow better if it was rearranged a little to be ‘The majority of aristocrats’.
    ‘I looked up at what ores are there in the market myself’ sounds clunky, so maybe ‘I researched/looked up the ores available on the market myself’? Has the same meaning, but matches the way English speakers say things better.
    ‘alone so it only boils down if we can process them.’ I think this is missing ‘to’ after ‘down’.

    1. Hi, Ellie! I appreciate it! English isn’t really my first language so I am really open about learning more about it, y’know! So I took your advice for the first, second, and last. For the third, I’m not sure. I use ‘there are’ as to imply of getting the information of all ores known in existence which was the intention of the raw. I didn’t use the word ‘available’ as there might be ores not in the market due to lack of supply. 😡

      1. Glad I could help. You’re doing an awesome job translating this into a language that isn’t your first!

  2. I just hope that this ore isn’t toxic/poisonous or have any sort of radiation… xD… I really don’t think that its good idea to give it as a present first thing to the dearest person you have hahaha… ahh…

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