VF 074 – Let’s Make my Beloved Wife’s Birthday Grand

[I’ll definitely make it this year!] (Calis)

[Calis-sama, we’re in the kitchen so please keep your voice down.] (Jake)


I’m feeling myself in high-spirits but Jake just has to pour cold water on me with a warning.


[I mean, it’s been a long time since we’ve had such a big event…] (Calis)

[Nonetheless, what would the maidservants and housewives think if they saw you? Calis-sama has a ‘cool’ and ‘aloof’ image so please take note of that.] (Jake)

[You make it sound like I did something terrible…]


He has a point so I don’t want to argue about it. Ofcourse, I myself don’t want people to see me as being so casual and goofy. Hm?… Huh? Seryu-sama saw me humming while cooking last time when he visited me in the kitchen though. Well, too late to cry over spilt milk so whatever. Yeah, let’s just forget about it.




[I’ll make sure that Sasha’s birthday will be properly celebrated this year.] (Calis)


As Sasha was in the middle of her pregnancy last year, we were not able to celebrate it. I pumped myself up once again but Jake just wouldn’t let me hype myself about it.


[I am very pleased about the celebration as well, Calis-sama, but… In what way do you plan for this celebration to be grand?] (Jake)

[Sasha can still be considered young considering her age, no?] (Calis)

[Yes, that is so, but…] (Jake)


Seems like Jake is hesitating to speak about his real feelings but after a moment, he’s finally decided to speak of what he is actually thinking about the matter.


[I can’t help but feel anxious. When Calis-sama plans to do something this big, I feel like there’s going to be another hidden event that will explode along with it.] (Jake)

[Do you perhaps think I’m some sort of a troublemaker?] (Calis)

[It pleases me that you have some self awareness. If I recall correctly, the Lady (Sasha) bore the seeds of Basil-sama and Mint-sama around the Young Lady’s (Laurel) birthday, no?] (Jake)

(TL: well, yeah, ‘that’ definitely ‘exploded’. Oops! Jake, you’re so!!)


As if he just remembered something that isn’t really appropriate, Jake sighs in exasperation.


[Well, as long as Calis-sama completes his work, then that’s fine for me. Still, I just can’t help but get worried.] (Jake)

[That’s actually depressing.] (Calis)


I am actually planning on going out and obtaining the present I’ll give to Sasha by myself and I am confident that I won’t cause any trouble as big Jake imagines.


In the first place, unless Laurel and Sasha are on pointblank ends of arrows and spears, then that’s not something I’d consider as trouble. If I can handle it in some way then there’s no need to worry.


[So you’re here, Jake-san.] (Miguel)

[Hm? Is there something you need, Miguel?] (Jake)


A young man wearing butler clothes, Miguel, bows his head in my direction upon seeing me before speaking to Jake.


[I have a document I would like for Jake-san to check, but… If you are still in the middle of serving Calis-sama, then I’d gladly wait.] (Miguel)

[It’s fine. I can handle the rest myself Jake so go tend to Miguel.] (Calis)

[…Understood.] (Jake)


After giving an affirmative response, Jake sighs as if giving up and walks out of the kitchen. Miguel thanks me before leaving after Jake but… I do appreciate how diligent the young man is, still, I secretly hope he doesn’t neglect to nurture his budding love story because of how busy he is.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. Hi, hi! In this chapter, I actually put more effort, especially in the names, so I believe it is the actual English name of the characters. As I’ve said before, I originally intended to MTL the series and put ‘some’ effort only. If you find the mistakes unbearable, well, apologies~ Below are the Japanese name’s and how they’re spelt in Japanese (Romanji/RMJ) and their translations:

カリス: RMJ: Karisu = Calis

ジーク: Jiiku / Ziiku = Jake / Zik

ローリエ: Roorie = Laurel (As the names of the twins are Basil and Mint, and explained they want to retain the pattern of spices for the children’s names, we’ll use Laurel <the bay leaf> than Laurier)

2. I would like to thank Nicken for mentioning that the series was moved to Kakuyomu! The previous chapters I translated were from Narou (Same links in NU which I already scanned til latest raws before it was discontinued). There are 169 chapters in Narou I think? As of today, in Kakuyomu, the series has 98 entries and this chapter is from Kaku. To note, there are no significant changes yet between the Narou and Kaku versions. I believe the changes will come later when the further characters are introduced.

3. That’s all and have a happy weekend! I appreciate how the readers welcomed me translating the series! Let’s all enjoy the read!

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