Chapter 029 [Hero’s Party] Emmy: I can Feel my Small Worries Getting Bigger More Each and Everyday. But even so, I am not Alone

I opened my eyes as I felt the dazzling light of the sun from the window.

We moved to an inn which the quality is a notch higher than our previous one so the bed is softer… The blanket is warmer…Ah, just a bit more… Please just 5 more seconds… Ah, really… five more minutes, please—


[Wake up.]



At the same time the warmness of the blanket was gone, the cold morning breeze from outside came over.

Ahh~…….. My fluffy warm blanketttt….


[How long do you plan to sleep….]

[ah, aree? What time is it?]

[9:30. Breakfast will end soon.]


Eh? Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!? It’s 9:30 already!?

I’m slowly losing my drowsiness and I just realized but… you guys have been awake much earlier, right? Don’t tell me everyone ate breakfast without me!


[Why didn’t you wake me up….]

[You said ‘five more minutes’, but when I get back, you’re still sleeping after an hour.]



Ah… I can’t remember it but I can somehow vividly imagine it…



[I actually tried to wake you up two to three more times but I was surprised you still didn’t show signs of getting up. Don’t you usually wake up early?]


My mind started to get clearer and clearer when I heard Jannet’s question and I can feel my brain getting really shaken up.

That’s right… Last night, when everyone is in their beds, I alone have woken up….

And Katie-san was…


[It seems like I was correct with you being seriously injured yesterday. You were hit pretty hard so it might have caused you as well to get mentally exhausted.]

[Ah!… Uhm, errr. Seems like it but I’m alright now.]

[Then that’s good.]


Jannet moved away from my bed after saying so.

And when she puts her hand on the knob, she suddenly turns around as if she remembered something.


[I almost forgot.]



Jannet then tilts her head with her usual expressionless face.


[Good morning, Emmy.]

[Ah! Good morning, Jannet!]



She left the room looking satisfied (I said it but I wasn’t able to tell from her expressionless face) when she heard my reply.


[…Haaaa~. It seems like Jannet is getting cuter as of late.]


I shouldn’t just be worried or feel down all by myself.

Yosh! Lift your spirits up and do your best, Emmy!

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[Ara, good morning, Emmy-san.]


Vince and Katie-san are already eating when I arrived in the cafeteria.


[One for me too, please!]



I received a tray from the cafeteria’s well-built obaa-san and after confirming it has bread, meat and cheese, I can’t help my lips loosen into a big smile.

Nn~~~ eating is really niceee~


Let’s see…. Katie-san… Nope… Vince…. Nope… let’s sit beside Jannet.

Jannet tilted her head as if looking a bit curious but didn’t ask anything.


…But still, I can’t help but feel a bit afraid being looked at by Katie-san from the front though…

I don’t understand this person.

Who are you really? Why did you approach us?

…But there is something I realize after spending a day with her yesterday.

–For the time being, we will not be able to work as a party without troubles if we don’t have Katie-san.

And that is an undeniable truth.


[…Ah. Looks like I’m done.]


I’ve been silently nibbling while thinking and before I knew it, my food was already gone.


[Ma~ ma~. If you don’t mind, could you eat my portion as well?]


Katie-san brought her own tray with half of the food still in it when she heard my muttering.

I can’t help but feel nervous but I still resolved myself to speak.



[Ofcourse~ we can’t let your body not be filled up, no?]

[The-then, I’ll be impolite.]


I took the fish and ate the meat from Katie-san’s plate.

I can see Katie-san’s golden eyes looking at me as she smiles with both of her hands supporting her chin.

…Un. I shouldn’t overthink things.

She seems a bit of a dangerous person when she mutters things by herself but she really is such a wonderful lady when she talks to others and me.

Besides, refusing food would be rude.


[It was delicious. Thank you very much.]

[You’re welcome! Jannet-san has a small appetite and decided to give Vince-san her remaining portion. Seeing it, I wanted to do the same with someone too.]


Katie-san giggles as she talks about it.

…Well, that’s good and all but…

How can Katie-san and Jannet both eat in small amounts and be that big!? What the heck…

Why is the world so unfair…

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We went to the guild after eating and it looks like there’s a ruckus.

Vince called out one of the people.


[Hey, looks like things are getting lively. Did something happen?]

[Yeah. There are rumors that the best dwarf blacksmith gotten something really big this morning.]

[Really big?]


If it’s the dwarf blacksmith then it can only be materials, right?


[Yeah! They said it’s a scale of a fire dragon!]




It’s one of the highest-ranking monsters and is residing on the lower levels!

Only people in legends were able to come across of it. Other high-level adventurers don’t share much information about their experience in the lower levels.

Everyone is considered allies and might as well be rivals. That’s why information isn’t just being given to everyone.

Ofcourse, this is something I learned from Jannet too!

I wouldn’t be able to come up with such realizations and idea on my own!

…Heck. What am I doing stabbing myself early in the morning.


After hearing the conversation, Katie-san abruptly went in front of me.


[Is that true? Was there any proof?]

[Hm? Ah… Oh… Woooow…]


[Ohhh ahhh yes, of course! Those taciturn dwarves who have no other interest but creating things themselves are screaming all over!]

[I see… Then it must be true. Nothing can deceive their eyes. They’ll be able to tell immediately if its fake base on the magic power inside the materials.]


Katie-san nods then look at Vince.


[There’s probably a limit on the materials so let’s make sure to obtain one. If it’s an armor made of materials from a fire dragon then it definitely has fire resistance. I can say that there will be not a day where we will not choose that armor no matter how many high-end equipment we get in our hands.]

[That sounds really great. Yeah, we have to make sure to get one. But our budget…]


…Un. That armor seems pretty expensive just from hearing it.


[Looks like we can only do one thing then.]


Katie-san then flung herself in front of Vince and sticks closely to him.


[Let’s work ourselves until we can get it!]


Vince stares at Katie-san but… his eyes aren’t looking at hers.

 …. There’s no way he’ll even thought of refusing that.

You know how to use your weapons pretty well aren’t you? Natural party crusher, Katie-san.

Wait. Is it better to say it was intentional than natural? Really.


But let’s do it. For me, it isn’t just about the money but an opportunity as well to raise my levels.

I’ll work hard and redeem myself from yesterday’s failure!


I don’t usually go to the dungeon every day.

But I don’t think I’ll get tired of it and I haven’t felt tired from doing so before so I’ll probably be okay.

We immediately arrived in the middle levels and started to hunt monsters.

I deflect the attacks from the Blood Taurus and leave the offensive to the people in the rear.

I counterattack as well when I get the chance. Ofcourse, leveling up this way won’t be that fast but defending is my main duty.

I have to keep on working hard.


We encountered two Blood Taurus along the way.

We separated them with me getting one and Vince handling the other.

Then, I heard Katie-san’s shout came over.


[Emmy-san! Please cover up Vince-san!]

[Eh? Ah got it!]


Katie-san keep the monster in front of me away by fully utilizing her earth and water magic.

I used that opening to go in front of Vince and raised my shield.


[That’s it! Please move a little closer!]

[Eh!? Ah, uhm!]


Wouldn’t it put Vince in much more danger?

I don’t get the instructions at all but I’ll trust the crafty thinking of Katie-san for the meantime.  I’ll do what I can do.

I received the attack from Taurus with my shield.

A loud sound erupted along with the impact of the club being transmitted into my arms.

…Un, all normal.

I just normally defended.




I heard a strange voice in the middle of Jannet giving me recovery magic and Vince unleashing his offensive magics.

I immediately left Vince’s side after defeating the closest monster.

Our gazes met as we both tilted our heads.


[Nothing else happened, right?]

[…Well, yeah.]


I’m starting to feel a weird gaze creeping over me so I immediately cut off my conversation with Vince from there and run in front of Katie-san.

I used a pointed ground as a footing and prevented the monster from coming in front of her.

When I got closer, I aim for its face and fired it up.

I really can fight better than my level suggests.


[I’ll be going in!]

[Ah, yes. Thank you very much.]


And as expected, the remaining monster was then defeated.

Katie-san is looking at me while sneaking glances at Vince as she whispers things as if her mouth isn’t moving.


[Was that not enough? Still? But for sure… No, that can’t be. Someday, for sure… Absolutely…]



Katie-san began saying incomprehensible things once again.

I immediately turned to Jannet but unfortunately, she’s too far.

I really want to rely on her in times like this.

Anyway, with this, the dungeon crawl has come to an end.


We returned to the inn after having lots of meat for dinner.

And just like yesterday, it’s time to sleep once again.

Katie-san sleeps peacefully and isn’t showing any strange movements today.

After staring at her figure, I thought should go into my bed too. As I was going into the bed, I heard a voice from behind.




When I turned around, I can see Jannet looking at me like earlier this morning.

Her eyes… I can faintly see a strong will behind them.


[Follow me.]


I came along with Jannet’s invitation and went somewhere in the inn where no one else is around.

When we arrived, Jannet turned around to face me and started to speak.


[Did something happen?]




I really can’t do anything against this child.

Jannet must have realize something weird from me long ago.

As expected from the smartest kid among the four childhood friends.


…Right now, I am with the person I can trust the most.

Also, it is the greatest opportunity to talk.

There are no signs of doors being opened. And it feels like no else around is awake.

I never intended to tell this to Jannet but.


[You see. It’s about Katie-san—]

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