Chapter 030 – The Comfort After Telling me I am Not the Kind of Person You Remember

I removed the brand-new armor made with the scale of the Fire Dragon and hit it with the back of my hand.

It’s strange as it didn’t make a sound. It probably absorbs both blows and impact.

Besides the armor, there is something else I am curious about.


[This is… A sword?]

[It is~. They used the Fire Dragon’s fang as an artifact and created that weapon for you, Russell-san.]


The sword residing in its sheath looks wide and large.

The dwarf probably did whatever he had in mind after seeing the materials from the fire dragon.

…Wouldn’t it be difficult to swing this thing around inside the dungeon?


[Ah, Russell, are you thinking that this sword will be hard to use inside the dungeon?]

[That’s exactly what I’ve been thinking… Don’t you think the same?]

[I’m not really sure how effective would it be but if you use enchant, you’ll probably cut the ceiling like tofu.]


Seriously?… No. I was able to leave traces in the ceiling back then when I cut the dragon’s neck.

Dark attribute’s innate ability really is frightening.

If I could use this in cramp places then maybe I’d bring this sword tomorrow as well.


[Next is a shield but… This one’s pretty big too…]

[Dwarves are known muscle heads who make things bigger the more they are feeling better. It’s to be expected since we’ve provided them materials from a Fire Dragon.]


…Isn’t this like an actual harm coming from wrongfully believing that others do what you can?

This might have some use but I don’t know if it will suit me or not. Besides, if I hold a sword and shield with both of my hands, I won’t be able to fully utilize dark magic.

It isn’t that bad fighting with just Enchant Darkness but using it to fight a group of living armors when I can just attack from a distance is a no brainer.


[With this, we’re done checking everything inside the luggage.]

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The sound of the door of the orphanage came as I nod my head with what Sybilla said.

Gemma-baa-san should have been looking after the children. Who could that be?

I initially thought it was a robber or something but I don’t think one would enter a house from its front door and won’t even bother hiding the sounds of their footsteps.

We look at each other in curiosity and fixed our postures as the sound of the footsteps come closer.

And when the doorknob slowly opened-




I can’t help but be surprised when our eyes met along with her nostalgic voice that called out my name.

The one who appeared is a familiar figure of a sister whose pink hair slightly shows from inside her clothes.

It’s the other sister managing the orphanage, Fredrica.

She runs errands requiring her to be away from the orphanage for a while but it appears she is now done with it.


[It’s been a while, Fredrica.]

[…ah, are? Why does it feel like the air around you has changed a bit, Russell-chan?]



That voice behind the door which overwhelmed everyone inside can’t be anyone else but Gemma-baa-san.


[Ah, Gemma-san. I have returned. Uhm, you see…]

[Come here for a sec.!]


Fredrica, who’s still on the door, checked the corridor behind her. Gemma-baa-san is probably there. She then returned to the corridor looking a bit frustrated like someone was pulling her hair.

I didn’t understand immediately what happened but realized it after thinking a bit harder.

It’s something I am not conscious about until now but it looks like there are many things about me that have changed.

So that’s why Fredrica reacted that way.

Gemma-baa-san must be explaining to her the things that had happened.

As expected from the wisdom of the elderly. She’s been really strict to me back then when I was still a kid but thinking back on it now, she must have sensed a lot of different things that could harm me.

Sybilla must have figured out what’s happening as well just with Fredrica’s reaction.

She folded her arms and sighed saying [She’s such a nice grandma, isn’t she?]

…Hm. I couldn’t agree more.


[Even so, isn’t it awkward to have others standby in times like these?]

[Eh? Uhm, err well, that’s… true. Hahaha…]


Do you know, Sybilla? Pointing that awkwardness out so casually is one of your disappointing sides. You should also know that asking to get confirmation from Victoria-san in front of me would make things awkward for her even if she just nods, right?


Gemma-baa-san entered the room with Fredrica after that immediate exchange.

Fredrica… I can see her worries in her upturned eyes.


[Did you tell her everything, Gemma-baa-san?]

[Yes. I was thinking that you don’t want to tell those things by yourself again.]

[I see. I’d like to give you my thanks but…]

[It isn’t much.]


Gemma-baa-san comes closer and closer to me as she looks at my face.

She keeps on staring at me but… I can’t just meet her gaze no matter what.


[…Looks like you’ve been really well.]

[You can tell?]


Upon hearing my question, Gemma-baa-san widen her eyes and laughs happily with her voice feeling like it isn’t coming from someone who’s already on her years.


[Kakakaka! There are still people looking for me at this age. From youngsters like you to people my age or older grandmas and grandpas.]


She started to look into my eyes once again.


[I’ll say it since we’re on it already. Your eyes are still looking forward despite the things that had happened.]

[Ah, you don’t have to be worried about that. I don’t intend to look back and there will be no problems unless they started to involve me.]

[Un un. Russell really is the child with the biggest heart of all.]


Gemma-baa-san finally backed down looking satisfied then Fredrica came closer looking like she wanted to know something.


[You’re really Russell-chan, right?]

[Do I look like someone else?]

[I can clearly see that it’s you. Even though you used to be a little cute child following me yelling ‘Fu-Re-Du-Rika-San’ all the time…]

[Don’t make it sound like it happened until six months ago. That’s like past ten years already.]

[For me, it just happened recently.]


How can it just sound like ‘this is this’ and ‘that’ is ‘that’?… Well, It’s Fredrica who just pops out of no where so she probably doesn’t care with the passage of time.


[Hey, Russell-chan. Look into my eyes.]

[…I don’t mind but…]


I met Fredrica’s gaze.

She’s a bit older than me and is like an older sister who had taken care of me since I was a kid.

And now, I’m around half a head taller than her.

–Then, all of a sudden, Fredrica started to shake her upper body for some reason.

I turned my head to Gemma-baa-san hoping for help.


[Russell-chan? Look at me.]

[…Can I refuse?]

[No. Just a bit more.]


Wh-what the heck? How did things turn a strange turn…? I don’t understand but it had been a while since we last met so I’ll just let her go with this selfishness.

It isn’t usual for Fredrica to be this stubborn too.

I started to look into Fredrica’s golden eyes once again.

She keeps on swaying her body as I keep my eyes on hers.

…It’s hard to keep looking on her eyes this way.

Just look at the front… front…




Sybilla was looking at me from the sides and I gave her a chop.


[What are you doing! I didn’t do anything just now! Wait! You averted your gaze!]

[Nothing much. I just felt irritated.]

[So unreasonable!]


As me and Sybilla started such exchange, Fredrica began to laugh.


[Fufu, fufufu….! Ahahahaha….! Ah, I got flanked…]


Me and Sybilla can’t help but straighten our faces, and along with Victoria, we tilt our heads in confusion with the sudden change of Fredrica.


[Are you okay?]

[Ahaha. I’m sorry. But… Un. Rusell-chan is for now, that Russell-chan, isn’t it.]

[I don’t understand what you’re saying…]


As I tilt my head in confusion from not being able to understand the Fredrica from today to the usually light and fluffy person I know, Fredrica… touches my head and extends it up to my cheek.


[It’s a bit lonely but… Un, you’re still Russell-chan… The Russell now is still cool.]

[…Well, thanks.]

[…For this to happen… If only… If only I properly watched over Russell…]


I heard a very tiny muttering. It’s a voice of happiness along with resignation and loneliness.

I can feel the fingers on my cheeks feel cold.

Even if I’ve been looking at Fredrica as an elder sister ever since I was a child, I can’t help but feel embarrassed.

I get the feeling that she is someone who will protect the orphanage with me.


–Ah. That’s right.

I’ll keep on being just a kid if I keep this up.

Perhaps for Fredrica, I’ll always be someone like a little brother.

In an adventuring party, and as a saint participating in dungeon crawling, I was always someone who had to be protected.

And now, I clearly understand what was missing why I can’t be that little brother anymore.


As Fredrica remove her hand from my cheek explicating her ‘loneliness’, at the same time, I affirmed something to myself.

That is… Comfort.


It felt like my reunion with Fredrica was a pair of farewell and new beginnings.

This might be a good chance to talk with them about the evacuation of the children. And now, I should be standing alongside of Fredrica.


Also, I can’t help but feel guilty to Victoria-san for just letting her leave from such awkward atmosphere being an outsider and all.

I hope you can go home early and return to Brenda’s side who’s waiting at home.


My power is something that isn’t mine alone. If I only have this. It will work out for sure.

Yosh. Starting tomorrow, together with this equipment, I’ll renew my determination and challenge myself anew.

I haven’t seen you yet but… Just wait, floor boss.

And you as well… Demon Lord.

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