Chapter 028 – The Things one Can do, Wanted to do, and How it all Go Back to You

The dungeon crawl for today comes to an end after Sybilla made her decision to retreat.

Sybilla led the way as we thoroughly explored the dungeon once again making our way back. We defeated living armors with melee weapons as we go on and conveniently got some experience.

There’s no monster like the cavalier which was in front of the floor boss’ door that had appeared.

And, at the same time Sybilla said [We now have fully explored everything in the second floor of the dungeon!], the stairs toward the first floor had appeared.

…It seems she really has the second floor fully figured out.

Well, she kept on saying so earlier but I just find it hard to believe.

Can I do the same through training? What an enviable ability…


Looking back, Emmy is the type of person who usually loses her stuff. And I remember Jannet is someone who often gets lost.

It was weird but Gemma-baa-san who had seen lots of different people said something like this.


[Women who have good heads are thinking and doing many things at the same time. But there are people who are too smart that their many thoughts get entangled which make them lost and wander.]


I immediately understood and remembered what the saying is all about when the words ‘thoughts get entangled’ came out.

…Well, Jannet had always been at her own pace even in times I found her when she got lost.

She really isn’t that anxious and she just walks silently towards me when she sees me after looking for her.

She’s been like an adult since before and have been pretty brave on her own.

And as usual, Jannet looks and observe others as always.


Comparing it to Sybilla whose head might as well have a screw loose but has the ability to never get lost… I still can’t believe how can such thing is possible. This girl really is quite extraordinary.

Her wits and face might as well be perfect. But she acts still like an airhead sometimes… Rather, most of the time.


[You aren’t thinking of something rude, no?]

[Having good intuition is nice and all but you don’t want to hear something rude, right?]

[You might as well just say what you thought of, really!]


We kept on bickering as we climb up to the stairs toward the first floor of the dungeon.

At the end of the stairs is a floor with lots of black goblins. We’ll just be fine though.


[–Is something you aren’t thinking, no?]

[Why do you always say stuff out of the blue…]

[Cast defensive magic. I’m getting irritated just thinking of going there without it.]


…She must have something in mind to say things like this.


[…Got it. <Wind Barrier>.]

(<Wind Barrier>)


Me and Sybilla climbed up the stairs after confirming a thicker layer of wind covered our bodies.

And what awaited us from there is… Not that much.


[Nothing else happened, huh. I was thinking that maybe there’ll be thousands of arrows covered with poison pouring on us as we get out or something like that though.]

[You really think of some scary things, huh… Aren’t you too nervous?]

[I’m not being too nervous. Preparing light armor, keeping enough mana on hand to ensure one’s safety, and do everything else that can help if we fall on a worst-case scenario is necessary. Because–]


Sybilla steps on the arrow of the black goblin that I had deflected and muttered-


[there were Dusk Magis who died from such things in the past.]

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What was waiting for us when we get out of the dungeon is a beautiful sunset.

We were bathed by the light of the sun and its warmth is transmitted onto our bodies.


[Ahhh~ Sunsets are the best, isn’t it!? Really, human life isn’t just the same without the sun, right?]

[…Is that really alright, you being a Dusk Goddess and all?]

[Being in dusk doesn’t mean I’m just fond of darkness, you know? Dusk is the time when the sun fully sets and before the moon arises. I don’t particularly hate the sun, you know?]

[Oh… First time I heard of that…]


I see… So that means…


[…So it was dusk when we ate all of the meat yesterday, huh.]

[Yep yep. It’s the time where I am the most divine. You’re the only one who made the Dusk’s Oath and my only believer as of now so I can’t regain all of my powers yet but since the magic powers you offered were so big, I was able to regain at least a bit of my divinity.]


Now that she said it, I can remember how her wings became bigger and darker once I became a Dusk Magi.


[How many believers it would take for your wings to fully materialize?]

[A lot of them… or so I would love to but I can’t really solicit believers in the open… I think I’ll be able to do so if I have at least five more people who’s on par with Russell. But to be honest, I don’t think I’ll receive the same amount of powers even if I’d be able to pull the next Holy Maiden.]

[I know it’s about me but… I just can’t still believe it.]

[…That’s right. Let me tell you something about that part of you, Russell. Let’s talk while we walk.]


It seems like Sybilla has something to teach me on how should I think about my magic.

Her face looks really serious.

I have to listen to her carefully in times like these.


[First, think about two people whose abilities are really high. In addition, one has ‘Excellent Magical Abilities obtained through hard work’ and the other has ‘Excellent Magical Abilities even without working hard’. Even if they have the same amount of mana, we can still say that the latter is more talented, right?]

[…That example is just too cruel….]

[That’s true but to be blunt, you’re like the latter. But the more important thing is in cases like these, people themselves choose to go with the former.]

[Choosing to go with the former?]

[Whether it’s about magic or physicals. Let’s take swordsmanship for example.]


If it’s about swordsmanship then I get it.

Well, you know, anyone would be glad to show off their abilities they were able to get through their training, right?

It’s because the ‘abilities from hard work’ takes a long time to materialize.


[But their abilities acquired without hard work are being preferred a lot by other people. In other words, they are choosing between someone who do things like ‘no matter how hard it is I will do my best even to just barely get past all these obstacles’ and someone who is ‘able to get past these obstacles without breaking a sweat.’]


…Ah, I get it.

If you did your best and was just able to barely make it, then that means you aren’t that good.


[People aren’t aware of what others actually see from their abilities. If one can simply do it, they tend to think that anybody else can do so as well. Probably, the [Hero] Vince thought that the offensive magic he was able to learn way back can be learned by others as well after knowing that he can use your recovery magic.]

[…So he is looking that far…]

[Yes. But you’re guilty of it as well. You’ve thought that <Cure> is a magic that anybody else could use, right?]


It’s as what Sybilla had said.

Cure is a magic that can treat all kinds of status ailments and one of the highest recovery magic.

But I didn’t know that nor did I try to. All because I learned it very early.


[When I look at these people from above, or also called as ‘God’s Point of View’… Well, I’m a Goddess though. But when I look at people from God’s View, I know when will a strong monster will come out, or because I know what magic they will learn next so I can’t help sometimes but say ‘Aren’t these guys idiots-!’ or something like that… But the people involve don’t know that. After all-]


Sybilla moved her eyes away from me and look in front.


[People find the thought of ‘other people can’t do the things I can with ease’ hard to understand. That’s why–]


The girl stood still on her spot and I can see her serious expression when our eyes met.


[A lot of those people failed and I witness all of that.]



…I see…

I’ve always been using magic like it’s all natural but I really need to keep in mind that ‘people normally have to save their mana’.

Sure, I trained my swordsmanship.

But it’s impossible to compare myself to others who were high-leveled swordsmen and their superior physique.

I remember how I envy people who carry great swords like it’s as light as a feather, but looking at myself from enemies’ point of view, isn’t facing someone with limitless mana more unfair?


And I am someone who used to be like those people who envy others before.

Getting jealous on others who have the ability to fight.

That is… For sure. It’s me getting jealous because it is something I don’t have.

I probably need to think this through… On how I see myself and the people around me.


[Well, I might have been a bit harsh but.]


Sybilla shifted once again towards our destination.

She watches the sunset as she combs her hand through her silver hair.


[Even I have moments where I assume ‘he should know at least this much’. I’ll always be careful about it from now on.]


So Sybilla realizes even she has times like that. Perhaps she feels the same way as I am right now.




Sybilla happily continued her next words as she looks at me cheekily while pointing her finger on to the north towards the side of the village.


[The you who thinks ‘Eh? It isn’t that much, right?’ and offered his assistance for free were able to help people. And it will all come back to you and be your strength.]


In that direction is a familiar face waving her hand while carrying luggage.

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We have returned and went into the orphanage.
We met and talk with the woman who carries a luggage along the way.


[…Did you really just carry these on your shoulders and run all the way here?]

[I used a horse going back when I delivered the items but I decided to run from the village gate when the equipment has arrived.]

[…I don’t think I’ve heard your name before…]

[Ara, ara. Ma~ ma~. That’s true.]


The woman in front of me puts the tag out from her chest as she said it.

Obviously, it’s only the adventurer’s tag that she put out… However, what’s more amazing are the details on it.


『Adoria』- Victoria [Swordsman] – Level 23.


[Thank you for taking care of Brenda. I am her mother.]

[Eh?! Onee-san’s so strong!]


Sybilla reacted before I do so.

And from that reaction is a response from Victoria of ‘Ma~ ma~ for me to be an Onee-san~’ just like how she was serving the dish back then with Brenda. She’s someone who has her own pace, huh.

…I didn’t expect for this person to be that amazing… I feel like she’s a gentle and loving mother on the surface but someone who won’t even break a sweat carrying sets of luggage.

But more importantly… Does it mean that she went out to deliver the materials at night with a horse, returned back in the morning, and run here into the orphanage? Talk about lots of stamina…

I’m probably just bickering with Sybilla all those times.


[I let my guard down and took a hit from a black goblin but I still did my best, you know?]

[Why are you managing the fields these days?]

[I’ve got tired of adventuring and decided to retire. Ma~ ma~ more importantly]


Victoria cut off her own words and started to unpack the luggage.

What appeared is a rather familiar red color.

There seems to be other items as well besides the armor.


[Dwarf-san was pretty overwhelmed when he saw the materials and excitedly created something. First is this. Please.]


It’s true though. The materials were just sent last night and there’s already a finish product delivered here today.

I realize once again how exceptional the abilities of the dwarf race are.


[Look. That’s what I’m talking about.]


[Even in my eyes, this pace and speed of production is really fast but for dwarves, they’ll probably think along the lines of ‘this speed isn’t that fast for creating equipment. Anybody can do this much.’]

[…I see…]


I took off my robe and put the armor in while absorbing these thoughts from our earlier conversation.


[It seems like it was made to be light and stretchable so one can easily move in, isn’t it?]

[…It really is. It’s so light and I don’t feel any discomfort. This is really incredible.]


Sybilla taps the light armor with her fist.


[You aren’t thinking along the lines of ‘By having this armor naturally fit my body, compared to dragon-sama, fighting with other people will be much easy.’, no?]


Really… Normal swords won’t even be able to scratch it.

But It feels like this is made to be worn like a full armor so I can’t take it easy at all.


[So? How is it? Is it good?]

[Yep. I appreciate your thorough preparations, Sybilla. With this–]


…The lower level’s floor boss.

I don’t know anything about it but after preparing this much…


[It’s worth the try.]


I happily familiarize myself with the new equipment as I think of challenging what’s behind the big door and clenched my fist.

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