Chapter 027 – Learning the Heights of the Crisis Avoidance Ability of My Adventuring Senpai, Sybilla

As per Sybilla, it looks like we are close on the end of the reddish grounds of the second floor, a part of the lower levels. It still feels somehow weird no matter how I look at it.

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[We’ve been walking all this time and… I think I had this place fully mapped already.]


[Yep. If we go further there will be a wall on the left.]

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Sybilla moved ahead and looked back to me as she used her right hand covered with leather gloves and tapped the wall.

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[There really is a wall huh…]

[We’re currently on the opposite side of the stairs. As for this wall, there is no path that will lead us to the other side of it.]

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Ah, I now understand what she wanted to say.

This floor is probably shaped like a square mansion where the wall in front of us is the opposite side of the entrance.

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[If we go straight from here, we’ll probably meet the floor boss. if not, it should be in the center of this floor. Well, it’s based on my experience and there were times I was wrong.]

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There must be several dungeons which had the same set up in the past if it is from Sybilla’s experience. And if she says so, then that’s more than enough for me.

There’s no way that the floor boss would appear right immediately down stairs.

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[Well, we will be seeing it sooner or later anyway.]

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Sybilla confidently said so and returned to my side.

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[…Oh, as you’ve said earlier, living armors are slow. But still, you’re always coming back right away to my side within the wind barrier, huh.]

[Isn’t that natural?]

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If it’s in this dungeon, then you’d probably be fine even if you move ahead by yourself as long as you aren’t reckless.

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[Ah, but isn’t moving outside your barrier can be considered already a bit reckless?]

[I honestly think that having no sense of danger isn’t good but there really isn’t anything danger here for you if you just kept your distance, right?]

[Well, sure. But you see, if someone kept on relying on offensive magic then he’ll have his mana completely wiped sooner or later, no? That’s the problem so getting through this floor with just magic is something only muscle-heads can think of.]

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Hey, woman. Aren’t you thinking of someone specific in mind?

Didn’t you say I can do that much in the first place?

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[….and! Looks like the reason itself why it is reckless has arrived just as we’re talking about it! Stretch it a bit just to be safe!]

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After saying so, Sybilla came close enough that she almost leans on me.

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[N? Stretch? Are you talking about Wind Barrier?… Is this enough?]

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Before getting a response from Sybilla, a different one came over from a different direction.

There was a shrilling sound like how a light metal was deflected.

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[…! <Dark Sphere>!]

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I fired off an offensive magic towards the direction where it came from.

Not expecting it would be finished with just a single hit, I fired off twice, thrice…

The Living Armor which received the dark spheres made a rattling noise that lets us know that it already stopped from moving.

Just now…

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[As you can see, it is a crossbow type.]

[Cross Bow….!]

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The living armors we encountered before were all simpletons and, if I have to compare their attack range with offensive magic, the living armor’s is lower.

So, as long as you made a preemptive attack, the living armors will get beaten up before they could even get close.

Their weapons were swords, spears, and axes.

It had always been like that so I thought they can’t use anything but melee weapons. That’s why the attack earlier is something I didn’t expect.

A living armor carrying a long-ranged weapon is something outside of my imagination.

…With such an arrow carrying a momentum, without a barrier to shield us from projectile weapons, it might have gotten really dangerous.

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[Did you expect something like this, Sybilla?]

[Well, somehow. I wasn’t really sure that something like a crossbow would appear but when I think that I’d possibly die if one does, I can’t help but move cautiously with that in mind.]

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Perhaps it was only me who was thinking that at least the area around me is safe.

Her ability to avoid crisis is really noteworthy.

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[I see. That saved us. Thanks.]

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I gave Sybilla my thanks and started to walk once again.

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This time, compared to before, we started to walk more carefully.

It feels like the dungeon gets darker and darker as we move on.

It all started to feel strange once we turned from this corner behind the previous intersection.

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[…It looks like I’ve hit the mark, no?]

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Sybilla mutters as she suspiciously looks in front.

I put both of my hands in front as well as I’m starting to get nervous.

With this, I’ll be able to shoot at any moment.

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–and immediately after.

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A strange rhythmic noise resounds and a faint red light appeared in front of me.

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[<Dark Sphere>!]

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And at the same moment, I casted my magic

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[<Stone Wall>!]

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Sybilla who’s beside me used one as well.

It’s a magic called Stone Wall. A fairly thick wall made of stone appeared in front of me blocking my sight.

In addition, Sybilla pulled me along as she made a backstep from the wall.  

The wall made by Sybilla was destroyed with a roar and its debris flew in our direction.  

What appeared to the place where I was before is a completely different living armor.

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–The Living Armor is riding on an Undead Warhorse.

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…That was close. It would have been bad without Sybilla’s immediate support.

As I deflect the remains of the walls while keeping an eye on the undead monster, Sybilla’s shout came over.

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[Russell! Cut its escape route!]

[! <Dark Sphere>… <Dark–]

(….<Dark Sphere….)

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I immediately shoot magics without replying.

Recalling the training I did earlier, I sent a sphere a bit behind the intersection, then threw one to the ground of the left side of the path and make it explode.

As the horse of the living armor stood on its hind legs, the third sphere that I fired hit its hind foot!

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[Nice! <Stone Wall>!]

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Sybilla made a victory pose on the side.

After cutting off the escape route of the living armor, she made a <Stone Wall> to fully close the intersection.

I continuously fire my magic from where I am standing and as a horse can’t change directions as convenient as humans, it just stood from where it is as well.

Contrary to its big appearance, the cavalry took lots of damage and crumbled immediately.

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[…Did we beat it?]

[Well, yep. See? The fast ones aren’t as sturdy no matter how big they look. Sure, a cavalry is strong when it is on its own field but if you put it on a place full of obstacles and unexpected situations, then it’s certainly weak.]

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I see… So we were able to easily get the win achieving those conditions.

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[Nice support. Thanks.]

[You’re welcome. Though the truth is I am afraid I won’t even get a turn so I’m glad I was able to contribute even a little at the end.]

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Sybilla casually replied as she disassemble the living armor’s warhorse for its magic stone but what she did earlier was certainly something easier said than done.

To be able to analyze the opponent and calculate what magic should be used to get an advantage in an instant and accurately cast a Stone Wall.

If it wasn’t for that, chances are high that the the horse could have dodge on either side and we have to chase it down.

And more than anything.

She was be able to anticipate the possibility of fast enemies, instructed me on how to deal with it and arrived with the idea of alternate chanting. Her ability to anticipate and avoid crisis is really high.

Did Sybilla even anticipated the appearance of such enemy?

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–Nope. I don’t even have to ask to know the answer.

Even without complete details and even against unexpected situations, she is always prepared for all kinds of scenarios.

Even in emergencies, with precise and immediate judgement, she was able to extend her support.

Sybilla is a type of person who can do all that.

Before being a Goddess, perhaps it is an ability of my adventuring senpai [Mage] Sybilla that had materialized from her intuition probably from her countless previous experiences.

And this is my partner.

I can’t help but feel reassured.

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[That magic was amazing. It really saved us earlier.]

[…Well, it’s the level 20 [Mage] high grade magic but… Aren’t the things that you do hundred times more amazing? I’ll still take you on your thanks though. In exchange, I’ll give you the privilege to fall for me.]

[Aren’t you a sweet talker? Really.]

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I can’t help but laugh as well seeing Sybilla acting like always even at a time like this.

It feels like the tension from earlier got blew off by the wind somewhere.

After Sybilla confirmed that there is nothing in the warhorse and nothing else to be done in there, she moved towards the direction of the cavalier living armor.

I lined up as well beside her side then walked further at the back.

And what appeared before me is… A large door made of steel.

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[Behind this should be the floor boss, no?]

[It is.]

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It appears that we thought of the same thing so I decided to ask Sybilla what are her thoughts from here.

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[What should we do?]

[Let’s go home.]

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What an unbelievably fast answer.

And it looks like she decided to retreat, huh.

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[Can I ask why?]

[Let me ask this first, do you remember what I told you earlier?]

[More important than anything is knowing when to retreat, huh…]


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Sybilla nods her head as she stare at the large door.

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[The earlier we beat this the better it would be. But, we don’t know when will they attack the orphanage. It can be tomorrow, next month, or maybe after ten years. Russel needs to be in the orphanage when that time comes to protect it.]

[That’s… Well, that’s true. But…]

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I can see her point but if that’s the case then we’ll have to fight the Demon Lord in the orphanage.

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[That’s the case. The orphanage will eventually be in danger and the chances of being able to protect everyone is low.]

[Then that’s bad. Even if one of them gets done in…]

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…I know. I am aware of the situation so I’ve already steeled my heart for such possibilities.

But Emmy is…If she knows even one or two have died in the battle, will she be able to get a hold of her heart?

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[…I understand what you are thinking, Russell. But I only have one thing to say about it.]

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Sybilla who was facing the large door turned around and stared at me as she comes over.

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[If you lose, the chances of everyone in the orphanage being killed is almost guaranteed.]


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Those words are so harsh I want to curse out but…

I can’t do it. Because I can’t refute anything about it.

She’s right… If something happens to me, there would be no one else in the village that could be relied upon.

I can’t lose.

And if I have to, screw shame or anything, I’d even beg Vince to come over if necessary.

…Meeting him once again would be awkward, though…

It weakens my heart just to think of it so I don’t think I’d let myself stoop on that level.

And there’s another thing.

The Demon Lord is thinking of aiming not the Holy Maiden but a weak priest instead.

But he is wrong.

There should be no priest in Vince’s party. So, there’s no one for the Demon Lord to aim at in the first place.

For them to hire a recovery mage after kicking me out is something Emmy will never be able to accept.

…Honestly speaking. Just considering how cunning that Demon Lord is, I don’t think they’ll have a chance of winning without a priest.

Besides, if I can, I want to settle things by myself before meeting them again.

And I believe I have the power to do so.

As I am getting worried over things… Sybilla is, for some reason, started to touch my body as if estimating something.

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[How can you do something like this when someone is getting worried. I’ll chop you.]

[Russell. This is the point where you should be fully prepared.]

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Sybilla repeatedly taps her own clothes as she said it.

And a noise of something like hitting a light metal resounded.

So what she means is….

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[Are you wearing armor under your clothes?]


[…It isn’t bad but…]

[Nope. Forget not being bad. It’s actually incredible~. And It is really terrific. It’s a very special item, you know?]

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I tilt my head waiting for Sybilla to continue on what she is talking about but then she started to grin foolishly.

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[Did you just forget the thing that you had bring?]

[Please remind me, by all means.]

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Sybilla started to laugh like a mischievous kid while looking at my face and started to spoil the details of that ‘very special item’.

And I am shocked once again by the Goddess of avoiding crisis and her ability.

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[I asked someone to run an errand for us from the banquet last night, and probably around any minute by now, a dwarf in the city is holding something from the Fire Dragon already. It’s your Inner Armor, Russell.]

That…is certainly terrific.

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