Chapter 023 – Turning Reliable People’s Expectation into A Power of Your Own

We are currently exploring the second floor of the dungeon.

I was hoping to learn more things from Sybilla so I asked her a lot of different things before this. After confirming that there are no monsters nearby, I asked her about the previous enemy.

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[Ah, about the Living Armor, right?]

[Living Armor… I haven’t heard of it before.]

[Thought so. It’s a monster from the lower levels, after all. Living Armors are… Well, a ‘Rotting Corpse’ would be a simpler explanation but… You are familiar with the monsters called ‘Undead’, right?]

[I’m familiar with the name at least. To be able to move after death… They aren’t immortals?]

[Ofcourse not. We’ve defeated the Living Amor earlier, right? The thing that’s moving it is a malicious lump of mana so if we just cut it off, it will eventually stop.]

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Even if you said that we were able to defeat it, I still find it creepy that there are creatures still moving after dying.

But, since it is Sybilla insisting that it just have to be defeated then I will gladly believe it.

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[Anything to look out for?]

[Undead are known for their vitality and strong offensive abilities. In short, their strength is the real sh*t. But first, let me explain to you what is offensive magic.]

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Offensive magic …

At least for me, it was the magic Jannet uses that I’ve always dreamed of.

However, we don’t know pretty much anything about it except that it can be used to defeat monsters.

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[First, I would like to know if you are aware that attacks can be classified into two. First would be attacks made using swords, axes, and fists which are classified as physical attacks. And then there’s offensive magic which uses mana.]

[Even I know at least that much.]

[Very well. With regard to magic, it is further classified from fire, lightning, and other ‘attributes’. [Mage]s can normally use one to three attributes while a Magi can use four.”

[I see. Then how about a [Sage]?]

[If it’s the type who learns recovery magic on a later level than a priest, then it would be four. If it’s the same, then three. Then if it’s faster than a priest… Well, one to two.]

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I see… Jannet learned recovery magic later so she’s probably the type to learn four attributes.

… No, wait.

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[I’m familiar with the [Sage] being able to use offensive magic with four attributes and learns recovery magic on the later levels. Jannet is an example of that. But, how can a [Sage] can’t learn anything but a single attribute?]

[If it’s a [Sage] who learns recovery magic at almost the same pace with the Holy Maiden then that would be the case. It’s a very rare one.]

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So that’s how it is.

It looks like the [Sage] class is more flexible than what I imagined.

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[The hero party would have it rough though]

[Huh? Vince and the others would?]

[Ofcourse. It’s because they’ve lost you.]

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…I wonder what she is talking about?

The party is currently composed of offensive specialists that can use recovery magic, Vince and Jannet, and a defensive specialist with recovery magic as well, which is Emmy.

Is there even a need for me to be there?

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[Aside from me, the others can use recovery magic too. You might not know thi-]

[Nope. I know.]


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What’s up with that? I don’t think we’re on the same page at all.

How can they have it rough without me when all of them can use recovery magic then?

You don’t have to say that if you just wanted to comfort me without saying it directly.

…But, you aren’t the type of girl who would talk like that, though?

Really? you seriously think so?

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[I’ve already known the magics those classes can use at the very least. In the first place, if you’re in the middle levels, recovery magic shouldn’t be used whether you know of it or not.]

[… Ha?]

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I can’t help but be stunned. She started to say things I find hard to understand once again just like yesterday.

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[Upper levels, middle levels, lower levels, and Hell. The recovery mage’s mana should be preserved until the lower levels, or so the theoretical practice says. Isn’t that so?]

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Why do I feel myself getting more unnecessary the more you explain it unlike what you said before?

Ah, I’m already afraid of hearing the things Sybilla will say next but… I’ll just keep my mouth shut and concentrate on her every word.

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[Then, at some point, the recovery magic will not be able to keep up. Aren’t the Hero and Holy Knight only capable of using <Great Heal> at best?]

[<Great Heal>?]

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And now there’s a magic that I don’t know.

…Huh? Wait.

It sounds like a recovery magic but I didn’t learn it… Could it be? Really….

What did Sybilla said again before that?

She said the recovery magic will not be able to keep up, didn’t she?

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[Yep. It’s necessary when <Heal> alone will not be able to provide enough recovery with just a single cast. That’s why they will need <Great Heal> whose recovery is between <Heal> and <Extra Heal>. The [Sage] would be the only one capable of learning [Extra Heal] and that would require an absurd level.]

[…Then… Those guys…]

[They would probably undergo on a rough beating, I guess? Well, if they’re already at the stage where they learn <Great Heal> then they should be fine for a while.]

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I can’t help but be shocked from Sybilla’s explanation.

To not be able to recover after casting <Heal>? A magic with a lower level than <Extra Heal> called <Great Heal>?

If they don’t know of it, will they be alright?

I can’t help but get worried.

Especially to the girl who’s the most prone on getting injured, Emmy…

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Then, a slightly stern voice struck my ears.

I look to Sybilla.

Her expression looks really serious.

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[What Russell needs to do right now isn’t to go back to the party who kicked him out, is that clear?]

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Sybilla’s strong and forceful worlds helped me to calm my nervously beating heart.

It may sound cold at first but I know the importance of having a partner who is capable of keeping a cool head in alarming times.

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[We don’t know but they could have had hired a [Priest] over there or the [Sage] could have done her best and learned <Extra Heal>. Anyway, think of the children of the orphanage first before you start worrying for the much stronger Hero’s Party.]

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Sybilla took a step closer to me.

Behind her red eyes is an unknown power that made me feel her gaze alone pierces me.

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[Otherwise, you will definitely regret it. Even if you choose to ‘help’ the hero, I will never allow you to do so. Because there are no ‘what ifs’ when everything is said and done.]

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I nodded to Sybilla after understanding what she said.

She’s right. What the hell am I thinking.

Isn’t it rude to worry about those people whose much stronger and have higher levels than me?

On the other hand, if I put this dungeon off for later, I’m sure that I’ll regret it.

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[Got it. I’ll do everything I can until we defeat the Demon Lord in this dungeon. Including their share that they can’t do.]

[N. Very well.]

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Sybilla finally stepped back and laughed as if to remove the tension from earlier.

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[And so, about our discussion of your magic.]


[Aside from the light attribute of the hero, you who made the Dusk’s Oath, have the dark attribute. Both have their own strong points but to cut it short, it ignores magical defenses.]

[Ignores magical defenses?]

[Correct. For example]

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Sybilla stabbed her sword to the living armor we had defeated earlier but it didn’t enter its armor.

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[Do you think this will cause a damage against it?]

[Definitely not.]

[Correct. This is due to the physical defense of this monster against physical attacks. Magical defense works the same way against magic. Relative to the Demon Lords, Demons, have high magical defenses.]

[Oh, I see. Understood. Huh?]

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After listening to what Sybilla said, I slowly realized what she was trying to really say.

Didn’t she initially say that my magic attribute ignores magical defenses?

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[It seems like you finally understood. That’s correct. The Dark Magic that Russel uses is more effective against enemies whose existence are close to Demon Lords. On the contrary, it would not have much difference if you used it against a goblin that can be found close to the surface that I defeated using my fire magic. All enemies shall be pierced and nobody is exempted. That’s why it worked as well against the Fire Dragon.]

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Thinking about the incredible ability to ignore magical defenses and then the way to utilize its effectiveness…

It seems like—

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[An attribute specifically designed to defeat a demon lord….!]

[There you have it. Russell’s magic is something that puts all lives as equal being at risk of losing it. However–]

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Sybilla puts her foot on top of the leg of the living armor.

A monster of the lower levels. A full body black armor. An enemy that should have been hard to deal with.

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[In exchange of that power is tremendous amount of mana consumption. If a normal priest sacrifices all of his magic powers it will only amount to a level 1 and even if a veteran priest uses it, it’s powers would fluctuate around after 10 uses. That is the [Dusk’s Oath]… And here you are-!]

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Sybilla then kicked away the armor’s leg with all of her might.

The part of the living armor made a sound as it rolled on the reddish floor of the dungeon.

She then strongly pushed her foot on the head of the Living Armor.

And before I realized, she already has her hand on the prize of defeating the monster. A magic stone that came out on the right hand of the living armor.

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[It’s alright for you to ignore the first thing I told you! It’s alright not to save mana at all! Let the fangs of the darkness magic offer all lives of monsters that appear before you! Who cares about the tremendous amount of mana consumption!]

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Sybilla raised her right hand and made a thumbs-up on her left then smiled widely.

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[Just think about all the difficult things later! Just keep on bombarding everything up to your heart’s content!]

[Yeah, I’ll gladly take your offer!]

[This Goddess declares it – You shall be the strongest!]

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After saying all of that pompously, Sybilla kept looking around as we went down.

The one that appeared this time is a living armor with a mace.

But really… The ‘strongest’, huh.

Even a Goddess has declared it.

…I don’t think anybody has trusted or expected anything this big out of me for a long time.

For someone like me to be seen by Sybilla whose wisdom I admire to be able to become the strongest…

She’s expecting me to become the strongest.

Then, I shall live up to your expectation. I will be the strongest!

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[<Dark Javelin>!]

(<Dark Javelin>!)

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I kept on bombarding the high-level magic using double casting.

I hold the advantage against an enemy from the lower levels who can only be proud of its worn-out durable armor with regard to compatibility. It will still take a long way for my mana to be depleted.

I won’t let even a single hair slip against my guard.

It will still take a long time for my level as a [Dusk’s Magi] to go up. That’s why I’ll bid my time here and prepare powers enough to fight the Demon Lord.

Wait for me, Demon Lord.

Because in front of my magic, all lives are equal.

I’ll make sure you’ll regret threatening the orphanage in front of me.

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