Chapter 022 – There are Things You See for the First Time that Easily Comes Out from your Heart

The entire ground is color red.

Sybilla’s frustration is clearly visible when she saw it.

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[The Demon Lord… Or Dungeon Maker guy, did he do something worse?]

[YES! As you can see, the dungeon continues to develop and this place just turned into a [Lower Level]! Well, it is certainly shallow for a second floor to be considered as a Lower Level, but the Demon Lord is certainly creating more floors deeper and deeper!]

[Dungeon Maker… So it literally means they make dungeons?]


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I suddenly thought of something as I am looking on the changes of the second floor.

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[Is it possible that dungeons around the world all started with just a single floor?]

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Sybilla thought for a bit after hearing my question and then nodded.

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[Hm, that could be the case. I at least know that they summon monsters and increasing the number of dungeons but… It’s the first time I heard of expanding dungeons by increasing its floors. Since Hell and the surface being directly connected is rather strange, I think the second floor is probably the most compact for Hell.]

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Hmmm. It seems like it is the first time Sybilla encountered a Dungeon Maker before it completed a dungeon from what she said.

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[I made it until the eighth floor of the dungeon in Hammond when I was with the [Hero] Vince.]

[…I see.]

[The monsters there are called Blood Taurus. How is it in comparison to monsters of lower levels? Do you think the monsters here in a second floor of lower level would be that strong?]

[That should be obvious. Ofcourse the monsters here are stronger.]

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…As expected.

Vince and the others are by no means weak. But, a Blood Taurus was capable of injuring even Emmy, a [Holy Knight] who specializes in defensive abilities.

It’s a monster on the slow side so we strategize on avoiding its attacks if possible… In a floor full of monsters stronger than that, I shouldn’t let down of my guard even for a moment.

Now that I think about it, Vince tends to use magic when facing enemies and appears to have difficulties in fighting close quarters. Well, before we got our classes, I, who was chosen as a Saint, was able to beat Vince even despite his superior physique. Maybe, he isn’t that proficient when it comes to sword techniques.

I remember our previous strategy… First and foremost is the Sage thereafter is the Hero… Jannet’s opening attacks must have helped him quite a lot.

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[I see. They’re stronger, huh… But that doesn’t mean we can turn back now, right?]

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When I set my foot on to the reddish ground, Sybilla held my robe and pulled me back.

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[Uhm, you see, Russell.]

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She seems like she has something she really wanted to say but… She just kept looking at me without talking.

…It looks like it’s something really serious.

With that being the case, I’ll wait for you to get ready.

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[Whenever you’re ready. I’ll wait.]

[Ah, ehm… Thank you… Ha…… Here I go.]

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She lightly pulled her own cheeks and faced my direction as she clenched her firsts.

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[I know that me bringing this matter up once again is pretty unpleasant even if I have to say so myself but please, let me confirm this with you, Russell.]


[From what the Dungeon Maker said and after what you’ve said earlier this morning, even I can imagine what’s happening. …Russell, the blonde girl with the semi-long hair and blue eyes looking like a princess knight, is Emmy, isn’t she?]


[N… In short, Russell isn’t just protecting Gemma-baa-san and the kids from the orphanage… The [Sage] Jannet, the [Hero] Vince as well but above all… the girl being targeted by the Demon Lord, the [Holy Knight] Emmy. She’s the reason why are you working so hard, right?]

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As expected of my Goddess.

Just from observing our party from afar, few words from the Demon Lord, and the story I told her this morning, she was able to understand everything.

It’s not something you can expect from someone of a third party.

But even still, I can’t help but to admit it after what she said.

It can be said that I am doing my best for Emmy in some way or another for the things I do now.

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[…The people I’ve made to be the [Dusk Magi], all of them have hearts filled with desire for revenge or something alike. Hatred from the people who abandoned them and how were they treated unfairly despite being a [Priest], a class sought and necessary.]


[But… without the power of those people, we will not be able to prevent the expansion of the dungeons the hero and the guild were not aware of. I still feel bad when I think of it… But–]

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Then, Sybilla looked me straight in the eyes with her eyes brimming of determination.

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[I don’t regret the things that I’ve done.]

[Sybilla.. You..]

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I felt like I caught a glimpse of the wisdom of the Goddess who fought for a very long time behind the strength in her eyes at the end when she said she don’t regret the things she had done.

…I think I understand a little bit of the [Dusk Goddess] from this conversation.

It seems they are trying to conquer the dungeons not being touched by the people living on the surface…  Or that could have been a weird way to put it but, in other words, the dungeons people tend to ignore that should have been located in the hardest parts of the world.

This attribute called [Dark]… An attribute requiring a priest to sacrifice his powers and looks like something meant for wicked people.

But at the end of the day, it is still just one of the attributes of magic, and the most important thing is Sybilla is the one decides on how to use it.

A kitchen knife might be used to kill a person, but it doesn’t mean that kitchen knives are tools made for murder. Well, the truth is even if it has the abilities to do so, it isn’t really used that commonly for that purpose.

Sybilla continued with her story.

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[Everyone’s heart was filled with vengeance. There were some who actually fulfilled theirs. And that’s normal. If not, then there’s no way someone would abandon their [Priest] class and powers.]


[And on top of all of that, Russell, you were made unconscious due to the Skill used by the [Holy Knight], Emmy. Do you really intend to put your life on the line for that person?]


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I already anticipated her question so I readily gave my answer.

Well, the truth is, if I have to say if I hate Emmy… Despite being made unconscious of that cheerful girl, I can’t even reluctantly say that I do.

Well, the truth is I am really reluctant to do so. It was really just a shield after all and I actually fainted.

Also, the time Emmy and I spent together is not short. That time, I tried to swallow more what I can chew in the heat of the moment, but she actually tried to care for me until the very end.

Besides… I just learned something from what the guy said yesterday.

Emmy was always looking at me.

I might not be that confident about myself but… I don’t intend to be an idiot or a cold person to just ignore it or act without care even for a bit.

And since that’s the case…

I wonder how Emmy felt that day when she left me unconscious.

Yesterday was the day I started a new.

I always thought that I was the only one that was hurt as I was powerless.

I just always thought of myself. But now, I can finally think about the people around me as well.

That’s why I know.

Emmy might be already mentally exhausted at this point after what happened.

And what if, on top of that, the orphanage got destroyed.

If I didn’t have any choice but to watch it all happened—

Will I have the right to stand beside this proud Goddess?

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[…Russell… Really… Deep in your heart, you’re really a [Saint] through and through, huh…]

[N? What’s with that all of a sudden?]

[I know it even if you don’t say it, you know? I can see it from your eyes. It’s the strength behind them. While you were thinking without saying anything, you’ve strongly resolve yourself to help Emmy, right?]

[…You can tell that much?]

[I know. Because… It’s a pair of eyes I’ve never known before.]

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How can you know something from something you’ve never known before? I don’t get it.

Just as I was thinking about it, Sybilla steps back and put her hands on her waist as she smiled slightly.

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[It’s the eyes that are looking forward. Eyes of someone who try and do things they believe to be rightful, the eyes of justice. Eyes that people who succumb to darkness don’t have. Eyes that the [Priest]s who have forsaken their powers weren’t able to make. I just find this really amazing.]

[Eyes of justice… I don’t know. Somehow, it doesn’t feel right.]

[It’s fine even if you don’t feel like it. This party looks like the most fresh and exciting ever!]

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Sybilla smiled brightly at the end and kept on tapping my shoulders. It seems like the things she finally wanted to say had ended.

I guess it serves as a reminder from her helping me to extract my revenge. I’m sure that Sybilla is implying that she’ll be fine with it whether I do it or not.

…A sudden thought though.

My eyes of justice… The moment when Sybilla said [I don’t regret the things I’ve done.]… I think it would it be nice if my eyes can be the same as hers from that time.

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We proceeded with the dungeon crawl in full caution similarly with yesterday.

It doesn’t matter how high we leveled, the monster of the lower levels will still be hard to deal with.

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[There’s a monster nearby…! It’s here, in front.]

[Where exactly?]

[It’s an undead armor. This should work.]

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I can see a faint red light in the direction Sybilla is pointing to.

….That guy…It’s a black full armor. It looks quite ragged but it can be seen that it was once beautiful. It must have been an impressive knight’s armor before.

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[Got it. <Dark Javelin>]

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I’d like to test if <Dark Javelin> would work. It was able to damage a dragon so there’s no way it wouldn’t work.

The armor staggered and then started to move faster towards our direction.

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[Did it work!?]

[It definitely worked! Keep on firing!]

[Damn it. I’ll hold you into that! <Dark Javelin!>!]

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<Dark Javelin>!

I used the same magic but this time with double casting. The high level magic which was quite bigger than earlier flew out in front.

When the armor received the attack, it’s one hand flew off and it began to convulsed.

Did it defeat it?

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[<Fire Javelin>]

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In the moment I was thinking, Sybilla fired off her own magic as well. The armor fully collapsed when it took the hit and finally stopped from moving.

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[Don’t put your guard down.]

[Ah, thanks. By the way…]


[You’ve made quite the finishing blow. So, how does it feel to be supported by a recovery mage, o my dear [Mage]-sama?]

[A…. AAaaaahhhh….I’m sorry. I’m really really sorry…. I completely forgot about it… If you say something bad I think I’d really feel depress. Am I lacking? Do you find me as a useless Goddess?]

[…Don’t tell me, you? You… You’ve just figured it out just now!?]

[Huuuuuuh!!? Don’t tell my you’ve always thought of me like that! That’s cruel!]

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I kept on trying to comfort Sybilla who is continuously hitting my back as she throws a tantrum, and in the middle of such conversations, I finally got the feeling of defeating monsters of the lower levels.

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[It looks like we can do the lower levels, no?]

[I’m quite surprised too. We can do it.]

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I don’t know if we can beat Adoria’s Dungeon Maker.

But it’s not like I have the option to turn back either.

I and Sybilla nodded to each other moved our feet to search the lower levels further.

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