Chapter 021 – I’ll Keep Moving Forward even if it Can’t be Overcome

I feel like the clear and warm sky is representing my heart.

The gold threads of my robe reflect the dazzling shine of the sun.

While it’s cloth that receives the very same sunlight gives a very different sensation from before.

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It’s the first morning of the [Saint] Russell who harness the powers of the [Dusk’s Magi].

For the past half year, my heart felt like its suffocating from the grasp of an unknown anxiety but now it felt so far away and it’s filled instead with serenity.

I haven’t had this feeling as if I am being blessed by the heavens since the day I was bestowed of my class.

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Day one of my new beginnings.

The adventures of the [Black Eagle Saint] Russell.

Together with a robe dyed with a spirit dragon’s blood and golden embroidery.

With a one-handed sword attesting my countless days of training on my waist.

And lastly—

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Beside me, nibbling a bony piece of meat, is a silver-haired beauty who’d you want to avert your gaze from if you know she’s a Goddess.

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After finishing that piece, Sybilla shook the bone as she took aim and happily threw it to the top of the mountain.

…That throw was really incredible though? Didn’t it look like a bird that flew and rest a top of a tree?

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[That’s so unbecoming so I’d appreciate if you could stop that.]

[This level of ‘unbecoming’ of eating while walking should be fine. The age where women have to be so graceful and elegant as dictated by society was already gone. I shall be the embodiment of women’s freedom of choice.]

[But that’s too much of a ‘freedom’. And in your case, you’re probably like that before that age ended. I guess you’ve made quite a few followers from the villagers yesterday, right? If they’ll see you right now, even a love for a hundred’s years will turn cold, don’t you think?]

[Men are creatures who won’t be able to resist a pretty face and big chests. I can still make the most of it with just this, though?]


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As a fellow man, I can’t help but feel sad as I know I can’t refute that.

But it will look like I lost if I say it so I’d rather not.

And besides… Sybilla shouldn’t be so pathetic not to figure out that not being able to refute is the same as an implied agreement.

…Well, I believe she can figure out at least that.

But that’s that.

If I won’t be able to say anything back, I’d still feel bad.

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[Yours aren’t that big though. Jannet’s were much bigger.]

[Jannet? Just as I was thinking why you aren’t still falling for me, here you are setting your eyes on someone else. Do you like her? Do you like it bigger?]

[Stop. I don’t see her like that. And I don’t think this kind of indecent stuff is something we should talk about outside.]

[Here you go again~ I can’t help but think how cute you are with such innocence. Don’t tell me you don’t think of her at night when you play with your- Ahhhh!]

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That would have been the strongest chop I did until now.

What a shameless vulgar girl…! It looks like the sunny skies began to form clouds, doesn’t it!?

Is this how all city girls are? But I don’t know if it it’s really alright to lump them together with her… Anyway, these things aren’t meant to be talked about outside.

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[There’s nothing going on about Jannet, really.]

[Awwwwww. Then, are there other girls you are close with aside from her?]

[Close with, huh… I have a childhood friend named Emmy. Hm, she talks a lot.]

[Oh? Really, really, she’s the one you like?]

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Just as I am on the verge of exploding and about to tell her not to dig into this topic anymore, I then realized something.

Sybilla had only been watching me previously.

But she didn’t know that I was the [Saint]. So even if I told her Jannet’s name, it’s just natural for her to be unfamiliar with it.

I then look to the mage who gets easily carried away.

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[ah, eh… Yes…]

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I didn’t mean to do it but I can’t help but say it in a rough tone.

Even if I tell myself that I’m starting all over again, that past isn’t that easy to get over with.

As expected of Sybilla, understanding that what she talked about earlier was a landmine, she took a step back with a nervous face.

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[I grew up in the orphanage with Gemma-baa-san together with the others and the four of us are childhood friends. I, Russell, the [Saint]. Then there’s the [Sage], Jannet, then the [Holy Knight], Emmy. And the last one is the [Hero], Vince.]


[Jannet and Emmy are together with Vince right now. After Emmy accidentally made me unconscious, I woke up with the three of them gone along with all of their stuff. That’s why I have no ties left with them anymore.]

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I then averted my gaze from Sybilla.

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[…At least for me, I have no ties left with them.]

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I squeezed out those words to reassure myself.

After saying it clearly, I quickened my pace and went to the direction of the dungeon.

Sybilla must have thought that what she did was bad so she apologized in a weak tone and a very small voice.

I can’t help but calm my nerves after hearing that which was a far cry from her usual cheerful self.

She might be cheeky but she isn’t the type of girl to slight others.

Especially, on how she gives up her own goals for the sake of the children. She is a girl who can carry herself proudly without trying to appeal to anybody.

She probably just wanted to talk about romance and had no intention of taking a jab on my sore spot of me getting kicked out.

She must be feeling frustrated on how unfair I was.

And if I think about it calmly, it was my own fault for bringing up Jannet in the first place.

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[….No, it’s my fault too because I didn’t explain things clearly. From now on, I’ll start telling you what are my circumstances. In return-]


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I lightly put my finger on Sybilla’s forehead.

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[I want you to tell me all the things you haven’t talked about until now. As the [Dusk’s Oath] party leader, I should have the right to know what the Dusks’ Oath is all about at the very least, right?]

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Sybilla looked surprised for a moment but she then took my hand and held it tight.

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[That should be obvious. To be fair, I will tell you things about me as well. You better prepare yourself.]

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She laughs evilly after saying so.

Yep, that suits you a lot better.

I’ll be relying on you today as well, my level 21 [Mage] adventurer senpai.

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[<Wind Barrier>]

(<Wind Barrier>)

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I casted the magic while simultaneously chanting it in my head.

Yosh. Looks like there’s no problem.

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[…I’ve been thinking about it since yesterday, but you’re double casting is really amazing, isn’t it.]

[I’m more surprised that no one else thought of it until now, though.]

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I think there should be someone else who have thought of this convenient trick before.  

As I’ve been thinking about it, Sybilla appears to be thinking of it as well as we walk.

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[Hmmmm. I can think of three reasons why, oh I have to say four, rather.]


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…I just asked earlier right? That’s incredible.

And she has quite the number of answers too.

As expected of Sybilla, before the fact the she is the Dusk Goddess, her creative thinking is the most amazing out of all of her abilities.

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[First would be there are only few people who know how to do chantless magic. Catherine… Ah, she’s another mage who is quite capable. Aside from people I and Catherine taught, a person capable of chantless magic, which is the minimum for double casting, is very rare.]

[I see.]

[Second would be because of your inexhaustible amount of mana. In normal cases, mana is being saved and is being used only on the most crucial moments. That’s why people don’t usually think of casting magic twice at the same time.]


[And the third one… Is quite related to the second one. Even you when you were the one in a pinch, you have probably casted in your mind for insurance in case the chanted magic didn’t work, right?]

[Oh yeah. I don’t have any intention of saving mana and kept just want to cast it over and over.]

[That’s it. Normal people would be ‘If the magic activated twice, I won’t be able to cast another one later’ and save their mana. That’s why double casting is almost impossible to happen for them when they are in dangerous situation which is precisely opposite of your approach.]

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…I see. It’s about the difference of my mindset with others.

It’s not about casting many magic at once, but holding back and cast accordingly once they reach the most crucial parts.

So that’s how normal mages react when they are on a pinch.

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[You’re really impressive yourself, though. I can’t help but laugh at the thought that I am relying on someone moving forward without planning ahead at all.]

[You’re praising me, right?]

[You can even consider it as the highest praise I have given in my whole life as a goddess, you know?]

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After saying all that, Sybilla raised her hand and threw out a large and thick spear made of flames into the depths of the cave.

At that moment, a body of a black goblin was torn into pieces as it flew off into the ceiling and bounced back to the ground.

…It should have been a chantless <Fire Javelin>. I should have expected it to be this powerful after she reached that level, huh.

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[Your eyes are really sharp, huh. Speaking of which, you were the one who first finds the monsters most of the time.]

[Fufu. It looks like I’m the one who will level up faster once again.]


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I crossed my arms and looked at Sybilla.

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[N? What’s up? Sybilla-chan is really amazing, isn’t she? You’ve fallen for me already, no?]

[You were looking for someone to be your [Dusk’ Magi] before, right? Is it alright for you to keep on leveling up yourself and slowing down the growth of the [Dusk Magi] you found?]


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I look at the goddess breaking down with her face getting paler from shock as she held her head with both of her hands.

…No, really, just as when I was just impressed with your head for its creative thinking and for you to ruin that image immediately. That’s just so Sybilla-like no matter how it is, isn’t it.

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[Oh by the way, what was the last one?]

[…Ugh… ah, double casting, right? It’s the same pattern with the Legend of the Holy Maiden.]

[Same pattern? Ah.]

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Legend of the Holy Maiden.

The [Saint] magic that I learned revealed the devastating truth behind it.

To hide the fact that she used magic and instead go with the flow with the story of her praying to the Goddess to help a village for praise and honor…

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[Yep. In short–]

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Sybilla crossed her arms while looking displeased.

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[—Either the previous [Holy Maiden], or might as well be a [Dusk’s Magi], might have discovered it as well… and just kept it as their own secrets.]

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We have roughly cleared almost all monsters in the first floor.

Now, we have arrived in front of the stairs of the second floor.

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[Don’t you go step outside of my <Wind Barier>, got it?]

[Ofcourse. Got it.]

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It’s the place where we were almost killed, with a purple colored ground, the distinguishing factor of the bottom levels – also known as Hell. Adoria Dungeon’s second floor.

Together with Sybilla, we descended off the stairs.

Will a demon appear? Or maybe a snake?

Or perhaps, maybe it will be the Demon Lord once again—–!

When we finally arrived at the end of the stairs, the ground was red.

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[Ah…. Ah!!!]

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It was a clearly different from the second floor we have seen yesterday.

Sybilla stomped on the ground full of anger.

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[Adoria’s Dungeon Maker! He clearly used [Dungeon Make] last night behind our backs!]

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