Chapter 020 – When the Last Person You Could Ever Imagine Turned Out to be Your Savior

It was settled with the Dusk’s Goddess’ raising her finger and striking a cute wink.

…at the same moment, her black wings disappeared and she started to walk to my direction.

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[It turned out pretty well in the end, isn’t it?]

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I don’t think you should be the one saying that.

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[Well, if I have to choose whether it was well or not, sure it was well. But why did you come back? I thought you’re already heading upstairs.]

[I forgot that there’s something I wanted to do before that]

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Just as I was thinking what she wanted to do, Sybilla draw out her sword and pointed it into the dragon.

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[Can you please cleanly dismantle the dragon’s chest for me?]

[I don’t mind. <Enchant Darkness>]

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I enchanted my sword with dark mana by double casting <Enchant Darkness> and inserted it into the the dragon’s skin.

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[…That darkness is really amazing, huh. It’s the first time such strong darkness.]

[Ah, I did something similar with Wind Barrier. I simultaneously chanted the magic inside my head resulting to this. Double casting.]

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When Sybilla heard my reply, she puts her hand on her chin in surprise and started to think of something.

…Yosh, I dismantled it well.

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[Hey, I just thought of something.]


[If you started practicing casting recovery magic and offensive magic at the same time using double casting, wouldn’t that be amazing?]

[Yo-you can really say some scary things…]

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To be able to unleash offensive magic and provide full recovery to the whole party at the same time, how can a Dusk Magi be defeated then!?

I’m the Dusk Magi though!?

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[I’m done dismantling it. So, what now?]

[It’s probably the best reward for dragon slayers. Since it’s a fire dragon this time, you can look forward to it.]

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Sybilla inserts her hand into the dragon’s chest overflowing with blood and after taking a hold of something, she inserted her sword as well and started to cut around.

When I saw what she took out from the dragon’s body, I then realized.

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[One of the rewards for defeating a dragon, Dragon Steak. But Fire Dragon’s can’t be cooked as they don’t burn due to its nature so we’ll have to eat it raw. And the best part of dragons is this.]

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What was in Sybilla’s hand is a small piece of flesh you can hardly imagine coming from a gigantic creature such as a dragon.

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[It’s the dragon’s heart. You should eat this as it is. It expires fast and it’s impossible to freeze it. It’s a precious thing obtainable only by people who subjugated dragon themselves. I haven’t eaten one myself before this too.]

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Sybilla cut the heart in half and sprinkled it with salt.

She gave me the other half but… its size is still a bit large to be eaten and most importantly, eating a raw heart is just so gross…

As I was hesitating, Sybilla gobbled her portion in an instant.

Yeah, more than a Dusk’s Goddess, you look more like a bandit leader right now.

Errr, but you were like that ever since, right…

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[…N!? Sweet!]


[Umu. It’s not like the sweetness of fruits though. I tastes closer to the sweetness of butter baked goods, I think?]

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I can’t understand how can a still bloody meat sprinkled with salt became sweet all of a sudden but with slight hesitation, I took a bite of it as well.


What the heck, isn’t this too delicious!?

It’s a bit chewy but is unexpectedly easy to bite with your teeth. Sybilla looks at me while grinning but you can’t expect any exaggerated reaction from me.

I can understand now why this is said to be the best reward for dragon slayers.

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[I ended up eating it all… eh?]

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–[Dusk’s Magi] Level 7 <Dark Sphere>

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[I leveled up…]

[Ofcourse. And that’s the real reason why it is called the best reward. Eating the heart which is made of the dragon’s concentrated vitality and mana can increase one’s strength even without fighting.]

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While I was thinking of something from what Sybilla said… She started to point to herself with her trembling hands.

In front of that finger, with her other hand on her waist, and an irritating smug face, is the goddess of the bandits.

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[Level up! [Mage] Level 21, it said! I really went up!]

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This girl! She just casually took the other half of the dragon’s heart to get the experience! And what’s up with level 21!? Isn’t that too high!? Aren’t you just level 8 when we enter!

This goddess really lives up to their reputation, isn’t she!?

But isn’t this cheekiness so Sybilla-like!?

….Haaa. Well, if Sybilla didn’t say anything, I won’t even imagine eating the dragon’s heart. I won’t even be able to use dark magic without her in the first place… So after all of that… well yeah, it’s a cheap price to pay in return.  

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[I’ll just consider that piece of meat as thanks for the conversion.]

[Un un. I know right. But, for me, you being a [Dusk Magi] is already a reward itself.]

[Is that so?]

[Yep. I’ll tell you more about the Dusk’s Oath later after–]

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Sybilla tapped the dragon’s corpse with the back of her hand

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[we get this ingredient back home to the village for everyone to enjoy!]

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After that, the once quiet guild of Adoria Village went to an uproar.

Sybilla just had to bring one of the fire dragon’s scale. The rest of the dragon’s corpse lies near the village so it made quite a fuss.

It may sound weird but since the guys of the village isn’t that fond of me, there won’t be that much of attention from people if it was me who brought it up.

But with Sybilla’s beauty and charms, it’s easy to make all the guys in the village move.

She has an incredibly pretty face after all… I can’t help but feel pity to these helpless men of the village who can’t dare to disobey in front of the power of beauty.

Sybilla also said that people who will help will receive rewards after.

I cut the fire dragon into several pieces with my sword and have the villagers carry it on their backs as they make round trips from the cave to the village.

We’ve almost mapped out the entire first floor of the cave and the corpse was just in the second floor so it is a bit close.

People really tried their hardest for the rewards as they go back and forth without pause and we were able to transport all the parts to the back of the guild in time before dinner.

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After that, Sybilla made an alluring proposal once again.

Because of that, everyone in the village gathered and started to have dinner altogether.

Similar to the fire dragon’s heart, its other parts can’t be cooked or preserved as well.

If we just leave it like that, it would rot and become poisonous.

That’s why it’s better for everybody to eat it than just let it be.

In such a remote village, even the senior adventurers in here never even had the chance to enjoy a banquet of a dragon’s meat in their whole lives.

Thanks to that, the village was in great spirits as if we’re having a festival.

At the same time, Sybilla’s popularity keeps on climbing up even if she hasn’t been here for a long time.

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Sybilla will always be as just cheeky no matter where she is.

There’s a guy whose face was all red jokingly called to Sybilla as a goddess but hey, she’s actually one you know?

But you don’t have to be careful of being blasphemous. It’s Sybilla after all.

Also, Sybilla, don’t just answer, ‘You’re right! I’m a goddess!’. Do you really intend to hide from the Sun’s Goddess Religion, oh Goddess of Dusk?

I was watching Sybilla while eating meat when a guy suddenly came to me.

This guy is… Isn’t he the receptionist this morning?

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[What’s up?]

[Ah, how can I say this… Well, Russell. I was thinking of apologizing.]


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Apologize? I don’t have a clue for what though? I wonder what’s this all about.

If it’s about this morning, well he might not have been nice but I don’t understand why he would choose this timing when we just got back.

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[I thought… Rather, everyone thought that Russell is… How should I put it… We all thought you were just a sniffling lackey.]

[Are you really here to apologize or to look for a fight? Choose one.]

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This one seems to like speak out of the blue too, isn’t he? Rather, where did this guy pull this bomb out of nowhere.

I can’t help but show how upset I was and the guy noticed it immediately and tried to clear things out.

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[Hey, I’m really sorry about it. It isn’t like that, really… It’s just that, you’re always behind Vince, and Vince is like getting into fights often with other guys, right? And… then there’s you… We thought you used underhanded tricks and let Vince do things for you…]

[I never intended for someone to do things for me though? I was driven out in the first place.]

[It was really like that. Russell is a [Saint] so we all thought that you have no backbone. We thought you just did everything using Vince’s power.]

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…Hey, isn’t that like?…

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[But… For you to be able to defeat a dragon on your own… It seems that we’ve been wrong all this time about you, Russell. If you’re that strong then you wouldn’t even need Vince to fight anyone for you.]

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Uwaa. Seriously?

It appears to me that the reason people in the village isn’t fond of me is due to Vince.

I always thought it’s strange to be weirdly hated by people.

If that’s the case… then… I see.

I tried to remember something back from deepest parts of my memory… In other words, what I understood was entirely different from the start huh.

As I was trying to recall how the village treated me, the receptionist said something that I find more surprising.

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[Or maybe, as Vince was aiming for Emmy, he decided to call you out first, Russell.]


[In times when Emmy is behind Russell or she’s out of your vision, she keeps only looking at you, you know? It’s like that so it was obvious why you’re the only one who wouldn’t know. I don’t want to be the boorish person to tell all of it but I think I’d be much more of a disappointing person if I won’t.]

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I can’t help but get shocked from hearing all of that.

Vince didn’t just call out to me to play.

Me, who was always being watched by Emmy, and Vince who was aiming for Emmy, and Emmy who appeared between us all of a sudden.

If that’s the case, then the order seems all wrong.

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[Oh, by the way. What do you think of my black hair?]

[Well, there are a lot of believers of the Goddess who don’t like black hair. But I don’t think they’ll assume they are bad people with just that.]

[…Well… Ofcourse, isn’t it… I see. I accept your apology. Please take care of me as a fellow adventurer tomorrow onwards.]

[Oh, ofcourse!]

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Ah… Being strong is really nice.

There are lots of things one can’t do without strength, and at the same time, things you can’t demonstrate without it.

It’s really the day everything for me started to change, huh.

If I tell people that I was already on the verge of giving up just yesterday perhaps no one will believe me.

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After the feast ended, everybody called out to me and I can’t help but get tired so I immediately went to sleep in the orphanage.

This time, I had a deep asleep and didn’t dream of anything.

By the time I woke up, it seems like it’s already late in the morning.

I slept a lot as I was really exhausted.

I went to the dining hall like yesterday and found Sybilla roasting meat like it was all normal.

It all felt so natural that it makes me think that she originally lives here as well.

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[You’re up late huh, Russell. We have guests.]

[Uh, morning. Guests?]

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Sybilla pointed using her chin and in that direction… Is Brenda and her mother.

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[I didn’t think that Russell-kun was the [Saint]-sama so I can’t help but be surprised… Ah, we’ve been under your care from yesterday. Thank you.]

[Yesterday? I… don’t think so?]

[No, it is for yesterday. It’s for the dragon. When I got better, I helped as well in carrying them you know? I was able to do 3 round trips so I got a pretty big haul.]

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I feel surprise with Brenda’s mother being one of the carriers from yesterday.

I mean, the footing on the dungeon isn’t the best and there are stairs in there too. But she was still able to make 3 round trips while carrying a portion of the dragon’s body? Isn’t this person really strong?

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[You just recovered from sickbed, don’t push yourself too hard, okay?]

[No amount of money would be enough if you have a child so I can’t help it. Brenda, say your thanks too.]

[Thank you, Russell-san!]


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Brenda kept her stare at me after giving her thanks.


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[Did Russell-san change his robe?]

[Ah, that’s right.]

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I forgotten it completely but my originally pure white robe had turned out to be almost black now.

Well, I started to change from someone specializing with recovery magic to dark magic so this suits the conditions better, I guess.

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[That’s the color of black eagle!]

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Sybilla answered from behind as she brought up the dishes full of smile.

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[Black eagle…. So coooool! It suits you!]


[Un! [Black Eagle’s Saint]-sama is it!]

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Even if she can see me wearing clothes with a ‘dark mage’ feel, she still recognizes me as the [Saint].

Now that I think about it… Was it possible for me to defeat the fire dragon without <Wind Barrier>?

Even if I settled it using <Enchant Darkness>, it wouldn’t have been possible if I don’t have my recovery magic.

And the reason I decided not to abandon those powers was all thanks to Brenda huh.

In that day, if the me who was full of despair and disappointment didn’t help this crying child, I wonder what would have had happened.

As for Brenda, I wonder how much courage she had muster to sneak out of the gatekeeper’s supervision and look for help around the vicinity of the city.

It felt like meeting this child is something akin to a miracle. Due to it, I’m now here. A person capable of using both dark and recovery magic.

Perhaps, this child might have been my biggest savior.

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[Brenda, thank you.]


[Ah, no, for giving me a new name.]

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Ah, really, directly saying what you feel is just really embarrassing.

That’s why I misdirected it and referred to the name instead.

But… Black Eagle Saint huh. I think it’s a really good name.

Really, due to Brenda, I can wear the clothes fitting as one with the Dusk Goddess while proudly keeping my head up as a [Saint].

The people who gave me the name [Black Eagle Saint] … Half coming from Sybilla, and the other half, without a doubt, from Brenda.

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[Brenda’s naming sense is pretty nice, isn’t it? It seems like you understand that black is the best! Now’s your chance to be of [Dusk Cult]!]



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I chopped Sybilla’s head who immediately got carried away and tried to solicit a child.

I really can’t drop my guard against this girl!

Looking at the her who looks like on the verge of crying, and comparing it to my memories of the benevolent Goddess from yesterday, I can’t help but smile a bit.

Ah… I haven’t forgotten how to smile. I can do it naturally just like now.

I look outside and saw that the skies are clear without any clouds forming.

It seems today’s a good day to explore the dungeon as well. It feels bad when going home down and tired if the weather’s not fine, right?

As if being able to read what I feel, the Goddess who checked the weather as similarly looked at me and smiled happily as she gave me a thumbs up.

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–Well then, let’s get this new day rolling.

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