Chapter 019 [Hero’s Party] Emmy: When we don’t know what was enough but decided to eliminate what we thought was the excess but wasn’t able to do anything when we realized that what was left was insufficient.

We didn’t have anything else originally planned for the rest of the day but Vince insisted for us to take a trip to the dungeon. It’s because of the incident earlier with Katie-san.

After Katie-san finished eating her dessert, she stood up and said:

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[Oh, by the way. Do you really have no intentions of hiring a [Priest]?]

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Well, I’ve heard of the problems a [Magi Class Sage] but I can’t understand why she’s still so concern about the priests… Or about recovery mages in general.

Katie-san might be knowledgeable but you can tell from a glance that she definitely isn’t a veteran adventurer.

And at the end of the day, no matter how late Jannet learns a recovery magic compared to a priest, she can eventually learn it as long as her level gets higher.

At the very least, I don’t care whether we really need a priest or not. To hire a priest after kicking out Russell is something I will never ever accept.

…Because if that happens, then what’s the meaning of Russell leaving in the first place.

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Well, ofcourse, Vince argued back. To deny that he forced our recovery mage out of the party… Err, well, what he is doing now is something like that already.

Vince doesn’t want Katie-san to hate him so he will never tell that he forced Russell out. Well, Katie-san is really pretty and curvy. It’s so obvious as he is openly aiming for her.

On top of that, it questions his decision of driving Russell out as a mistake in a way and his patience finally ran out.

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[I’ll show you that is as easy as piece of cake!]

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And with that, along with Vince’s hot and passionate persuasion, we now have Katie-san as a temporary party member and explore the dungeon.

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After exploring for a while, I noticed that Katie-san isn’t just knowledgeable but a well-trained mage as well.

I wonder why is a beautiful lady like her doing things alone?

Uhm, troubles from guys, I guess?

Or is she a party crusher?

With a beauty like that, I think it would be easy for her to get whatever she wants.

But having that beauty brings troubles on its own as well, isn’t it.

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We’ve finally arrived on the eighth floor of the middle levels that we previously talked about.

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[Even so, to be able to explore the dungeon with the hero’s party, I can’t help but feel grateful.]

[Hehe. Yep yep. Katie, you can just always stay with me, you know?]

[Ara, a monster has appeared.]

[Ah, tsssk. So Irritating!]

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Well, at least Vince still isn’t that stupid to ignore the monster and keep up with his attempts on Katie-san. But I think me and Jannet are stupid to get persuaded to go in the dungeon as well with them though.

I sat down next to Jannet as I watch the two get close in amazement.

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[Until recently, I thought he was properly restraining himself but… Now, err, he is going all out isn’t he.]



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I was surprised with the name Jannet mentioned all of a sudden.

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[Wu-wu-wu-what’s up with Russell?]

[It’s because Russell was here that I didn’t made a fuss. About his gaze and all.]

[Eh? Ahhh.]

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When I heard her say ‘gaze’, I had understood it immediately.

This is something I heard from Jannet who always seemed to watched us from afar since our childhood.

Vince doesn’t stare that much to girls when he is with Russell.

What’s strange is that Vince doesn’t appear to be that aggressive to women in the eyes of boys in general.

…A meaningful look filled with desire when he’s alone with women.

With that strong ‘hidden’ desire, there was a big gap on how different men and women look at Vince.

Even if a girl says, ‘I’m not really good with Vince around’, a lot of people will just say that he isn’t the type to make a fuss over such small things.

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[…Even for me, it had been a while since he looked at me like an idiot. It’s fine and all since I’m a [Sage] whose a rearguard. If I’m a vanguard I would have immediately cut these.]

[Yo-you can say some scary things, huh…]

[It’s because you can understand it with just his gaze.]

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Well, yep. As a woman myself I can understand her.

Jannet and I eat almost the same things for all our lives but how can we be so different? I’ll keep it a secret that I find this unfair though.

It’s also why Jannet tend to wear clothes with less exposure. However, Vince and Russell who lived with us obviously knows it.

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[So stupid… My chest isn’t even a magnet in the first place…]


[If I intentionally move my chest, Russell and Vince’s gazes move at the very same time but in different directions. Really, so opposite…]

[ah, ahahaha….]

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I understand that very well~

Russell is a very modest and late bloomer type of person so he is very comfortable to be with. While Vince on the other hand would turn his head but his eyes would keep its stare.

They’ve grown up together but turned out pretty different as well.

It feels like all of these happened from a long time ago base on how we talk. But… there’s something I really want to hear from her no matter what.

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[Russell already left huh…]


[I heard that Jannet agreed on forcing Russell out. Why?]

[…Russell is under leveled. His class level would affect his stamina as well so it would be dangerous for him to fight the middle level’s floor boss. I thought Russell isn’t really suited in dungeon crawling and we’re fine with recovery magic because of me.]

[…I see.]

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Jannet has been really worried of Russell huh.

She keeps on turning her face but… She looks embarrassed, isn’t she?

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[But, base from what Katie-san said–]

[Oi! There’s a new treasure chest room! It’s a hidden one so there’s probably a lot! Jannet!]

[N, got it.]

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Our conversation ended with Vince’s shout in front.

Detection magic to identify traps is a job for the [Sage], Jannet.

Katie-san came over as she switched out with her.

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[Fufufu, it was really fun.]

[Uhm, really? I think Vince is being rude or forceful… I’m really sorry for having you keep up with him.]

[Eh? Ah. Yes. I don’t really mind it that much. Boys will be boys no matter how old they are after all.]

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Oh, it’s judgement time. Katie-san is really a good person. And certainly, a party crusher. If there’s 2 or more boys in a party, it will definitely fall apart with Katie-san around.

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[Vince-san certainly looks desperate and quite cute with his forceful advances. The hero loves beautiful looks, that’s why a person who encloses splendid women with love tends to become the hero, or so I heard.]


[But enough of that. I wanted to talk more to Emmy-san since earlier, you know?]

[Uhm… Well, I’m thankful for that… But I don’t think I am that kind of an interesting person.]

[The way you reacted to me just now despite being a [Holy Knight] is really attractive which makes you interesting for me.]

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Un… Katie-san really has her own way of making advances huh.

But… It doesn’t seem she has bad intentions?

I wonder why she looks that way to me when I got this class just by chance. I have to look into my class more.

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[By the way~]


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Katie-san started to look me in the eyes and kept on staring.

…Her golden eyes look really beautiful. It looks like it’s really shining.

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[…Emmy-san’s eyes looks as blue as the skies, isn’t it?]

[I just thought that Katie-san’s eyes are really beautiful too.]


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Katie-san laughs happily and started to stare to my eyes again.

Uhmm… errr. Is there anything?

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[Did Emmy-san learn <Protection>?]

[<Protection>, isn’t it? I haven’t.]

[Is that so? It’s a defensive magic and when it comes to learning <Protection> and <Magic Coating>, the earlier the better. Either one of them is really useful, you know?]

[Katie-san is really knowledgeable about classes huh.]

[Yes. In fact, I studied lot of things in particular to the hero’s party. I really love stories about them.]

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I think… I still have lots of things I don’t know about my own class.

I see. I can learn a couple of useful defensive magics huh…

I have to work harder! …I have to be strong enough that I can keep Russell safe even if he is just level 1.

Umu. This talk with Katie-san is really helpful.

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[In addition, there are [Skills] as well.]


[This generations Holy Knight and Sage are both girls and with Vince being the only guy, you’ll know it sooner or later as long as you’re with him.]

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Katie-san walked over to the other side while grinning.

I don’t really understand but I think what Katie-san said isn’t really wrong.

Yosh. I’ll work harder and harder!

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Afterwards, we arrived at the floor boss of the middle levels and decided to challenge it.

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[I have more ally with me this time! Someone who will definitely be of help!]

[Uhm, I’ll be definitely of help, I guess?]

[Oops, sorry ‘bout that.]

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Vince opened the door while laughing.

…Wait a minute.

What are you trying to say?

It seems to me that you’re saying that Russell isn’t of any help at all…

…Not good. I should stop repeating this self-questioning.

Russell anticipated it himself that he will be expelled from the party.

Then I should start on trying to sense people’s intentions as well from the current flow of situations.

I tried to recall what Jannet and I talked about.

Considering that information, then yesterday’s event, and the current situation…

I sharpen my senses more even just for a bit.

In other words.

Russell had been a nuisance to Vince more than what I thought.

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The door opens.

I should stop this train of thought here.

The floor boss is strong. The moment I put my guard down might as well be the moment I’ll lose my life.

Russell is certainly weak and needs to be protected.

I understand Jannet’s sentiment. I can’t help but get worried about him. I don’t want him to die.

That’s why I… Will work harder for his sake too.

Then I’ll be the strongest. Strong enough to beat anyone even the demon lord.

Then head back and apologize to him properly.

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–The fight against the floor boss has been dragging for quite a long time.

Compared to the Blood Taurus in the middle levels, the floor boss is a notch bigger, stronger, more powerful, and above else, is faster.

And its fast movement is the most troublesome part of it. It can get us if we we’d let our guard down even just for a single moment.

I am using my shield to block and guide its attacks. I can’t help but dodge the big one—

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I’ve definitely seen it but I wasn’t able to react on time! I received a direct hit from the Taurus with my shield using just a single hand.

It hurts! I can’t help but grit my teeth as pain surge all over my body.

This isn’t the time to get distracted by the pain. If I won’t be able to block the next one, the rear guards will get done in!

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After casting magic for a bit, I raised my shie… Huh?

Heavy. My shield had become heavy.

I can’t raise it.

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[What the heck are you doing!? <Heal>!]

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The same moment Vince’s voice came out, I raised my shield with both hands and block the enemy’s big swing.

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[Why didn’t you heal yourself! That was dangerous!]

[I did!]

[But nothing happened!?]

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We can’t just disregard the boss as we talked back and forth.

I have to get myself together!

As I block the attack from the floor boss, Jannet kept on raining her magic towards it and after some more hit, the Taurus finally weakened and stopped its movements.

I feel so tired but… It’s time to finally end this match.

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I recall the dangerous moment earlier.

I certainly used <heal> and I’m sure it worked.

Vince and Jannet is trying to open the treasure chest from the floor boss and Katie-san went over beside me.

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[Are you alright?]

[Yes… I should have casted <Heal> but it looks like it didn’t work…]

[It did. The heals casted by both of you have properly worked. But, since your levels are already high, unless it is a priest’s recovery magic, it wouldn’t be enough…. That’s why I asked if you guys will not be recruiting priests.]


[Well, we were able to defeat it as Vince had said so all is well. Ah, they’ve finally opened the treasure chest.  ….Hmmm, it is certainly strange, huh.]

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Katie-san started to walk over to the other side as she tilts her head letting her golden hair fell to the side and started to mutter things herself.

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[…To remove a white mage and rely on a paladin’s recovery magic huh? Or expel a monk and rely on a hero’s recovery magic is it… Hm, that certainly is impossible, isn’t it. To form a demon lord subjugation party without a recovery mage. Even without the [Hero], [Magi], and [Sword Saint], and even with three unarmed [Martial Artists] that were able to defeat the demon lord, isn’t it impossible without even a priest?]

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In that moment, the beautiful lady in front of me started to look something I can’t recognize.

Incomprehensible mutterings.

Words that I’ve never heard before.

…But I can understand.

What the party needed the most is a recovery mage.

More important than the hero, sage… and probably than the holy knight.

I feel that even if I was able to overcome the crisis from the floor boss, my feet are still stuck on a bottomless swamp… I can’t help but recall this image and felt uneasiness crept all over me and stopped my body from any movement.

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