Chapter 018 – Together with the Bird’s Story, Bravery, and the Goddess I Believe

[<Dark Arrow>!]

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A black arrow flew from my hand the moment I finished chanting and pierced the side of the dragon’s mouth. It wasn’t able to dodge on time and the room was filled with the scent of its blood.

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It went immediately enraged after getting wounded from my attack.

When I saw the terrifying dragon took some damage, I can’t help but feel my blood boil filling my whole body with excitement.

–I can now finally use offensive magic.

With an attribute that can’t be acquired by anyone through normal means. An attribute strong enough to damage even a dragon.

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[…Really… He can use both magics of the [Saint] and [Magi] at the same time…]

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I can hear Sybilla muttered from the dark passage we were from earlier.

You’re the one who made it happen, though? You should believe in your own abilities more.

Base on the things she said and I heard until now, I might indeed be an exception among exceptions but it doesn’t mean I can’t understand what she’s feeling.

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[Sybilla, hide! It’s going for the kill!]

[I know! Don’t you dare die on me!]

[As if I’ll let myself get killed after coming this far!]

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I’m just beginning to take my first step.

All this time I feel like I fell on a long tunnel filled with bitterness and despair and finally made it out after a long long time.

I make it out at last and take my very first step outside.

But for a dragon to stand on my way…

As if it matters even if you’re a dragon!

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I double casted Wind Barrier once again and raised my left arm forward.

(<Dark Arrow>!)

I run around the dragon firing numerous dark arrows without chanting. The only way to defeat a big creature like this is to move behind it continuously. The dragon seems to realize my plan as it immediately stood up and opens its mouth releasing fire breaths following my footsteps.

In that exact moment, I stopped and took the attack head on.

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[<Dark Javelin>. Oh, that won’t work.]

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I tried to attack the dragon’s mouth with a higher dark magic.

The dragon spewed flames in my direction with blood from its mouth at the same time.

It might have been thinking of losing the battle to win the war by taking my attack…. But you’ve got it wrong.

The flames were deflected as I expected by my double casted wind barrier.

Who would have expected that simultaneously casting a chantless and a chant magic will give out such effect…

I started working on with my earlier strategy of encircling the dragon and continue to aim on its back once again.

Since it now knew that its fire attacks wouldn’t work, it will probably attack using its limbs. If that’s the case then I have to increase our distance to avoid it but… The farther I am the harder it would be encircling it. This looks troublesome.

Well, I eventually have to get used facing enemies with large bodies anyway.

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I casted <Extra Heal>s even with slight injuries for recovery.

I casted <Dark Javelin> bombarding the fire dragon’s body.

After several exchanges for some quite time, the fire dragon went off on its enraged state and stumbled, however, it suddenly launched its body in such an unstable position.

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I wasn’t able to dodge from the dragon’s reckless body assault and slammed against the wall.

It’s because I attacked as well the dragon’s head at the same time so I could pull a trade-off.

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But, using a double casted <Wind Barrier>, I was able to reduce the impact from the attack. Also, I casted <Extra Heal>s without chanting when I received the attack and when I hit the wall.

Until the moment I got my hands on an offensive magic, I didn’t realize the true strength of my limitless mana and recovery magic and how can it be so powerful.

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[I’m fine!]

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With my current strength, I don’t think I’ll lose against anyone in a drawn-out battle.

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[Hey, red lizard! Was that your best shot? Against a mage at that? Unless you can kill me in an instant, you’ll never be able to beat me, you know?]


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I don’t know if I was able to annoy or provoke it since it probably doesn’t understand what I said but the fire dragon seems gotten irritated as it directly run straight to me as I kept throwing magic at it.

No matter how much I get hit, I immediately cast recovery magic after I got blown away and forced to roll on the ground.

Regardless of how many times it come after me, I just kept on standing up as if nothing happened.

And at this moment, I can see fear in the eyes of the dragon.

I wonder what’s wrong, monster of the highest form. Did you run out of fire power?

No matter what you throw at me, I’ll be at one piece and will just keep on standing up to get you.

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After countless back and forth, it seems like the Fire Dragon seems to feel worn out with its whole body bleeding out blood and started to slow down. Its body is filled of mottles due to its blood that had dried up by its own flames.

I may have been able to beat it up to this point but I still lack the decisive blow.

I then turn to Sybilla.

Sybilla, the Goddess of Dusk.

The magic that had been bestowed to me by this Goddess is certainly incredible.

But, the most meaningful thing I had received from her isn’t that magic.

Her way of thinking as an adventurer from our numerous conversations is really impressive.

To aim for things that will yield the best result using her flexible and sophisticated mind set.

It’s this thought process that I believe is the greatest thing I received from her.

I think, even if I didn’t receive dark magic, I’ll probably work harder and find other ways on my own.

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It certainly is my day. The day of my own beginnings.

It’s not because it is the day I received dark magic.

It’s not because of the Dusk Goddess, Sybilla, as well.

It’s because of the lone adventurer Sybilla who helped me get this mindset.

Sybilla, the one who acknowledged the sword I hold since I was a child.

And from that moment, everything for me all started—

And that’s the reason as well why that decisive blow is right now in my right hand!

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[<Enchant Darkness>!]

(<Enchant Darkness>!)

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The fire dragon probably thought that it would die just like that.

It seems to have gotten confused for a moment as I started to walk in front of it to settle it with close quarters.

And due to its accumulated injuries, it reacted a bit too late as well.

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[This is… the end!]

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I jumped up to the dragon’s head and slash the sword down with my both hands using all my strength.

The dark mana covering the sword reached until the ceiling and left a mark as I pushed it down and cut the dragon’s neck easily.

And then… Well, I should have known this but blood squirted out from its neck and drenched my whole body.

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[Ugh, so disgusting. I reek so much blood. I don’t have the magic <Clean> but… <Heal>. Oh, its not it. <Cure>. Oh, so It’s <Cure> that I can use instead of <Clean>.]

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My body was cleaned off of the blood with the magic. The red stains went off from my hands and sword immediately.

But, for some reason, the robe looks like it absorbed it and changed its colors.

I can’t help but let out a sigh with the sudden image change of my once expensive white robe.

But… I won.

I won against a dragon.

A person who can’t use anything but recovery magic living in a remote place of a far away village had become a dragon slayer…

As of now, more than joy, I can feel my sense of relief stronger.

I thought of lot of scenarios in my head but… I can say that everything worked out because of Sybilla’s power.

I can’t help but be grateful.

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After confirming that the fire dragon was safely defeated, she started walking in my direction looking relieved.

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[…Oh, there’s a bird called an eagle.]

[Your back again with your sudden speeches huh…]

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I was wondering how she will react on how I defeated the fire dragon with dark magic but this is too ridiculous.

Really, Sybilla. Why do you always start talking about things from out of nowhere.

I wonder what cult invitation is it this time. A bird watching cult?

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[It’s a really big bird and full of bravery, isn’t it?]

[…No. I know what an eagle is like so what’s up with it.]

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Sybilla touched my robe and repeatedly and grasp it as if trying to confirm something from its sensation.

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[…What? It’s color just won’t return to normal…]

[The fact that <Clean> which was included in your <Cure> not removing it probably recognizes it isn’t something like a stain. The blood of salamanders is used for dyeing to produce fire resistance, and the Fire Dragon’s blood, the highest form of salamanders, is one of the best dyes out there.]

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Just as when I was trying to think where did the story of the bird came from, this Goddess who loves to talk from out of nowhere, will now start talking about clothes?

I just want to know where she is going on with this…

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[Your robe had been really good from the start and has some magic resistance in the first place. But with this, it feels like it’s finally completed.]

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The robe has been smoothly dyed with dark reddish-brown color from the dragon’s blood in a closer look.

Together with the contrast of its original golden embroidery, it looked like it used to be that way originally.

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[Fine, fine. I’m thankful that it isn’t some kind of irremovable stain. So, what’s up with the eagle?]

[When I saw Russell, I remembered that bird.]

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I find it harder to understand even more…

As if to ignore my question, Sybilla just kept on talking.

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[You know, there was a once a country who loved that bird. The golden eagle who brought forth victories, or similar stories are famous around there.]

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Sybilla stroked the golden embroideries in between the dyed fabric.

She then looked at me and laughed. Then turned around and took a few steps ahead.

With every step she took, her black wings move showing their shining black luster.

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[The very beautiful deep color of the dried blood of the spirit dragon. Bringing forth victories to the Goddess, the golden eagle.]

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Sybilla then looks back as she peeks through her black wings.

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[If the people of that country saw Russell’s robe, they will definitely say something like this—]

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She raised her index finger upwards and closed one of her eyes.

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[–A black eagle (Kurotonbi) is colored woody (kurotobi), or something like that.]1

Translator’s Notes:

  1. It’s a word play but the words in English are so different so I decided to put it like that. By the way, the color looks like this and I’m not sure if it is really woody so kindly correct me if you know the correct term:
Hex Code: 432F2F

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