Chapter 012 – When the Things One Naturally Do has been Unknowingly Forgotten

Things have been working a lot better than what we expected after I learned [Wind Barrier].

 It deflects not just the thrown daggers by the black goblins but all possible things that could lead to unexpected situations. Even if something came out all of a sudden, the barrier serves as a single use cushion to absorb it and give us enough time to react.

Without having the ability to eliminate the dangers from unknown possibilities, perhaps we won’t be as at ease as we are right now.

In addition to it is its coverage.  

The layer is enough to cover four people with some space to maneuver. Since it’s only the two of us, me and Sybilla, we have lots of room to spare.

It was due to it that Sybilla managed to stay within the barrier even if we are moving.  

When she is nearby, I can easily assess how much injury she has.

Everytime she receives an attack she’s spouting things like [Ouch ouch ouch] or [Tsssss] that’s really difficult not to miss.

By the time I hear her say those things, I just cast heals and cures on her without even checking.

No matter how many times I use them, I don’t feel like my mana is going to get depleted. But Extra Heals are still not going to get its chance to be used. What the heck is up with ‘Just use normal heals and minimize your usage of mana’ when it doesn’t even amount that much in the first place.

We’ve defeated quite a number of them. Or so I thought when black goblins appeared along with a monster similar to the one that attacked the village, a scarlet dungeon bat.

The two goblins hold their weapons looking at us as they stand to the side to give way to the bat that could come forward at any moment.

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[There’s no sign of stairs or something like it around here but this thing suddenly appeared… This looks troublesome.] (Russell)

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Unless we completely wipe out the monsters here in the upper levels, the children from the orphanage won’t be able to come out and play.

Sybilla holds her shield in front as she looks at the bat.

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[It came out huh. I don’t know why this dungeon appeared but it really is unnatural for this type of monster to go outside. That’s why unless we wipe them clean, I won’t feel at ease for those kids and Gemma-baa-san.] (Sybilla)

[Then we’ll just have to this properly.]

[Don’t even let one escape]

[Keep those words to yourself.]

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Or so I said back to this cheeky mage but I don’t have any means for a long-range attack like Sybilla. Regardless, I still have to prevent the bat from escaping.

The monsters in front aren’t that well-coordinated but they launch their attacks at the same time.

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[Tsk. Your heads are quite good for blackies but aren’t you quite full of your damn sh*tselves when you’re just goblins? <Fire Javelin>!]

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Before we discuss what to do, Sybilla already made a move on her own with a high-level magic.

It’s far stronger than the <Fire Arrow> we mainly used earlier. A far bigger and sharper flame made out of mana burst out and skewered the center of the bat’s body.

When I saw that magic, I aimed at the goblin who flinched for an instant and cut off its neck.

The other one responded immediately and threw its dagger to me as it steps back and escapes. That one indeed has a good head.

Just as I was thinking of chasing it down, a streak of red light passed by and pierced its heart. That must have been a fire arrow.

…No, wait. Just now?…

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[Nice~ Not bad!]

[Oi, Sybilla.]

[N? What]

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Sybilla replies to me without a care as she cuts off the ear of the goblin.

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[If you can cast fire arrow without chanting then you should have done that faster. Besides, we could have avoided a lot of dangers if you used your Fire Javelin a lot early.]

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Upon hearing my thoughts, Sybilla crosses her arms on her chest and plastered a smug face.

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[Fufufu. You’ve leveled up earlier so what makes you think that I won’t? That’s the level 10 <Mage> magic! How’s that!]

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Ah, so that was it… If I can level up then it should be natural for Sybilla to level up too.

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[…I’m still level 6 and you’ve already went up two levels, Sybilla. I can’t say that I can just accept that.]

[Well, it’s because I have offensive magic, you know? Obviously, the person who made biggest attacks is the one to get more stronger, no?]

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Sybilla’s answer…

That’s… Isn’t it just common sense?

If I recall correctly, the order of levels from the hero’s party is Vince, Jannet, Emmy, then me.

Emmy is the vanguard, but being a [Holy Knight] whose most abilities are meant to protect others, even if she is the one being close and dealing with the monsters, her level won’t be higher to Jannet whose attacking in the rear.

Even if Sybilla and me are both rearguards, I think this outcome is just natural.

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[…Uhm, well, Russell?]

[N? What?]

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Sybilla seems a bit guilty of something and looks at me as she tries to squeeze out her words.

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[…I think you know this already but, the [Priest] class is very rare and few in numbers so parties who have them are nurturing them thoroughly due to their importance. But you… I have no idea why the heck did you get a [Saint] class but you’re already ridiculously strong so I got a bit carried away too…]

[Sybilla, you…]

[The truth is as a mage… I should have let you get those kills instead. I’m sorry for not telling you.]

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I see. Nurtured, huh.

If I’m like this, how can priests, who are lower than a notch from a Saint, operate in normal parties? I had no idea at all.

And the fact there are only small number of people who can use recovery magic. So that’s why they are being taken care of despite not doing much damage in the dungeon crawls.

Well, I’ve already lost my purpose in that party but… Knowing this made me feel a bit better.

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[You don’t have to apologize.]


[It’s not Sybilla’s fault. If you think I’m strong then that’s good enough for me. Since that’s the case then it’s my fault since I am not strong enough to beat you, right? Besides, you look so unpleasant when you apologize. Your smug face suits you more.]

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Sybilla seems taken aback from what I said and turned away from me as she closes her eyes without talking as if she’s thinking of something.

She then made a huge sigh and when she opened her eyes, I can now see that she regained her usual mood.

She then crosses her arms once again and laugh as she shrugged her shoulders.

Really, this side of her suits her more.

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[Well, yeah right. Then, I won’t hold back and just keep it up, okay?]

[I’ll leave it to you. Ah, also]


[You’ve been holding the goblin’s ears when you crossed your arms so I can see the blood flowing in your jacket, you know?]


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You thought you look so cool when you cross your arms with that outfit? Look at this pretty girl now getting all flustered.

Her disordered manners and helpless attitude are all part of the girl called Sybilla.

Watching her doesn’t bore me or make me tense.

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When I saw Sybilla wipe the blood from her jacket with her tears, I can’t but laugh a little.

And then I came to realize something a few seconds later.

–I wonder when was the last time I laugh so naturally?

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[aa mou~ I have to wash it later… N? now what?]


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Since I was expelled from the hero’s party, I wasn’t able to laugh at all and I just noticed it.

It’s just that, deep inside me, it felt like I lost my composure to do so.

But that is something that this shameless thing can’t know since she’ll immediately get full of herself. I’ll just return the favor somehow.

Sybilla tilts her head slightly and immediately lost interest then began on dismantling the bat and prepare to roast its meat.

Mage, Sybilla. A person I somehow got to work with who thinks outside the box and has enough power herself. I don’t really understand why someone like her is doing things alone.

I’ll understand if it is somehow related to troubles brought by men but if that’s the case then why would she team up with me then?

Well, if ever you have these troubles, I’ll help you work it out if you ask.

But until the threat to the village is gone, I’ll be the one to gladly receive your help.

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