Chapter 013 – It Doesn’t Matter if you were Blessed, if it isn’t the one that you Wished for, you’ll Always be Ungrateful

[Really~ nothing tastes better than meat, right?]

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Sybilla is sitting on the floor with her legs wide open as she bites on to the meat of the dismantled bat. 

It strangely suits her somehow.

It’s only seasoned with salt but it still tastes good. 

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[The rations being sold are too expensive and don’t taste good so this saves me a lot because I don’t want any of that. You want some too?]

[Oh, we only need the fang to prove we’ve defeated it huh.]

[Yep. Oh, I just remembered. I have to give it to you.]

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Sybilla took out the fang from her pocket and showed it to me.

This shouldn’t be my share of the spoils for this crawl, right?

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[…That’s… You were the one who defeated the bat, right? It’s alright, you can keep it.]

[Hahaha, your kind of slow, aren’t you?]

[What did you say]

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Sybilla threw the fang at me. 

When I caught the fang mid-air, I noticed that it is completely dry.

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[Oh… It’s from the bat yesterday.]

[That’s it.]

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It’s from the dungeon scarlet bat that should have died in front of the orphanage.

The one who dismantled and roasted that bat is precisely this girl.

But the person who actually defeated it was me. I see, so I was indeed slow in the uptake.

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[Well, getting the rewards later on could be troublesome. Let’s just divide these things now as it is.] (Russell)

[Oh right. This could be a source of trouble isn’t it~]

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I took a closer look to Sybilla as she allocates the spoils including the ones I have forgotten about.

Sybilla notices me watching her and started to grin foolishly. 

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[Sybilla-chan is so kind, isn’t she?]

[Well, yeah]

[Ah!? Afufufu~ You’ve fallen for me already, no?]

[Why do you do things alone?]

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The truth is even if the information about this girl is almost nonexistent, her skills and personality are more than enough to join or build a party of her own. 

For a girl like her to do things all by herself is rather strange. 

After Sybilla heard my question, her cheeky mood went off all of a sudden and she started to look dejected as she turned her eyes away from me.

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[…Do you really have to hear it?]

[I’ve already talked about myself, right? But if you don’t want to talk about it then I don’t mind.]

[Oh, then thanks.]

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Thi-this girl!

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[…Well, it isn’t really a big of a deal. I’m just looking for a recovery mage to be a healer but there’s no one like that out of all those guys who approached me.]

[There’s really no one? I feel that there are lots of priests in the city though?]

[I already told you that there’s not a lot of them at all. In the first place, that goddess bestows classes base on personalities. That’s why for a world class beauty like me, there’s nothing but beasts who stares at my chest and butt coming over, you know? There could be a few, but there’s no priest that could be that excessive.]

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I just heard someone said to herself she’s a world class beauty. 

In reality, she really is on a level of a world class beauty and I can’t really object but this… I can’t help but get irritated. 

….and just now.

I just heard Sybilla refer to the Goddess as ‘that goddess’.

I’ve already expected it though. That as compared to the faith the others hold on to the Goddess, this girl really is lacking. 

With the conversation we had yesterday and her response to my question this morning, I think I can be certain that I was right about this girl.

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[Well, it doesn’t matter anymore, right?]

[Hm… Yeah.]

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I don’t really trust the Goddess anymore too. Let’s just be a party of faithless people then. 

I ended my questioning to Sybilla from there and started to go to the next area.

We defeated some more monsters and my level went up. As the black goblins provide high experience, my level went higher faster than I expected.

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[Nice. I learned a new magic]

[Isn’t that nice? I wonder what magic a level 7 [Saint] can use?]

[So this is the next one huh. <Extra Heal Link>.]

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When I casted the magic, two Extra Heals activated. 

As the name of the magic suggests, it allows all of the members linked as a party to get extra heals at the same time. 

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[…Too dull…]

[It isn’t dull at all!]

[Woooah!? Don’t just scream all of a sudden!]

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That would have been the loudest scream I ever heard in such close range so I can’t help but be surprised. 

No armor can protect you from sound attacks but earplugs so I would really appreciate if you won’t ever do that again. 

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[<Extra Heal Link>!? Isn’t that a really amazing magic!]

[Wouldn’t it be easier to cast two Extra Heals without chanting?]

[What the heck are you saying! That would be-! That… uhm… oh yeah, you could be right, but! That’s the case for us but still!]

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I don’t really get what she is getting all excited for but this seems like a big deal for her.

A magic that can cast Extra Heals to all of the party’s members, huh.

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[Even if it really is an amazing magic, it is still dull for a newly learned one so I can’t help it.]

[What do you think is the ideal form of recovery magic!? Ordinary adventurers can’t do chantless magic, so if there are four people in a party that received severe damage at the same time, isn’t it normal for recovery magic have a hard time to catch up!? Wait. You can use Heal Link?]

[Oh, it’s the level 3 magic. It’s true that it would make things easier huh. Okay, let’s use it next time.]

[No no no no no nooo. Link recovery magic are only efficient if used for more than four people though!?]

[I told you already that I won’t run out of mana just from recovery magic though.]

[You… You’re really so unbelievable…]

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Sybilla holds her head while letting out a deep sigh and said something in a small voice.

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[…I can look forward to this later, no?]

[Later? Oh, I noticed it since earlier but you really are informed about recovery magic, right? Can you tell me more about the other magic that I can learn later on?]

[Hm…. !? ah, uhm… Err, well]

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I thought it was a pretty normal question but Sybilla seems to have panic for some reason. 

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[Uhm, what I only mean by later is when we go dungeon crawling it would be much easier!]

[Or in other words, you don’t know other magic I can learn later on?]

[Hmmm…. Haven’t you learned all of it already? Well, there is only one more I can think of and its Cure Link.]

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When I heard Sybilla’s answer… It felt like the whole world crashed all of a sudden and I can’t help but be shocked.

Is this it? … This is already everything?

A mass healing magic, a mass status cure magic, and finally, a magic to defend against arrow and projectile attacks… This is it? Everything?

What the hell. If that’s the case then even if I stay with the hero’s party, will there be any meaning in my hard work and struggle until the bitter end?

If this is it, then this [Saint] that they are all exclaiming about is nothing but crap.

Even in all of the legends made by the hero’s party in different generations, the class even more prominent and important than the [Sword Saint] and [Bow Saint] is the [Holy Maiden] which should be my equivalent.

But this… This is it already for me?

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[…Aren’t there enchantment magic that can provide support on attacks or something like it?]

[Enchantment magic that can increase weapon attributes are specialties of [Magic Swordsman] and [Sword Saint]. If it’s body enhancement then that is a job for us [Mage]. It’s normal for a person specializing in recovery magic not to have time to study and learn about those magic though?]

[Then… How about a defensive magic? I learned Wind Barrier so there might be other magic that can be used to protect or prevent injuries, right?]

[There are two types of defensive magic. It’s called Protection and Magic Coating. Each is to protect either physical or magical attacks but the highest form of defensive magic is getting a person’s whole body in clad of mana. By the way, Wind Barrier is the exception among all the exceptions! It can only be learned by a veteran [Priest] at level 25, you know?]

[Protection… and Magic Coating… If I could learn it…]

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I kept on mumbling it repeatedly as if it’s my last ray of hope…

When I heard about defensive magic, I remember the girl that let herself got hurt to save me that day, Emmy. 

It’s not that I want to insist to them that I am still useful. But…

Just by looking at Sybilla’s reaction from time to time, I can tell how excellent or bad the [Saint] class is. 

It’s just that… I wanted to have something that could have been useful to them if I was still in the hero’s party… I just wanted to have something like hope. 

Even if I can’t attack, even if it’s just a magic that could make my body work as a shield, perhaps I won’t be this disappointed in my class.

But, the answer to my question is… 

In a way, is probably the cruelest answer there could be. 

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[That’s impossible. Because–]

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Sybilla said it bluntly

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[–Both of those magic are the specialty of the [Holy Knight].

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