Chapter 005 – It is Impossible not to Suspect a Suspicious Person.

—Do you believe in God?

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There’s a group of people wearing red clothes over their bodies spreading these kinds of words in the city.

Jannet stepped forward and used her triangular wizard’s hat to put Vince’s head inside and pulled him over without speaking.

I, together with Emmy, immediately followed after the timid girl’s unexpected forceful approach.

Afterwards, Jannet told us that it’s a rising cult founded under over analyzing the doctrine of the Goddess through oblique reading and misdirected interpretations.

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[…We’ll just reply like this if we’re asked in the open. ‘The Goddess’ thinking lies on the future ahead’, or ‘The truth lies in the doctrine’ or something like that or you’ve already had other religion.]

[What happens if you join?] (Russell)

[…I think, for the ‘Society of Red Salvation’, it goes along the lines of ‘After inscribing yourself with the new Doctrine, only those who have reach the higher echelons will be saved by the Goddess.’]

[What upper echelon. What the heck is their problem….] (Vince)

[…Yeah… You have to pay 30 silvers as an upfront fee upon entering then you need to pay additional 1 silver for every rank increase. It’s really an absurd amount. Shameless, aren’t they?]

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That’s indeed a cheap shameless cult.

We can only be thankful to Jannet’s knowledge which helped us avoid those scammers.

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I look to this beautiful girl standing in front of me as I recall what Jannet said from some deep parts of my memory.

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Really… Isn’t this day really amazing?

Just when I thought that this was a fateful encounter to make up for me but it turned out to be just a cult invitation. This world’s fate is utter trash.

This woman might have scammed a lot already using the looks she got from her parents. Damn.

She waits for my reply and looks at me with eyes full of expectations.

Well, I don’t intend to use what Jannet has taught me.

Let’s turn this conversation into an unexpected direction.

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I hope my words were clear.

The woman widened her eyes in surprise upon my reply and before she could utter a word, I left her and went further inside the orphanage.

I saw Gemma-baa-san on the way. She said something but I don’t have any words to say after all the things that had happened.

…I just remembered that Gemma-baa-san is a sister who serves the Goddess.

I’m not the one in charge of this place so no matter what that woman intends to do afterwards, I’ll just let Gemma-baa-san take care of it.

However, if whether Gemma-baa-san will find it acceptable or not is a different matter.

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…It really was a tiring day.

I walked from the city back to the village full of disappointments, met an unfamiliar child along the way, and had the chance to use my magic since a long time in a while.

I went to the back to look for an empty room to sleep as I don’t want to wake the children who seemed to slept early. I lied down and fell asleep immediately.

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…. In my dream, I saw my three childhood friends.

Three people walk side by side… Ah, no. It’s not.

There are now four people in line.

The number of women who I haven’t seen before kept on increasing.

A beautiful woman looks around her surroundings in panic.

She didn’t notice me even when our eyes met as I look on to them from behind.

She seemed to have given up as she stopped what she was doing and then lined together with the women with Vince.


… How would I put it… What an incomprehensible dream.

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Well, it doesn’t concern me whether the number of women together with Vince has increased from three to four to more.

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I left the room and went to the dining hall.

I slept early as well so I think the others are now awake too.

When I stepped into the dining hall where I can hear the sounds of a meat being roasted—

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[You’ve finally woken up. Uhm… Russell, right? Morning.]1

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The woman from yesterday sat on the chair with dignified appearance as she strokes the heads of the children.

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[Aren’t you acting quite too familiar?]

[It’s none of your business whatever I do in here, right? Besides, I am fond of children.]

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She stroke the boy’s head while she shakes the fork on her hand and cross her legs in a haughty manner.

I felt my blood boil upon seeing that gesture.

But what the heck is up with this situation.

I wonder if Gemma-baa-san is aware of this.

But this might be a good time to say this to make everything clear.

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[You’re one of them, aren’t you? The ‘Society of Red Salvation’ guys]

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The woman raised her eyebrows upon hearing my words.

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[…What the heck are you saying? From where did you see a blemish of ‘Society of Red’ on me?]


After she said that, she took a pose and spread her arms wide.

She’s wearing basic clothes in black color and a stylish leather jacket on top.

The skin of her long legs between her shorts and knee-high socks are incredibly white.

Oh. I see.

Probably because her actions reminded me of Society of Red Salvation, I forgot what’s their most distinctive feature.

No matter how I look at her, this woman has no red in any means.

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[My bad. I can’t see any at all.]

[Un. Since you’re apologizing then you might not be a bad person. I forgive you. Well, I heard from baa-san that you have just ‘returned back from the city’ so I understand. Those fellows are really annoying, no?]

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It appears that this woman understands why I did that considering the situation back then.

Apparently, it seems that this person is from the city as well.

But, if that is the case, I’m kind of curious why would she ask something so similar with those guys from Society of Red Salvation?

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[Why would you ask something like that?]

[Ah, about the Goddess? I just want to hear it from you. There should be nothing strange with that question, I believe.]

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Towards my obvious question is an indifferent answer.

Would people even have the slightest of interest to ask that kind of thing? It’s weird and suspicious. Before I can think further, she said, ‘Anyway, you sit down too’ as she stood up.

As I wonder what she’s up to when she stood up, she heads to the kitchen and roasted the meat as if it’s just natural.

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[You’re going to cook?]



[It’s a name. No?]

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I did not understand what she said for a moment but I got it now. I didn’t hear of her name until now huh.

She must have hated how I address her with just ‘you’ even if she is not a scammer from the cult.

Sibylla… Sibylla, huh.

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[Got it, Sibylla.]


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She nods in satisfaction and began to sprinkle salt on to the meat.

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[I didn’t know we had this lots of meat.]

[There’s been a lot outside. You’ve just made some yesterday, no?]

[Ah. It’s that dungeon scarlet bat huh.]

[Yep. Then I asked Gemma-san to do something for me as she went outside for an errand. So, I am trying to help back for her taking care of it.]

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She put the roasted meat on a plate and place it on the table in front of me and said, ‘Here. Eat.’.

There are two dishes placed in front of me.

I sat down and started to eat without talking.

…Did she let the children eat already and waited for me all this time?

Before I ask her about it, she already threw a question to me.

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[By the way, what are you planning to do for today?]

[Me? Hm… I’m thinking of checking the dungeon.]

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I don’t have any good memories from dungeon crawling.

But even so, after it had appeared nearby and started to cause injuries on to people, I can’t just ignore it.

I’ll be alone this time. I think I can rely on my own strength and just do my best.

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[I’ll go with you then.]

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And so, Sybilla just indifferently slapped my face with my own words.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. Sybilla started to speak informally to Russell which is rather rude in Japanese culture unless one is close to the other. Her question from previous chapter was in formal tone, btw.
  2. Sybilla might not be a common name to most but it’s a name of Countess of Jaffa and Ascalon from 1176 and Queen of Jerusalem from 1186 to 1190. You can check in wiki here.

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  1. Sybilla is also derived from sibyl, which is a word for a type of prophetess or oracle from ancient Greece. There are a lot of variant spellings also ranging from sibylla, sabilla, sabylla and so on and so forth.

  2. looking up the 1977 Sally Fields movie Sybil, I learned that the 1985 album title ‘Songs from the Big Chair’ by Tears for Fears, was based on the film where Sybil only felt comfortable in the Psychiatrist’s big chair. (mentioned in wiki articles for both productions.)

    Even odder, this is translated on a website where songs save lives.

    But, a translator isn’t the author, and I don’t see any old fogey music (or old fogey films) on the site. So the chance that there is a connection seems small. Very small.

    Wouldn’t it be fun if this ‘sybil’, instead of being a psychotic suffering from multiple personality disorder, was the MC’s analyst, helping him put his life in order?

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